Miller Anderson - 'Woodstock, 1000 Clubs & Royal Albert Hall' - new book

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    "For the last decade, the Miller Anderson Band has been gathering more fans each year. Some of them are still not aware that they are watching a Woodstock veteran at work - Anderson fronted the Keef Hartley Band in the mud fields, he also got Marc Bolan's T.Rex on the road to street credibility, spent a quarter of a century in the Spencer Davis Group and tells stories from Mountain to Jon Lord."

    Written by Miller with Uli Twelker, the book is in both English and German (his biggest market at present is in Germany), and is subtitled 'Biographical notes, musical quotes and hilarious anecdotes'.

    After working with Ian Hunter , he's since been a member of, or worked with, the Keef Hartley Band (playing at Woodstock), Mountain, Savoy Brown, T.Rex, Ian Hunter again, and many others, and is still releasing albums and touring.
    Miller Anderson | Biography & History | AllMusic

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