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    I ordered Supertramp's Breakfast in America Original Master Recording album direct from MOFI. Today I recieved my record, top seam has a 3" split and bottom seam has a nearly 5" split. I contacted customer "service" today and received a prompt reply. They said they were not responsible for items damaged during shipping and told me in the future if I was concerned about receiving damaged items I should buy locally, but they would issue me a $5 refund. I said that was unacceptable and I wanted to return it, they issued me a return code and told me to mail it back. I asked for a return shipping label asking why should I pay to return a damaged item, they said NO they do not issue return labels. Very arrogant emails from whom ever I'm dealing with.
    I'm not done I will complain until they take care of this, rest assured I will never buy from them again, and I've bought plenty over the years. I've asked to speak to someone else and have not received any reply yet.
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    Just call Music Direct. If they aren't doing the distribution themselves, they work for them.
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    And my experience w MD customer service has been good
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    Good Luck.

    I had a problem with a copy of Billy Joel's Greatest Hits LP Box and they essentially told me to go pound sand. Not a good company for the Customer Service.
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    I complained to Mobile Fidelity because I have had four poorly pressed albums in the past year. Mobile Fidelity just said they would pass my complaints along. They told me to deal with the retailer I purchased from for a replacement. I bought my albums from Music Direct and they took care of me.
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    geeze. how can there be such a disconnect between them and music direct? MD has always been great when i've had issues like this.
  7. HarryB

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    after letting them know I posted to numerous social sites they suddenly "found" a replacement cover (that does not have a number on it) and asked if I would like them to send it to me. I said yes, thank you. My next step was to dispute the purchase with my credit card company.
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    at least they did try
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    So this was the only reason you started to post here?
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    He's gone...
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    What a hero.
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    Apparently, this is how is done now there. I recently had a similar experience with terrible seam splits on both vinyl records they sent. I contacted them; they told me what they told the thread starter.

    They once sent new jackets if I placed a new order, but they probably stopped doing that long ago. And the prohibitive ("don't even think about it unless you're going to pay for everything") return policy is the same at Acoustic Sounds.

    These policies have a wording that they can penalize you if they think your return package caused damage to the product during transit. Funny, isn't it?

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    Never dealt with MOFI, but Audio Fidelity was the exact opposite. Always great, responsive service from them and sometimes even a person email from Marshall. Miss those guys.
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    I truly despise people who'll use this forum just to get what they want and then disappear forever.

    We don't need that type around here. Good riddance to you @HarryB
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