Marvel (MCU) Phase IV

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deuce66, Jul 21, 2019.

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    Well, ya got me with your well-reasoned argument and refutation of my comments.

    You have no insights or anything to add, but you get to feel smug, so I guess you're happy! :sigh:
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  2. Oatsdad

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    "Star Wars" could complete the trilogy without Carrie because they still had footage they could use.

    If they'd shot, say, half of "BP2" with Boseman, maybe they could make it work.

    But I don't even know if they have a script yet, much less any start to production, so obviously that won't work.

    If they lacked any useful footage, they would've had to write Leia out of "Rise", and there's no way they would've recast her.

    And I think that's the situation here. If they can't make Boseman work as T'Challa, they don't feel they can recast him and have most fans accept it.

    As I've said, the franchise enjoys an easy out since T'Challa isn't the first/only BP. Of course, they'll have to explain what happened to him, but it's easier to introduce a new BP than it would've been to have someone take over for Leia!
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    If you can't add anything to the discussion, butt out. You're not even trying to make an argument - you're just tossing out emojis to pick fights...
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    My Dad was 50 when I was 17, and my Mom would've been 53 if she'd lived, both with older and younger siblings, so late 40s/early-mid 50s would've been right for my aunts/uncles when I was 17.

    That said, my Mom was an "old mother" for the late 60s. She was 36 when I was born, which was unusual back then.

    Of course, 36 isn't old to have babies now, but 53 years ago, it was out of the norm.

    So in 1962 when Spidey originated, most aunts/uncles of 17-year-olds probably were late 30s/early 40s.

    Certainly not 106 like 1960s May! :D
  5. Isaac K.

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    I think a majority of people would understand if the role of T’Challa got recast. Boseman was great, but what can you do in the face of tragedy? Exploring the character further with a different face is a hell of a lot better than not exploring it at all just in the name of a misguided sense of respect. Would Boseman really want T’Challa to die as well? Do people really think he would be that spiteful? I would like to think not.
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  6. PH416156

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    An aunt of mine is 19 years older than me; when I was 17 she was 36.

    So, to me, even Tomei is too old to portray Peter's aunt! :laugh:
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  7. Deuce66

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    Same here, my mom was 38 when I showed up, if she had an older sister by 10 years = 48 + 18 = 66 age of a possible aunt May, more than likely back then she would've been early/mid 40's by the time Peter was 18. So yeah I never quite understood why the aunt/uncle's looked so old, they were more like grandparents.
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  8. Deuce66

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    Here's the latest update from Disney/Marvel.

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  9. Isaac K.

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    It would be nice if they hold to that schedule, but I’m not going to hold my breath.
  10. I mean, before the world went to hell, Marvel stuck to their schedule pretty rigorously...
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  11. Jim B.

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    FF logo at the end!
  12. Curveboy

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    Very very cool that they are trying to promote the thrill of seeing a film in the theater...sadly I don't think we're getting back to that way of life for another year at least based on how things are going with the pandemic.
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  13. Deuce66

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    Not to derail but isn't New York opening in full by July 1? are theatres open now?
  14. Oatsdad

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    NYC theaters are open right now.

    Here in NoVA, our AMCs reopened last August, so I've been "back to that way of life" for 9 months! :cool:
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  15. Isaac K.

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    Yeah, but if you look at that schedule, it's basically a new movie in theaters every two to three months for the next two years. That's a lot of crunch even if Covid delayed things some.
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  16. Curveboy

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    Yeah, but you have people who don't want to do the right thing, and people like me who have who (because of pre-exisiting conditions in my family) won't be going back to the theaters for awhile.
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  17. It’s reflective of the original comic books. Coming from a family with a nearly 20 year gap between oldest and youngest it never struck me as all that odd.
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  18. soundboy

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    Marvel dropped a new trailer for Black Widow about a month ago, followed by the first teaser trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 2 weeks ago.
  19. Hagstrom

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    Wake me when Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe.
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  20. soundboy

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    Casting done? John and Emily?
  21. Spencer R

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    If they finally do the Fantastic Four justice, I’ll become a full-on MCU fanboy.
  22. GregM

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    If you want to stream on Disney, I'm sure you can view it for the insane price of $25.
  23. rock4ev

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    That trailer is cool and all especially with Stan the man Lee narrating it, tho I think the Marvel that was when Fox owned it and grew to epic status throughout years, then great creative people got involved and gave plots to writers, and of course direction and casting being overseen by the creative people. That was a success, and the top up's rode it as it became more successful than it had ever been and made the person in charge of all hires below look great for what was happening.
    But now many of creative staff and plot creators are not there and haven't been for a couple years now, so now the top has to hope gets lucky choosing right good creative people, in doing so listening to new creative people and teams, if the "Up" goes for what is pitched, again accolades and responsibility will lie on exec's ("Up") shoulders.
    And if I were a betting man I'd bet against lighting like what just had happen again, that shipped has sailed imo and the epic fail I feel will be around the corner.
    Tho after the falls of over half of greenlighted projects lose $$$ a change will come then.

    It's just my opinion, though I feel some cheese worse than any movie under the Marvel banner ever is coming.

    I wish I didn't feel like that's the case, I liked all the movies even the early oughts stuff, and I was a Marvel comics fan from the mid 70's to early 80's then I started a creative career of my own.

    They can do it but it takes the right people. I do feel 2 or 3 good movies out of 10 if they can get that far and a couple already were in process 2 years ago including the story already in place which is a key. But after those nothing but not great stuff have I've seen and read for the rest.
    I can only hope they can do Deadpool right, and Xmen, as their last movies were way created before Fox sale. They did squeak out the Avengers timeline and universe because it was already planned out and going too. But then again most of those creators are no longer MCU.
    Directors is one thing but you need plot, creative, writing, casting to all be good for a director to make classics. And most artists/creators don't like to be told what to make or come up with, so again decisions on those key people for all things that were not already created and set will heavily decide the fate of near (though now taking forever with Marvel which pandemic aside) future, which is not a good sign, nor was what was proposed on invest day, hence why I think only a few movie will be "A's" as their stories and much of cast was set years ago, tho still odd haven't seen much of anything from some of these, as they need create new interest and had it when it was announced 2 yrs ago.
    What's happening there??? There I said it.

    Old Stan dialog in trailer was well before changes took place.
  24. rock4ev

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    Still tho being a MCU thread my bet is on something is not going right at Marvel.
    Still have no definite info on Deadpool which both movies were big success and the second film came out after Fox sold but as it was shot when Fox that was the banner.
    How do you not lock up that movie and announce cast to give assurance to fans, fans of all the MCU movies that made Marvel a success.
    And then there is X-Men which will need a complete 're boot as Fox and Logan burned it to the ground (I was surprised how graphic it was) because they don't want any part of something they must already know.
    Where's Gaurdians 3 announcements ?? Very few Dr S. Multiverse info.
    Well they were all planned and to be part of a timeline and connect/crossover, well since they don't know what/where anything is going now as nobody at helm has a long vision that is making sense, especially as all new never screened before major characters are to come into play in all of that line, and they didn't instill confidence to investors.
    So nothing is in stone like it used to be.
    Sorry to say, and I am bummed too, but I don't have confidence in them at this time.

    You all know recasting James Bond worked for decades.
    So you recast loved characters, lock in a story, introduce new villains and throw in some new heroes, and as time goes on all is good.
    It's gonna come down to the ploters/writers and what characters, and locking up at least two movies of key cast, then directors. And if all goes well 're negotiate actors contracts.
    Right now not much set in stone, which is odd, I'd think actors would be chopping to be a big Marvel character with all the best behind them (story), for some reason not????
  25. davenav

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    I saw BP in Brooklyn with a predominately black audience. There were grown men next to me crying, literally crying with joy.

    Oatsdad is right and you are not only wrong but your choice of an eye roll emoji is beyond offensive.
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