Marquee Moon is truly timeless

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  1. Agree, the title track of Adventure is great, and really should have been included in the original. Over the years (only 10 years, for me), I've found Adventure just as wonderful as Marquee Moon, but a nice compliment that isn't identical.
  2. Lightworker

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    Baltimore, MD
    I have the original 70's U.K. Elektra vinyl pressing. The vintage Fenders 'twang' just right on that one.
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  3. Williamson

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    Great to hear the love for this album. I listened to it tonight, it never lets you down. I'm not sure what re-issue I have, but it's definitely not Four Men With Beards. My girlfriend had never heard it before and was laughing at the audacious interplay on 'Prove It.' Definitely timeless - one of the twenty best albums I've ever heard.
  4. BryanA-HTX

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    I literally just started skimming through Marquee Moon and Adventure upon hearing about them on this forum yesterday and it's been a while that I immediately like what I'm hearing. I've also been skimming through Uriah Heep's stuff trying to get into them, and no disrespect but they're gonna have to take a back seat to Television.
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  5. Saint Johnny

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    Don't forget to search out Richard Lloyd's and Tom's solo albums, they are all just about as great as the Television LPs.
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  6. Sebastian saglimbenI

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    There are echoes of verlaine/lloyd on an album by a one man band called east river pipe called "poor fricky"!"haunting" is how I describe "marquee moon"....pure perfection!!!
  7. Sebastian saglimbenI

    Sebastian saglimbenI Well-Known Member

    There a verlaine double c.d. comp....greatest hits disc at the marquee on the 2nd. C.d.!!"a miller's tale" it is called.....amazing set!!!!
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  8. ralphb

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    Verlaines solo albums are well worth owning especially the first s/t, Flash Light, Cover, Words From The Front and the truly marvelous Dreamtime.
  9. Sebastian saglimbenI

    Sebastian saglimbenI Well-Known Member

    I love verlaine solo as well....never caught him live....almost did in the early 80''s though cancelled due to flu!"! entire concert cancelled due to the flu ya honna!yes...obligatory "my cousin vinny"!!!
  10. Sebastian saglimbenI

    Sebastian saglimbenI Well-Known Member

    Wow I had no idea,t.v. played m.f.p...I grew up in Roslin folks still live there and I was fortunate to see Los Angeles punk band "x" there!!amazing club which I wished I'd gone to more often obviously!
  11. Saint Johnny

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    Asbury Park
    But the first two Richard Lloyd solos are just as good, and are still among my favorite LPs ever.
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  12. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Richard's solo lps, outside of a song here and there, never did it for me. He had a great band and they were excellent live (when not too stoned) but the records, not so much. YMMV.
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  13. Saint Johnny

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    Asbury Park
    I remember seeing Richard live in the late 80s, at a little club/bar out in western NJ, probably 60 miles due west of Manhattan. Where besides me and my friends, NO ONE else in the entire place knew who they were. The 20-30 people there thought they were a local pick up band. :biglaugh:And they WERE great that night.
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  14. Sebastian saglimbenI

    Sebastian saglimbenI Well-Known Member

    The connection.....?!!coltrane!!!
  15. Jim Walker

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    southeast porttown
    Good stuff. Never got to see Television regrettably, but I did get to see Richard Lloyd open up for the Golden Palominos at the The Ritz in '86
    on a rare trip to NY. Now you guys have me on a mission to dig up some Television... might as well, I'm playing everything in sight tonight. lol
  16. Fullbug

    Fullbug Forum Resident

    Venus Di Milo is exquisite.
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  17. john fisher

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  18. douglas mcclenaghan

    douglas mcclenaghan Forum Resident

    Don't forget the live Television albums too.
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  19. Kassonica

    Kassonica Forum Resident

    Truly a masterpiece and one of the best records from the 70's.
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  20. Blank Frank

    Blank Frank King of Carrot Flowers

    For those in any doubt, go listen to A Sailor's Life off Unhalfbricking, the long closing duet section of Thompson and Swarbrick, or, to a lesser extent, something like Sloth.

    IIRC, Verlaine denied having heard any Richard Thompson until after they'd done MM, but I never believed that - when I first heard MM on release (still have a very early vinyl copy), aside from thinking "Wow! This is chuffing brilliant!", my first thought was "Aaaaah, a Richard Thompson fan."
  21. erowid

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    Vienna, Austria
    Marquee Moon belongs to my List of Life-changing-Top-10 Records. It's essential listening, timeless and will hopefully also work its magic on future generations of rock lovers.
    That said, time to hunt for an original pressing. All I have is the remastered Rhino CD and the Rhino Vinyl reissue. While both sound pretty good (and Little Johnny Jewel became essential listening too) I think a nm original pressing would play on another level of pleasure. Any recommondations on what to get?
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  22. driverdrummer

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    Irmo, SC
    Best heard at a dive bar at 2 am
  23. Lightworker

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    Baltimore, MD
    From a 2018 perspective, I hear a lot of parallels between Television and U.K. electric folk pinnacles like Fairport Convention or Trees circa 1969-70. As far as I've
    gleaned from interviews, neither Lloyd nor Verlaine were aware of these artists/albums when Television was a C.B.G.B.s fixture or an Elektra-signed act. The
    lamer reviewers of the first two Television albums back in the 70s often evoked comparisons to The Velvet Underground and/or The Grateful Dead. That is something
    that I don't hear at all, other than the fact that there are two guitars involved. What I heard was a jazz improvisational-influenced guitar band borrowing instrumental tones and riffs from San Francisco and Los Angeles 60s two-guitar bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Electric Prunes And Moby Grape. Even in his later solo
    work, Verlaine still inserted Jorma Kaukonen ("Red Leaves") and Ken Williams ("Ancient Egypt") guitar licks in unexpected places.
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  24. Vangro

    Vangro Forum Resident

    You should hear their early material, Jesus, they were rough!
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  25. Lightworker

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    Baltimore, MD
    The Neon Boys tracks are more '60s garage meets early glam than actual proto-punk.
    That's probably why I like them so much.
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