McIntosh LB200 Light Box: I’m seriously baffled

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ulises, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. Ulises

    Ulises Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Denver, CO
    This appears to be a real product and not an April Fool’s joke. For the uninitiated, it’s a $1500 storage box with a MASSIVE logo and no other purpose than to hide the small and unsightly parts of your system in a bigger, even more unsightly box.

    LB200 Light Box

    As someone who used to work in product design research, I find this product morally offensive. 1. This isn’t meeting a real need. 2. If hiding things is really what you’re after, there are far more elegant paths to a solution. 3. The price is outrageous, even for this hobby. Looming recession, you say? McIntosh: hold my beer.

    Note: I own a vintage Mac integrated from the sixties and it’s a thing of rare beauty. The logo is proportional to the rest of the faceplate. This monstrosity lifts its leg on a proud history of distinctive industrial design in a late-capitalist cash grab that sullies the entire brand.
  2. HairyWeimer

    HairyWeimer I can resist anything but temptation.

    Dracula's inside!
  3. Jim Pattison

    Jim Pattison Forum Resident

    Kitchener ON
    Two things I noted right away: (1) It’s sold out, and (2) It comes with a three-year warranty.
  4. Apesbrain

    Apesbrain Forum Resident

    East Coast, USA
    McIntosh has passed through several owners since its "vintage" days. It's a safe bet that the current owners have a different mindset.


    The "looming recession" is less of an issue for the target market of this product.
  5. trickness

    trickness Gotta painful yellow headache

    Lots of people with no taste and big wallets, & lots of legendary hi-fi audio brands that have gone the way of the dodo bird - if selling trash like this to the former helps keep them from going the way of the latter, I’m sure they’re not losing much sleep about what this particular piece does to their “legacy”
  6. scottys

    scottys Well-Known Member

    Prescott, AZ
    I can't figure out if it is tube or solid state.
  7. bever70

    bever70 It's not all about The Soundstage

    The best way to ridiculize your own brand :biglaugh:.
  8. Marcev

    Marcev Well-Known Member

    New York
    Quite a bit of money for a Mcintosh home billboard. And as a bonus, you are getting an included IR extender for those hidden components for that $1500 dollars. Since its sold out, apparently there is a market for this.
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  9. Humbuster

    Humbuster Big hat, no cattle

    Have one on back order. It'll look cool in my audio rack and impress my house guests when I tell them how much I paid for it.
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  10. jek57

    jek57 Forum Resident

    upstate New York
    How many companies use marketing like McIntosh is using to promote their product? .I agree the price is ridiculous but folks will go out and spend big bucks on major brand names products who in turn promote their products in the same manner as McIntosh does
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  11. Oddiofyl

    Oddiofyl Forum Resident

    I unsubscribed from McIntosh' instagram feed after seeing that......
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  12. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    Apparently they already had some sort of light box but it had no storage, so, if true, this is the upgrade!
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  13. jonwoody

    jonwoody Tragically Unhip

    Washington DC
    It's hollow state obviously :D
  14. SPF2001

    SPF2001 prone to hyperbole

    St. Petersburg,Fl.
    Maybe if they throw in a necktie or a towel.
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  15. Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson Forum Resident

    Suburban Chicago
    Some other company needs to release a bigger box so you can hide the McIntosh box inside it.
  16. jonwoody

    jonwoody Tragically Unhip

    Washington DC
  17. Glmoneydawg

    Glmoneydawg Forum Resident

    Ontario Canada
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  18. The Pinhead

    The Pinhead SUDACA ROÑOSO

    Stop it fellas; I've already ordered 3 of 'em !:laugh:
  19. JohnO

    JohnO Senior Member

    Washington, DC
    Wouldn't it be better with a linear power supply?
  20. AudioAddict

    AudioAddict Forum Resident

    Started a parallel thread at the same time..M says:
    • A must for every McIntosh owner
    Who are they trying to kid? Do they think all audiophiles are idiots?
    The brand has just lost all sense of credibility.
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  21. Oddiofyl

    Oddiofyl Forum Resident

    I think Jeff is spot on.... what a joke.
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  22. Glmoneydawg

    Glmoneydawg Forum Resident

    Ontario Canada
    Well that explains the backorder situation:)
  23. aorecords

    aorecords Forum Resident

    You are the last person who would order one of these.
  24. Bill Hart

    Bill Hart Forum Resident

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  25. Glmoneydawg

    Glmoneydawg Forum Resident

    Ontario Canada
    Nope he will have them for sale at double the price now that he's cornered the market.....pure genius
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