Marillion Website Live cd/dvd/Blu sale

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    Some of the cd's including 2 disc sets are 4.17- 4.37 UK pounds & shipping is reasonable. Unfortunately, video isn't so cheap (in fact I don't consider the few blu's & dvd's to really be sale priced). I already had a few of these but I ordered "Singles Night" & "" both single cd's with Hogarth largely singing old Fish songs. Came to $14.92 USD including international shipping. If you still need "Somewhere Else" it's 1 pound in the UK, and 83 pence elsewhere! | Racket Records Store

    Their site is a little flakey today. I can only get it to work with Win 10, & it's still a bit slow.
  2. moomoomoomoo

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    They sent the order by Global priority & it arrived today! I did not pay extra for priority mail. Very impressive.

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