Midnight Oil announces massive 2017 reunion tour, 3 huge box sets with unreleased music

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lynd8, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. krock2009

    krock2009 Forum Resident

    Philadelphia, PA
    The only vinyl records I'd be interested in would be "Redneck Wonderland" and "Capricornia" due their brick walled masters. Everything else is fine, though I've addressed the "thin" sound of Blue Sky Mining on this or some other thread.
  2. Gavinyl

    Gavinyl Uncertain Member

    I'll pass on the shows and the vinyl box. I will however pull out ALL the albums and play them in order.
    Great band and I was fortunate to see them in Vancouver on The Diesel And Dust Tour, however the Orpheum Theatre was a poor choice for a rock show, but the sound was excellent
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  3. BeauZooka

    BeauZooka Forum Resident

    I was at that show too! I drove up from Bellingham.
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  4. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

    Fonthill, Ontario
    I've got all the original CDs, but might got for the overflow set. :cheers:
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  5. morgan1098

    morgan1098 Forum Resident

    How are the ticket prices? Denver show presale doesn't start until Thursday.

    Also, has anyone found track lists for the 4 CDs in the Overflow set? I'm probably going to skip this and hope that the CDs are released separately at some point. But it would be nice to know what's actually on the CDs.
  6. krock2009

    krock2009 Forum Resident

    Philadelphia, PA
    The 2007 "Legacy Edition" appears to have great dynamic range.
  7. bferr1

    bferr1 Forum Resident

    If I put in Springsteen's Devils & Dust but heard Midnight Oil's "Beds are Burning," I would be VERY confused! :p
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  8. jo66hn

    jo66hn Forum Resident

    I first saw Midnight Oil play the Sydney Entertainment Center in 1983 ( 10-1 tour ) and last saw them at the Los Angeles House Of Blues in 2003 ( capricornia tour ). I've seen them a few more times in between and they never been less than very good and frequently absolutely fantastic. If you have a passing interest in the band, then I urge you to see them live. They are truly in their element on stage. If you're a fan and they are coming to a city near you, you really should go. You will not be disappointed. I don't expect them to have the fire that they had in 1983 but I'm sure they will still rage, and rage hard.
    I can't wait to see them in Los Angeles in May.
    "The rich get richer, the poor get the picture"
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  9. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    Saw them in 1990 or so and their live show was 100% on point and powerful.
  10. Rubberpigg

    Rubberpigg Forum Resident

    I was at that concert at Ellis Park.
    It was in October 1994.
    The only time I ever saw them live.
    I distinctly remember kick ass versions of "Dreamworld and "My Country".
    They came on after Sting and blew him away.
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  11. John Buchanan

    John Buchanan I'm just a headphone kinda guy.

    Why am I not surprised?
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  12. Drifter

    Drifter AD survivor

    Vancouver, BC, CA
    Wonder if he was driven to tears?
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  13. ranasakawa

    ranasakawa Forum Resident

    Seen the Oils many times

    Starting in 1984 when I was old enough to get into a pub
    Tarmac Hotel, Kooyong 1985?, Myer Music Bowel 1980s & 1990s, Tennis Centre, Rod Laver Arena and MCG amongst other shows
  14. meihyes

    meihyes Forum Resident

    milwaukee, WI USA
    Anyone know what the pre-sale ticket limit is for the US leg of the tour? As luck would have it, I'll be in Denver on May 23.
  15. Bonddm

    Bonddm Forum Resident

    I think it's 4.
  16. yescool2002

    yescool2002 Forum Resident

    There was unknown drummer replacing Vinnie Colaiuta for that gig
  17. The Big Guy

    The Big Guy Forum Resident

    Torrance, CA.
    It may vary by show but LA is eight, and I have heard other people on the Powderworks site mention eight for other cities.
  18. meihyes

    meihyes Forum Resident

    milwaukee, WI USA
    Thanks! I've also got a message in to the venue but no response yet.
  19. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Forum Resident

    Eight?! How scalper-friendly.
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  20. Rubberpigg

    Rubberpigg Forum Resident

    The guy was a local drummer called Ian Herman.
    Played for an african jazz band called the "Tananas".
  21. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Forum Resident

    Anyone else get shanked on the pre-sales and general onsales? 4 friends in 4 places got nothing.
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  22. morgan1098

    morgan1098 Forum Resident

    The Denver show doesn't go on sale until Thursday, but Midnight Oil just updated their Facebook page to say the Atlanta and Portland shows are already sold out. Sheesh!

    Also, last week there was a presale password listed for Denver, but now that password is nowhere to be found. Either there isn't a password now, or...??? I hope technical snafus don't cause me to miss out on tix!

    Prices for the Chicago show were listed as $35-$55, which seems like a great deal to me.
  23. Bonddm

    Bonddm Forum Resident

  24. morgan1098

    morgan1098 Forum Resident

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  25. The Big Guy

    The Big Guy Forum Resident

    Torrance, CA.
    Yeah they're "sold out" alright. I just checked the Atlanta site on Ticketmaster and there are plenty of tickets available from second hand sellers, a lot of them can give you up to eight in a row - imagine that.
    And since when can you resale tickets on Ticketmaster's site? Doesn't that make them an accomplice in scalping? Sorry but I'm venting here. Kind of worried that I may not get tickets without paying 10 to 15 times the face value - which
    I won't do.

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