Midnight Madness with Elvira

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Reid Smith, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Reid Smith

    Reid Smith Forum Resident Thread Starter

    N Ky/Cincinnati
    Anyone else a fan of the Mistress of the Dark? i know i was ;) who cares if the movies sucked :)
  2. rene smalldridge

    rene smalldridge Senior Member

    And such an alluring display of the young Elvira's charms on the album cover of Tom Wait's Small Change.
    She's from Kansas ya know.
  3. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Resident blabbermouth

    Cassandra Peterson in her "real world" incarnation was much more alluring, IMO.
  4. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident

    I grew up watching her show nobody than her to rip on bad movies.
  5. stuwee

    stuwee Forum Resident

    Tucson AZ
    Thank you Reid for this thread :edthumbs:, Cassandra Peterson is over the top coolness, She was a pretty famous groupie back in the 60's, she then re-made herself into a horror hostess, she knew how to use her assets and loved every minute of it!! I went to the premire of her movie in NYC in 1988, then sat with her for awhile at the after party in Central Park, she had a wicked head cold, my partner and I walk up to the meet and greet table, she said "Thank God, two gorgeous gay guys, sit right here next to me"!! We had a blast talking about all kinds of things.

    I know she was hot for my man, when I told her he's a doctor, she grabbed herself and said I have this pain down here, could you look at it for me? Natalie' almost forgot his orientation for a moment :nyah:. She showed us her scars from a horrific fire when she was younger, she has a smokin' nice body. She is just so refreshingly real, a down home girl. With a bit of a wicked side, my kinda gal!!:righton:
  6. dance_hall_keeper

    dance_hall_keeper Forum Resident

    I enjoyed her appearance on Counting Cars.
    From interviews I've seen her do, she strikes me as a very witty person.

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