Mistakes in songs.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by kaztor, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. angelo73

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    Orbiting Sgr A*
    On Eric Burdon & the Animals'
    song "Monterey", from their 1968
    album 'The Twain Shall Meet', Eric
    mispronounces Ravi Shankar's
    surname "Shank-nar".
  2. jlf

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    It’s in the demo version too
  3. TMegginson

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    If we're talking about live performances, David Bowie was notorious for cocking up his own lyrics.
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  4. The Panda

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    I would love to read a thread about the various obscene ways Steven Tyler used to mess with his lyrics live.
  5. Cryptical17

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    Do You Want To Know a Secret- George sings “ah...oooooo!”
  6. crustycurmudgeon

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    Do you mean the bent note at 3:06? That sounds intentional (and cool).
  7. Odysseus

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    Similar kind of mistake in Paperlace's "The Night Chicago Died" where the singer mentions events happening "On the east side of Chicago" when there is no "east side" of city as lake Michigan is immediately east of the city.
  8. KevinP

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    While the songwriter has admitted to not knowing anything about the city's geography, Chicago does very much have an East Side.

    East Side, Chicago - Wikipedia

    It's different than the other three sides though, as those each consist of many neighborhoods while the East Side *is* a neighborhood. Still, if someone says they're from the East Side, it makes perfect sense and I know exactly where they're from.
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  9. KevinP

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    Since this thread is moving into the 'nitpicking' kind of mistakes, here's a (long-closed) thread specifically on that subject.

    Let's nitpick some lyrics
  10. WhoTapes1

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    Van Halen’s “Bottoms Up”
  11. Drifter

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    He also says "Shank-nar" on the song "Winds Of Change" from the album of the same name (1967). At 2:45:

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  12. Socalguy

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    Jackson 5 - “I’ll Be There”

    “...just look over your shoulders honey ...”
  13. angelo73

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    Orbiting Sgr A*
    Holy crap I never noticed that one ! Lol!
    .. well, at least he's consistent !
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  14. Tankbass73

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    Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? Stone Free, around 1:28 on the 2nd verse, on the line "But they don't realize..." it sounds like the bass goes to the "A" 4 bars too early.
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  15. Odysseus

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    That's a serious stretch and you know it.
  16. Odysseus

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    Los Angeles, CA
    I've always been irritated by the grammar snap in Third Eye Blind's "Wounded":

    "Back down the bully to the back of the bus
    'Cuz it's time for them to be scared of us"

    This is a mega grammar snap the Jenkins should be embarrassed by as he starts the line with "Back down the bully" which is singular, i.e. one bully, and ends with "it's time for them..." with them being plural.

    That line's always bothered me especially since it'd be a quick fix by changing the word "them" for "him" and it'd be:

    "Back down the bully to the back of the bus
    'Cuz it's time for him to be scared of us"

    And boom, grammar snap fixed and the world is balanced again.
  17. vamborules

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    Why does it have to be about just the one bully? Maybe the idea is you stand up to one and the rest get the message.
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  18. bob_32_116

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    Radiohead - 2+2=5
  19. Perhaps the writer belonged to the e. e. cummings school Of thought regarding grammar when applied to lyrics. Sometimes being too pedantic can also rob the power of then usage of language for effect (not according to grammatically correct rules). We have no idea what exactly the writer truly wanted to convey.
  20. Odysseus

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    Los Angeles, CA
    The problem with that logic is that it can be applied anywhere and if it was nothing would ever get accomplished as it lends itself to gross over complication of interpretation.

    Why go through all that effort to ultimately just throw your hands up and say "We have no idea what exactly the writer truly wanted to convey!" when it's far easier to admit the obvious grammar mistake in the lyric for what it is?
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  21. KevinP

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    No I don't. We have an East Side.
  22. MGSeveral

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    There's a bully in the first line. Then he gets backed up to the back of the bus. Where there are more people. Who are the "them" that's to be scared of "us".
  23. lv70smusic

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    I don't want to stir a hornet's nest -- so, please everyone, let's not make this into a political discussion. I am just trying to convey some information:

    1. There is a recent trend to replace words like him/her with them since "they/them" is gender neutral.
    2. Some authorities state that this is not just a bastardization of language in modern times but that the use of "they/them" for a singular subject/object was common in the past.
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  24. Jon-A

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    Not sure it counts, as it was clearly intentional rather than a slip of the tongue - but The Doors' Five To One is in error. 'Five to one' does not equal 'one in five'. Four to one, or one in six, Mr. Mojo Risin':waiting:
  25. greenscreened

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    Jimi Hendrix - Fire

    “Ah move over Rover,
    and let Jimi take over
    Yeah…you know what I’m talkin’ about…”

    What was he talkin' 'bout?
    What was Rover doing to her that he wanted to finish up?
    Maybe that’s why he only wanted to stand ‘next’ to her fire, as opposed to…?
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