Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by marmalade166, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. marmalade166

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    Aberdeen, Scotland

    One of my favourite Marvel Movies' characters, and I've really enjoyed the comics that I've read so looking forward to this film - set between Civil War and Infinity War, with a Bond-ish feel it seems. And as a bonus David Harbour looks like he'll be a blast in this film
  2. Chrome_Head

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    Got to say, it looks quite entertaining. I wish they had introduced Taskmaster a lot sooner, I wanted to see him fight all the Avengers. And he looks a little "off" in this so far.
  3. Chazro

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    So glad she's got her red hair back! The Widow's had red hair since she was 1st introduced in the 60's. BUT.....I guess we're supposed to believe that she decided to go to that horrid blond color in Endgame, since it happens, supposedly, AFTER this one. Widow as a blond was a dopey mistake, maybe in the future, they'll digitally re-color Endgame and correct it!;)
  4. Black Widow as a blonde was for the same reason as Captain America with a beard; an attempt to be in hiding, and started in Infinity War. You'll notice that in Endgame after the timeskip she had stopped dyeing her hair.
  5. Chrome_Head

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    Los Angeles, CA.
    I think they also tried to give everyone a different "look" in each Marvel movie (such as Stark's many armors).
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  6. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Definitely go and see Black Widow in May, 2020.....BW film should have came out a few years earlier, better late than never.

    Competition with Wonder Woman 1984 methinks.

    WW 1984 trailer is being shown this Sunday December 8th.
  7. Dillydipper

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    Fell in love with her in Lost In Translation With A Pearl Earring, and frankly, had no idea she had Natasha Romanoff in her. It's been amazing seeing her lose herself in the fun of this role over the decade.

    This is gonna be like watching Hugh Jackman wrap his Wolverine character up (and no, I don't even know if this is her swan song), just that she's finally getting a film big enough for her character to "own", and show us what we probably knew about her all this time. Of course I always saw somebody like Famke Janson in that role before she got cast elsewhere in the franchise(s), but Johansson's turned it into something dominating.
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  8. Deuce66

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    Final trailer

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  9. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Looks cheap as chips compared with WW1984, but I’ll see it regardless. :D
  10. Holerbot6000

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    I just hope it's good. It needs to be better than Captain Marvel, which relied a little too heavily on Girl Power to paper over a not so strong story. Love ScarJo as Black Widow, pissed that they killed her off and really hoping she gets go out in big style with a great movie...
  11. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    What was so marvellous about the lady Captain anyway?

    To quote Edwin ⭐️ absolutely nuthin ( say it again).
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  12. GregM

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    Looking forward to taking my kiddo to this.
  13. Vidiot

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  14. vince

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    So, when does this movie take place, exactly?
  15. Chrome_Head

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    Los Angeles, CA.
    Off the top of my head, thought it takes place after Avengers: Age of Ultron and before Captain America: Civil War.
  16. Jord

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    I'm sure the movie is great but I can't care about a character where we know how her path ends. Takes away the little suspension of disbelief superhero movies have.
  17. marmalade166

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    Aberdeen, Scotland
    I love Black Widow in the comics and her portrayal in the films and was major pissed when she died in Infinity War, so I'm glad we get to see her at least one more time
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  18. PH416156

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    Great point, but that didn't stop millions from buying tickets for the Star Wars prequels
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  19. Jord

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    The Netherlands
    True, but the Prequels had an interesting journey for both Ben Kenobi and Anakin that made people curious.
    • How does someone become Vader and end up in the suit?
    • What are Obi-Wan's origins and how and why did he end up in that cave?
    We knew from watching a new hope there was a history between them but what exactly happened was unclear. We knew point B but didn't know point A so to speak. We were interested in their development and journey.

    With BW we know who she was and acted before this movie (=Civil War) and we know how she was and acted after this movie (=Infinity War).
    She basically stayed the same, there wasn't a huge transformation or anything., which makes sense considering the production timeline. Thus, there is no intrigue to see her "development" in this movie because it basically amounts to nothing notable based on the movies that take place before and after BW.
  20. Deuce66

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    85% on RT with 117 critic reviews compiled so far.

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  21. arley

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  22. rikki nadir

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    'America's most cantankerous film critic', eh?

    I found that review to be mean-spirited and asinine, and it completely missed the point of the film as far as I am concerned. The review reeks of something that was written before the reviewer even set foot in the cinema.
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  23. rikki nadir

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    London, UK
    I saw the movie yesterday. It was my first cinema visit since early last year. It shows how out of touch I am that I had no idea until just now that the movie is just barely released, in some markets, since I thought it has been out a while. I assume I can be forgiven for that given the changing release dates.

    I saw the third ever UK showing, in a socially distanced cinema, and we booked the very last seats. I am sure we only got those because last night was an historic football match for the national team. My friend and I both thought it hilarious that as we enjoyed a drink in the movie house bar afterwards, the only people going to the movies last night were women! (I'm not encouraging stereotypes, just reporting facts as I see 'em)

    Anyway, keep in mind that I have not had a cinematic experience for a while, and also my personal view is that Scarlett Johansson's contribution to the MCU is second only to that of Robert Downey Jr (and a half step above that of Chris Evans). Your mileage may differ.

    I thought it was a terrific movie. A couple of times I caught myself thinking 'this really needs to be seen on the big cinema screen with a bunch of people laughing at the humour and gasping at the action'. Notably in one very effective helicopter rescue sequence. I felt the combination of revenge-spy story and troubled family reunion was very well handled indeed.

    The reviews pick up on the obvious parallels with James Bond and the Mission Impossible movie franchise, but I am surprised not to have read any mention of the key reference for me, which is the John Wick movies. Black Widow shares second unit director/stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott with the JW series, meaning there are relentless action sequences where participants walk away bruised and punctured but still able to continue fighting.

    But Black Widow would also seem to share some DNA with the John Wicks in terms of plot themes. I am going to stick this in a spoiler:

    Both Natasha Romanoff and John Wick, it turns out, left their respective ruthless unthinking killer roles following acts of tremendous skill and callous murder/assassination. Both are called back to those organisations from their new lives and decide to take on their former handlers (The Red Room/The High Table). To do so, both team up with former allies and associates who are initially opposed to them. Both have contacts and stored weaponry from their former lives to help them. Both unleash industrial quantities of whup-ass in achieving their aims - well maybe that one is to be expected in any action movie. Both characters are commended for their mission focus and strength of will by those close to them, who also imply their lives may be diminished because of this character trait.

    On reflection, I also feel that Black Widow has to bear the burden of being a backstory/origin tale for a character whose current story arc has concluded. While this is not unexpected in comics, it hasn't happened in the MCU to my knowledge. There is already a decade of backstory to the Black Widow's character, so the unfolding narrative and simple introductions afforded Doctor Strange or Ant Man, or indeed pretty much any main character in the MCU do not apply here.

    As noted elsewhere, this is a story that is 'slotted in' between Captain America Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. There are a lot of references to earlier movies, not particularly confusing in themselves, but a bit of a headache trying to assimilate them during the full-on action. For example while I identified the first bunch of government-sponsored elite fighters running around pursuing a main character, I got lost when the second bunch of government-sponsored elite fighters started running around on screen. Because I was wondering if I was also supposed to know who they were. You aren't, they are new. I think.

    In the end, I found it best to react like the Bond movies, just enjoy the escapes and the action and the humour and the explosions, and everyone involved being amazing at their respective jobs, and save worrying about the plot details for another viewing.

    That's what I do anyway, as well as munch wine gums and jelly babies and tut my immediate neighbours for checking their phones mid-viewing. Welcome back!

    Fabulous movie - enjoyed every minute. 8/10
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  24. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    I'm starting to realize, after watching Heavy Spoilers review...
    I like the Marvel movies the same way I like Zappa!
    I'm only in it for the conceptual continuity, and the humor (both smart & stupid)
    All the fight scenes are like Frank's guitar solos....
    I'm sure they are appreciated by those who love 'em for their complex application, and some get joy from experiencing them...
    but, to me, I tolerate them to get to the stuff I like.
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  25. kwadguy

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    This looks worthy of one of my stack of $3 movie tickets for AMC I got through Costco :)
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