Minneapolis/St. Paul record stores past and present

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    Same. In my teenage years I worked across the street from the St. Paul Northern Lights. Most of my paychecks went to the little separate CD shop they had in the back. It had a sliding glass door and its own register.
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    The downtown location also had a separate little room for the CDs and I believe it's own register too. I do remember they would remove the CDs from their longboxes and kept the discs themselves behind the counters. The racks had transparent hard plastic cards that they slipped the CD booklets into, which you'd bring up to the counter.

    Eventually the vinyl was moved into the side room, and the CDs took over the rest of the store. At that point, they no longer removed the discs from their original packaging of course.

    PS: I believe the St Paul store still lives on in another guise, as Urban Lights:

    Urban Lights celebrates 20 years of record store madness in St. Paul | City Pages
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    Yep. I remamber all that too. I liked browsing through those little plastic cards. If I only knew then what I know now. I'm sure I flipped past a bunch of stuff that I would never see again.
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    Yeah, that's unfortunate. I had only stopped in there a few times while visiting family in the Twin Cities in recent years, but I always come away with some used CDs. The selection was pretty decent. I found a bunch of 1994 Monkees Rhino reissue CDs in good shape the last time I was there.

    My go-to places for used CDs when I'm in the Twin Cities are the Electric Fetus and the Cheapo branches in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Not sure there are many places left for used CDs in the Twin Cities, are there? I guess the various Half Price Books stores carry some as well.

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    That's a really cool website. Thanks for sharing.

    It looks like the focus on that site is stores that opened from the 1950s to the early 1970s. That's fine (and there's a lot of really great material on there, all collected in one place for great convenience), but it would be even cooler if the site also contained info on stores that opened after the cut-off date of 1974. Like, I'd love to see some photos and a write-up of the great Let It Be that was in downtown Minneapolis. Garage D'or is another one -- I see it's listed, but there isn't a write-up that goes with it. Nevertheless, it's a really cool site.


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