Mistakes in songs.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by kaztor, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Listening to Thin Lizzy's Collected in the car this afternoon I noticed a lyrical flub and wondered if there was a thread about this kind of thing. Unfortunately the old thread is closed, so...

    In the second chorus of Just The Two Of Us there's this line that's supposed to be "It's not that I think it's wrong" and you almost can hear Phil Lynott messing it up by singing "It's not that I think it's f-wrong". For a moment he must've gotten confused with the same line in the third chorus that goes "It's not that I think it's fair".
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    Beatles, especially John, have a lot. "Why know I even try, girl", in Please, Please Me (iirc, by memory), for one.
  3. stevemoss

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    4 seconds into the Beastie Boys' "Shake Your Rump", Ad-Rock means to say "aluminum bat" but instead says "alunimum bat".
  4. 'Thank You Girl' by some Liverpool legends, "That's the kind of love that IS/SEEMS too good to be true", 'is' and 'seems' sung simultaneously.

    Also somewhere in 'Do You Want To Know A Secret' I can hear a cut, like George is saying "I'd..." between he singing 'do you promise not to tell' and 'wo-uoooh, closer'.

    The later half of the Stones' 'I'm Free' has a drums-tambourine rhythm error.

    Pink Floyd, 'Candy And A Currant Bun': "Please just FALK (or fork) with me". Probably Syd wanted to sing the f-word but tried to correct it with 'walk'.
  5. SurrealCereal

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    I think I read that Syd was trying (successfully) to sneak it past the censors by making it sound like walk.
  6. rjp

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    on stephen stills 'live', stills blows the lyrics in 'word game' but just keep right on going.
  7. Frozensoda

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    In the Kingsmen's Louie Louie, the singer messes up the beginning of one of the verses, he abruptly stops singing and the drummer plays a random fill instead.
  8. Hey Vinyl Man

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    I'm not sure if it's a mistake, but it could be: in "Atlantic City" when Bruce sings "I've got debts no honest man could pay," the lyric sheets list something completely different for that line. I don't have my copy handy to look it up, but I definitely recall that line was different. Since the line he does sing also appears in another song on the same album ("Johnny 99"), I've always wondered if he sang it there by mistake and just decided to leave it in. Since the entire Nebraska album was intended to only be demoes in the first place, it's plausible.
  9. and dont forget the nasty line in the song
  10. crustycurmudgeon

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    Todd Rundgren did something similar with Hello It's Me. Near the end he sings "Some come around to see you once in a while", with "Some" replacing "I'll". Clearly, he was confusing this line with "Sometimes I can't help seeing all the way through".

    Another one that irks me every time I hear it is The Who's "Eminence Front". They flub the first "Behind an eminence front" when one of them sings instead "It's an eminence front". The differing syllable count messes up the whole line. It was fixed on a later issue of the song.
  11. Gila

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    Some of the The Beatles:

    I'll Get You - at 1:14 it sounds like "well i'm gonna menge your mind" because of either Paul's mistake or two vocals overlapping (change/make)

    You Can't Do That - at 2:10, after "if you wanna stay mine" Paul kind of flubs the pentatonic fill on the bass, it's 'out of rhythm' until he recovers at the next bar

    Matchbox - at 1:29 - "and when you big dog gets here, watch how your puppy dog ???? (not noooon?)"

    Slow Down - at 1:14 it's two vocals overlapping (now you don't care a dime for me / now you've got a boyfriend down the street)

    What You're Doing - clear after 01:00 mark, but maybe this was on purpose, when Paul sings "Please!", background vocals shout "You!", then when he sings "You!", the background vocals shout "I('m)". It's almost the same at 01:48, but finally the main and backing vocals hit it together "You! (got me crying)"

    Drive My Car - at 0:50, right at the start of second refrain, the mistake is in the piano part resulting in a dissonant chord, this is very clear on stereo mix, but somewhat masked in mono mix

    All Together Now - 0:58 "yellow olange and blue"

    All You Need Is Love - in the outro, at ~3:12 instead of playing straight roots and 5th, Paul does this weird bend on the bass, then repeats it like he actually meant it to be that way and finally re-enters the normal root/5th playing again

    Octopus's Garden - at 1:54, this might not be a kind of mistake this thread is about, but I feel that the watery "aaah" background vocals are cut off too sudden, they are missing the last note
  12. Rufus rag

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    Neal Smith dropping his drumsticks at the end of Be My Lover
  13. ash1

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    Shakin' All Over by Johnny Kidd and The Pirates. "What?", I hear you say, "but that record is perfect in every way". Well, yes it is but when complemented on his drum break right before the solo, Clem Cattini says "I made a complete cock-up of it". He said he was supposed to do one bar, got into a roll he couldn't get out of and managed to find his way out a bar later. Luckily, Peter Sullivan their producer said it was great and no need to do a re-take. Sullivan also flipped the record making Shakin' All Over the A-side instead of Yes Sir, That's My Baby.

    Mamas and Papas - "I Saw Her, I saw her again last night" drop in error gets mentioned a lot.
    Dylan Stuck Inside Of Mobile blows a line in one of the verses. Still a brilliant record.
  14. Flippikat

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    "You're Only Human (Second Wind)" by Billy Joel. Towards the end of the song, Billy clearly flubs a line (stuttering into "s-s-sometimes that's what it takes"), and the mistake was left in, on the insistence of Paul Simon & Christie Brinkley who were in the studio that day. Pretty sound for an anti-suicide song that's all about bouncing back from your mistakes.
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    Stuck Inside of Mobile, "he built a fire on Main Street".
  16. Mr.Sean

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    U2 's Pride (In the Name of Love) which is a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The lyrics state, "Early morning, April four Shot rings out in the Memphis sky...."

    He was actually shot at approximately 6pm (local time) that day.
  17. Keith V

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    Steve Gadd's sticks click together once during that horrible drum break in Aja :winkgrin:
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    My favorite mistake has always been Paul's bass flub during Fixing A Hole.
    It happens during the "There I will gooooooooo..." before the guitar solo. He clearly goofs up the normal flow of the bass lick. He covers it up fairly well, but it's there.

    My theory as to why it was not corrected is because the rhythm track was recorded at Regent Studios instead of Abbey Road. Geoff Emerick, being an EMI employee, was unable to attend that session. That's why the bass tone is so different on that track. Punching in later at Abbey Road to correct the bass goof would not sound right because the recording equipment/method would've been completely different.

    Sadly, Giles "fixed" the error in the new version. He likely copy/pasted that bit from a correctly executed lick in another part of the song. One of my precious few criticisms on the remix.
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    It was only 3 takes and since they used Take 1 as a base that makes the original sloppy bass track come out, which was played by John.

    They did not punch in bass anywhere, but original mix of Fixing a Hole has two bass tracks on top of each other. That's why bass in it has 'echoey' sound.

    The audible bass track conflicts were few in Fixing a Hole, other one was at the ending right before the outro. It's also sort of fixed in the 2017 version.

    What Giles "fixed" bass-wise is that Getting Better uses completely different bass track on the 2017 version (at least from 1:16 onward for sure). But, last bass note in Lovely Rita is not mixed out (like on original stereo), and "sitting waiting for a tram" B bass note in Penny Lane is not mixed out on 2017 versions (it was mixed out on every original version).
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  20. George Co-Stanza

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    In the second chorus of Radiohead's Black Star, during the line, "Blame it on the falling sky," there is a loud buzz (guitar feedback) that was unintentional, and was left in. It is right in the middle of the word "falling."
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    It's all rock 'n' roll, right? :D
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    "Horrible"? What's wrong with you? :D
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    Don't forget George's 'solo'... ;)
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    The Stones "In Another Land"... the last "Nobody else will do" that becomes "Nobody else's hand" always sounded like a mistake to me that they just left in.
  25. Steve Carras

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    Wings---"In this world in which we live in"-From "Live & Let Die",1973.

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