Mistakes in songs.

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    You are absolutely correct! Just before he begins singing. Hard to believe they left that in, it's so egregious. If memory serves, this is one of the Minneapolis re-recordings that Bob and his brother did with some local musicians hired at the last minute, so they obviously weren't familiar with the songs. Still, the results they got with "Tangled Up In Blue" and "If You See Her, Say Hello" were huge improvements over the original NYC versions. On this cut, however, I don't think the re-take worked so well -- although that bum organ note could be the only reason I think this.
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    It's exactly how I would respond to a "critique" such as that. Henley has always gotten my respect for being a smart guy -- much more intellectual than your average rock n' roller. Sometimes when people make ridiculous comments, they deserve condescension.
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    I've never understood why Bono hasn't changed the words in live performance to correct this mistake. "Early evening, April four" works just as well.
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  4. Mr.Sean

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    I've never understood that, either. Not sure if he has ever talked about it.
  5. Mylene

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    History Eraser by Courtney Barnett. She refers to the Epping line but it's been the South Morang line for at least the last ten years.
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  6. Paul Gase

    Paul Gase Everything is cheaper than it looks.

    Chuck Berry’s Carol, the bass player twice moves briefly to the IV instead of staying in the I in the verses. I could understand the first time, but both?

    Polythene Pam, Paul overshoots his target on the bass at the end just before the guitar solo.

    How out of tune is Henry McCollough’s guitar on Give Ireland Back to the Irish? I seriously thought my record was warped when I bought the single.

    Jimi hits a bum note on the Angel outro.

    It’s only a demo, but the Stills demo of Four Days Gone is sublime, so much better than the record, but atbhe very last second he badly flubs a piano note. I really wish they’d have fixed it, really. One of Stephens finest moments.
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    In the song Lost in the Flood by Bruce Springsteen, he states that pregnant nuns are running through the Vatican halls pleading immaculate conception.
    Forgive my theology on this forum but it applies here.
    According to official Catholic doctrine, the immaculate conception is not a virgin becoming pregnant or the Virgin Mary becoming pregnant. That is the Incarnation and the Virgin Birth.
    The Immaculate Conception refers to Mary's own conception in preparation for being the new ark of the covenant or mother of Jesus. This is a common mistake among many.
  8. MGSeveral

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    During "Hard rains gonna fall" Bob has one verse where he starts "What did you hear my blue eyed son" but he already did that verse. He continues "What did you see my darling young one?" and there's a little laff in there.(or something close to that)

    It's funny, but I only spotted this one comparatively recently, I looked it up on the internet but found no reference to it!
  9. teodoro

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    You are correct sir... and you win the day...
  10. RJD1954

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    Springsteen has a one legged dog making its way down the street in an exceptional song called The Wrestler...I think he may have meant a three legged dog?

    But surely Springsteen has a wrong lyric on the Magic album in a song called Livin' in the Future;

    "Woke up Election Day, skies gunpowder and shades of gray
    Beneath a dirty sun, I whistled my time away
    Then just about sundown
    You come walkin' through town
    Your boot heels clickin'
    Like the barrel of a pistol spinning round"

    Barrels in pistols don't spin, chambers do.
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  11. crustycurmudgeon

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    Tom Petty's "Free Fallin", the line goes "It's a long day livin' in Reseda, there's a freeway runnin' through the yard", only there are no freeways in Reseda. Judging from the Ventura Blvd. and Mulholland mentions, he's probably thinking of Woodland Hills, Tarzana or Encino.
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  12. Price.pittsburgh

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    In Glory Days he refers to what should be a fastball as a speedball.
    Fastball is a type of baseball pitch.
    Speedball is a combo of cocaine and heroine if I'm not mistaken.
    See also my reference to Lost In The Flood about his inaccurate application of applying Immaculate Conception to Mary's pregnancy and not her creation, which is a common mistake by many.
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  13. Mylene

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    Chuck Berry ~ Brown Eyed Handsome Man

    '2, 3 the count and nobody on he hit a high flyer into the stand, rounding third and heading for home was a brown eyed handsome man'
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  14. greenscreened

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    This one keyboard flub during the solo stuck out like a sore thumb the first time I heard it back in '64.

    Between 1:35-1:36 :

    This keyboard made the chord change too early on the word 'inside' approx 3:47 :

    Paul McCartney & Wings - Time To Hide (Instrumental Backing Track)

    Paul McCartney & Wings - Time To Hide

    Paul's clinker on the "her" of "follow her down" @ 1:12 :

    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Isolated Organ and Electric Guitar)

    Bassist Jerry Scheff admitted to this mistake in a Bass(?) magazine

    He said the band and producer liked it, so they left it in @ 2:04-2:06 (...the psychodramas and the traumas...)

    The Association Along Comes Mary

    The Association - Along Comes Mary (Instrumental)

    Bass flub on 'Octopus's Garden' by George(? as he did the count-in for the basic track) @ with "you" @ 2:33 :

    Octopus's Garden (Remastered 2009)
  15. LucyR

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    The Velvet Underground's I Found A Reason, Lou sings "been" and Doug sings "gone" at one point. I think on reissues they've minimized or eliminated it, but on the old LP it stuck out sore thumb ish like.
  16. mbrownp1

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    Pretty sure that was on purpose.
  17. Price.pittsburgh

    Price.pittsburgh Forum Resident

    But if this ever changin' world
    In which we live in.
    Only says in twice.
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  18. Price.pittsburgh

    Price.pittsburgh Forum Resident

    But if this ever changin' world
    In which we live in.
    Only says in twice
  19. RickH

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    The intro keyboard in “Why Can’t We Be Friends” (War) has a very audible flub
  20. owsley

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    Since I love 60's garage and 70's punk, mistakes don't bother me at all. There are a few exceptions however.......
    * Stones - I'm Free. The out of sync tambourine and drums coming out of the instrumental going into the chorus are painful. It bothers me because the song is one of my early favorites. They should have done another take
    * Stones - Singer Not The Song. A great pop song that's perfect up until the last seconds where Jagger sings a terribly sour off key harmony. Like I'm Free another take should have been done
    * Troggs - Our Love Will Still be There. Probably my favorite hilarious mistake. At the end the Troggs repeat the chorus but ole Pete Staples decides to go off the reservation and play the totally different bass parts (2 notes) of the verses with no attempt to correct himself. I can just hear Larry Page at the session saying something like "uh.......that's good enough boys"

    The most infamous but seldom heard goof is Dylan's 'Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands'. Dylan forgets the words during the 4th verse, there's a long gap: "how could they ever.....uh............'suaded you". Mistakes happen and a section from an earlier take was (rather clumsily) spliced in. No problem....except that the original version with the goof was (accidentally?) released only in Canada and only on mono pressings. I was rather upset when the Big Blue box set came out hoping to hear the multitrack of this goofed up take 4 of Sad Eyed Lady, only to find they partially fixed the mistake. But the goof was an earsore so I could understand the partial repair piece done for the box set.
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  21. sleepjar

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    On the song Brain Damage by Pink Floyd, the lyrics say: "and if your head explodes with dark forebodings too"

    To me, it sounds like they sing, "and if your head explodes for dark forebodings too".

    Does anyone else hear this?
  22. Tilt Araiza

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    If we're going to to go all the way, the correct conjugation of the verb "to have" in that case would be "what hast thou seen". Maybe the White Queen was a Quaker. They're very free with the thees, like in Friendly Persuasion by Pat Boone.
  23. Drifter

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    On The Beatles' "Good Night", Ringo accidentally repeats the first half of the second chorus on the final chorus "Close your eyes, and I'll close mine" while the choir behind him is singing "Now it's time to say Good Night", a repeat of the first chorus. He then sings the second part correctly.

    Reminds me of The Bee Gees' "Massachusetts" where the lead line is singing "San Francisco" while the background vocals are singing "Massachusetts".
  24. Uncle Ernie

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    In the Replacements' song Alex Chilton, Paul Westerberg flubs the line "Checkin' his stash by the trash at St. Mark's place." Such a great performance. Glad they released it as is.

  25. Mother

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    The Jean Genie goes into the chorus a touch early, no?
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