Midnight Oil announces massive 2017 reunion tour, 3 huge box sets with unreleased music

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lynd8, Jan 24, 2016.

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    2017 Sydney
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    The Blu-Ray shipped today.
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    Can’t wait to find out what the news is. More tour dates? A new album?
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    The above is a Facebook link, for those of us not on FB.
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    “Oils news coming next week. Sign up to the Midnight Oil mailing list at bit.ly/OilsNewsletter to hear it first.“
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    I witnessed a gig for the ages last night! Much of the setlist was no doubt picked due to the songs referencing indigenous Australians, as it was a public holiday to acknowledge Reconciliation Day in the nations capital (Canberra) where they were performing.

    Diesel and Dust was performed in it’s entirety for the first time ever in Australia! Garrett’s vocals were incredible! I saw 4 shows in 2017 and his vocals last night were definitely better than on any of those gigs!

    Just got home after an 8 hour drive (one-way)!

    Midnight Oil Setlist at Royal Theatre, Canberra
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    I saw some posts on social media about the full D&D show... so jealous! Congratulations on seeing what will surely be one of Midnight Oil's most historic performances.
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    Thanks, I’m completely exhausted as we’d only gotten home from a 4 day music festival a few days before having to leave to drive to Canberra for the gig! This was the final song of the night.
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  14. I was very disappointed in the sound quality of the Oil tin drum CDs. Some great material just poor mastering.
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