Marvel's Hawkeye Trailer

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Jeff Kent, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. Jord

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    I liked Hawkeye in the movies because of the fact that he's so relatable since he doesn't have super powers per se. He was underutilized in the first Avengers but did have some noticeable moments later on such as him shooting Ant-Man from his arrow to attack Iron Man.

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  2. DreadPikathulhu

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    Marvel Studios loves to slip the classic costumes in as a joke, so I wouldn't be surprised if Hawkeye shows up in purple at some point. That Captain America stage show in the trailer would be a good place to put it in.
  3. misterbozz

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    First couple of episodes dropped yesterday - good job there were two as the first was a little slow, but definitely enough to enjoy in the second episode particularly to keep me watching.
  4. Jim B.

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    OK but a bit slow.

    I've not read the Fraction run but it's a bit silly revealing your secret identity from the get go isn't it?

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