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    A lot of sellers on eBay do not have the "make offer" option selected for their listings. Let's say a seller has 10 CD's individually listed that are selling for $5 each plus shipping which they will combine, and you are interested in purchasing all 10. If a potential buyer sends a message to the seller and selects the "Make offer" option via the eBay messaging system on each listing and indicates he/she will offer $4 for each one, and the seller agrees, how would the seller change the price to $4 for each CD after you have placed all items in the cart and are at the checkout screen?

    When sellers indicate they combine shipping in their listing, I have clicked on something to the effect of request a total from the seller at checkout to where the seller adjusts shipping when buying multiple items. Would it be the same procedure (request a total from a seller at checkout) if a seller indicates through the eBay messaging system they will accept a lower price?

    Just want to make it clear this is when using the "Make Offer" option through the eBay messaging system for fixed priced listings--NOT items that already have "Make Offer" prominently displayed in their listings.
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  2. starfieldroad

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    so I checked a listing, selected the MaO option in messaging for an item which does not have MaO enabled and ebay displays:

    The seller hasn't enabled offers for this item. See if they'll consider — send a message with your best price.

    so I assume that your message to them will require the seller to respond with an offer which you would then accept. this is complicated by the multiple listing aspect of things - which then might require invoicing adjustment from them.

    if you come to an agreement in advance then it might be easier for them to end the existing 10 listings, then create one new listing just for you which you then purchase.
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    i just want to say a best offer is the best offer. I hate when I see something listed for a month. make an offer. its not accept and I see the item listed for months after that. I made an offer on it and that is clearly the best one they got
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  4. Strat-Mangler

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    I know how you feel but it just means they'll be stuck with it. Some guy has an original JC3 preamp listed on Audiogon forever. One guy I know made a very reasonable offer on it. Seller refuses and frankly, the offer was more than I would've paid for it. It's still there. Some people are weird that way.

    Makes just as much sense as when I see stuff retailing for $300 that's on eBay and Amazon by sellers for 2-3x as much. Why? Sometimes, it's best not to even bother trying to make sense of it.
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  5. Dave S

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    Being the best offer doesn't immediately translate into an offer a seller should accept. Clearly some things are overpriced, but sometimes the item is just waiting for the right person to buy it.
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  6. R. Totale

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    If the seller hasn't enabled offers for an item, you are free to message away, but the seller is under no obligation to respond to your offer on that item at all. Adding the MaO option was just another way of eBay trying to insert itself into the transaction.
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  7. Strat-Mangler

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    More like a way for eBay to increase the # of transactions.
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  8. SoporJoe

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    I hate when people try to make offers on items that I don’t have offers on.

    If I wanted to take lower offers I’d enable it!

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