Mistakes in songs.

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  1. Chuck Berry plunks a lot of notes, notably at the beginning of Johnny B Goode
  2. Dodoz

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    I mean, my reference point is what is what i heard: the single version on various compilations, the single itself, and this, from one late 80s edition. I didn't know it was on all versions of "Speak and Spell" featuring the song.

    That said, as it's "only" a bonus track and wasn't featured on the original album, that's why I pointed it out as a mistake. "Dreaming of Me" was the band's first single and not intended to be on an album in the first place. What source did they use to compile these bonus tracks?
  3. John

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    After the false start, etc. What's going on with the 'alright stop' at 1:09?

  4. andrewskyDE

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    I think the non-fade out version was intentional. Even the b-side 'Ice Machine' has a cold ending, though these mixes were only available on the first/early pressings of the single (at first).
    Obviously I have a later 7'' UK copy with both tracks faded out. In the Speak & Spell CD deluxe edition the tracks have cold endings again.
  5. There's a vocal flub on the original mix of "Eminence Front".
  6. dance_hall_keeper

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    I always thought that this line from Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" was wrong:
    But with the Rolling truck Stones thing just outside
  7. ponkine

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    Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone

    around 5:18 he looses the timing, leading the band to make a rhythm mistake
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  8. ponkine

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    Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World

    First guitar notes on the solo are wrong

    For worse, guitar and cello are out of tune each other

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  9. SJB

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    "Helpless Dancer," the Who. Roger sings "And people die from being old / or left alone because they're cold." This lyric makes no sense in the song's context of preventable social ills. In live performances, Roger has swapped "old" and "cold" back to their intended positions.
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  10. SJB

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    Not to mention, Kurt is accidentally playing an electric guitar on a show called Unplugged.
  11. Dodoz

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    As much as I love the US In Utero tour, it always bugs me this cello player (Lori Goldston) is taken to posterity with the Nirvana MTV Unplugged. I find the one they had during the European leg of the tour (Melora Creager) much better. I love what she does, especially on the chorus. :love:

    Starts off a bit shaky and Kurt inverted verses one and two - but it wasn't even on the setlist that night. Totally spontaneous moment, only played once semi-acoustically on the tour. Sadly, only two poor audience recordings from this night (this is the best one).
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  12. kouzie

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    The one that always bothered me was from "The Wrestler" by Springsteen where he says
    "Have you ever seen a one-legged dog making its way down the street?
    If you've ever seen a one-legged dog then you've seen me"

    A one-legged dog? I hope it was at least named Eileen.
  13. Dodoz

    Dodoz Forum Resident

    Otis Redding audibly surprised by the first break in his cover of "Satisfaction" :)
  14. HiFi Guy 008

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    New England
    Tony Banks makes a mistake at around 1:16 on Behind The Lines
  15. Dodoz

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    Eno cover by my beloved Dirtbombs.
    I don't think the chord at 0:40 is intentional :D
    It's okay, but Mick Collins is a raunchy player who likes to screw up now and then so i wouldn't be surprised if they went "oh, that'll do".
  16. Dodoz

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    I know it's live and it's MC5 but what the hell was the drummer doing at 0:32?
  17. DaveinMA

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    It's just a Gillanism.
  18. MGSeveral

    MGSeveral Forum Resident

    "Wherever I wonder, wherever I roam
    I couldn't be .. found? Of my big home"

    I think Phil Harris misread "fonder", but it's odd they didn't go back and fix it.
  19. Lemon Curry

    Lemon Curry (A) Face In The Crowd

    Mahwah, NJ
    The flubbed note in the Day Tripper riff, faded out on the original mixes. Not so noticeable on the mono, but really obvious on the stereo.

    Digitally fixed on the 1 collection...

    Edit: Anyone know whether the multitack with the error unfaded exists in circulation? I'm assuming the fade occurred in the mixing stage. It would cool to hear what they've been hiding.
  20. Mr. Nastey

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    Polythene Pam - Paul misses the bass slide by one fret, but quickly corrects it. (mentions much later they left it in to see if anyone would notice)

    All Down The Line - Keith's guitar noticeably out of tune on intro.

    Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Mick Taylor makes a little boo boo at 5:32, faded down a little to diminish it, but still noticeable.

    Jean Genie - going into first chorus, some of the band goes into it a bar early.

    These are cool things to listen for, however, and to my ears, gives the songs/performances character. It's one of the many things I appreciate about classic rock that has gotten lost with the pro tools world today; the cleaning up of sloppy performances, out of tune things, and copy and pasting to fix stuff. A little glitch or the ocassional rough note makes the performers seem more human.
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  21. The Elephant Man

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    I think this is one of the greatest moments ever in music.

    GLYNSTYLER Forum Resident

    On "So Far Away" by Carole King, Leland Sklar (the bass player) hits a clam at 3:13 just before the flute solo. It has always bugged me, even when I was a teenager. I wonder if it bothers him, too.
  23. jwb1231970

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    That is an easy fix – I always wondered what the real reason was he never put it on an album. It’s a great song , great production, completely finished product.
  24. It's awkward and sounds awful BUT it keeps the meter of the lyric. He could have recomposed the line or thrown another line in there instead.
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  25. McCartney's line makes sense though.

    But if this ever changin' world
    In which we live in
    Makes you give in and cry
    Say live and let die

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