Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been cutting vinyl from digital since a long, long time ago...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ben Adams, Jul 14, 2022.

  1. Big Blue

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    You said somebody who has not bought a One-Step should not vote. If somebody has bought MoFi LPs that were not One-Step, their votes are just as valid, since this issue is not exclusive to the One-Step releases.
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    Having access to MD's database along with their own, it's pretty easy to see trends and cancellation numbers. Easy to translate that into loss revenue as well.
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  3. Tullman

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    Yeah, if they already know what they have, they should just say it. If they plan on changing, then they should wait until everything is in place, and then make the announcement. Again, this looks like a strategy to stop cancellations of the VH titles.
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  4. Tullman

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    Until when. Back in the day is vague...
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  5. audiotom

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    Here is an analogy

    John Coltrane’s Blue Train is being rereleased on Blue Note

    You have an excellent 45 rpm Music Matters

    The new version has both the lp and an lp of outakes

    You decide if you want to buy this or not

    Then on top of this
    Blue Note is offering a special mono cut of the recording

    KNowing that Rudy Van Gelder recorded fully separate recording paths to both stereo and mono is an attractive factor to you
    Knowing it is Blue Note a reputable label seems like a no brainer.

    So You are willing to pay another $30 for a totally separate mono copy

    In our analogy
    Blue Note decides you won’t hear the difference
    So they take the stereo master they already have and do a simple fold down to the mono
    They save money

    Many people would not recognize this fold down

    You were deceived
    You didn’t get the ultimate “pull out all the stops” analog mono recording

    With Mofi
    They edited the files in the digital domain DSD or PCM to sound alluring to the listener
    What the consumer doesn’t knoow we can certainly give them the appearance that we are delivering

    The true mono would certainly be the whole picture
    But if you are only given the old down how do you know
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    No sir, I was addressing him.

    From what I understand he voted "Yes, but not one step offerings"

    If he voted no on the One Steps when he has never bought one in the first place then that isnt a valid vote according to the poll.

    The poll says "still buy". Which implies one has been buying.

    Now the person implies that he has purchased non-One Step Mofis and will continue purchasing non-One Steps. And if that is true then he should have voted a plain "Yes". Instead it makes the voting tally in error.

    "I voted Yes But No One-Step offerings but to be honest, I haven’t bought any of those anyway."

    That was the posters statement.
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  7. Spitfire

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    I don't think most of those people are buying audiophile re-issues and especially One Steps though.
  8. Tullman

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    I won't disparage you for this view point. I get it. My wife is like that too. I'm not quite as rigid in this case, because I believe Mofi will still make some great records, and I like great records.
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  9. nutsfortubes

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    So who is bs&t?
  10. mpayan

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    Those "bastards stuck it to us" short abbreviation.


    Blood Sweat And Tears is BS & T
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  11. Uglyversal

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    Well, that strategy didn't work with me, this VH 1984 just arrived.

  12. Tullman

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    I didn't get that one because I have the OG which sounds amazing, IMO. This is one I plan on cancelling. There is no hurry, it's not like these will be coming out anytime soon.
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  13. Seeing young people sharing earbuds enjoying music is not always a barometer. I’m almost 68 and I’ll listen to music on my iPhone through a pair of air buds when I’m walking around or in a cafe sometimes.
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  14. I recall one study, reported on by Stereophile sometime in the late '80s or early '90s, where people were given a choice between a Redbook clip and the exact same clip with a loop of LP "groove noise" (no clicks or pops, just the characteristic sound of a stylus in a groove between songs) overlayed on top of it. A considerable majority preferred the latter. Go figure.
  15. Uglyversal

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    Yes that "Coming soon" is annoyingly slow. Just to confirm you are referring to an original US pressing, right? I had three One step in my sights, the other two would probably go the same way, I Robot and Thriller, I was also interested in the Eagles but not now. I might still get I robot.
  16. Well after the VW diesel gate crap I bought a new non diesel GTI at a pretty nice discount as Volkswagen was kissing asses for awhile.

    I got a great car at a reasonable price and have never felt spineless about it.
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  17. Melele

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    Often in situations like this, the mere perception of impropriety is sufficient to damage a brand, whether or not the perception is accurate. MoFi vinyl isn’t exactly impulse buy material, so a newcomer is likely to do some research before spending the cash. And where do we suppose that research is going to lead them? So the idea that no one outside this rarified, gentrified, hermetically sealed forum cares about the omission/deception is not taking this ripple effect into account. I suspect it will affect MoFi’s bottom line, perhaps more than they themselves anticipate.

    The reason it matters to me is that I don’t have a stellar vinyl playback system right now. I got the Tapestry One Step because I wanted to see what all the fuss is about and I like and know that record pretty well. It does sound ok, not a sonic revelation compared to earlier pressings in the way others have described Abraxas. That could be due to a lot of factors (some mentioned in this thread), not least of which is my less-than-perfect vinyl setup. But I don’t buy demo-quality records for the system I have now, it’s for when I upgrade and DO have equipment capable of resolving the high fidelity in the grooves. So no, I can’t tell the difference or would have even suspected the source is digital, but I want to have confidence that audiophile records will sound as good as possible on that future high end system. Caution keeps me from wanting any more MoFi releases, at least for now. But never say never….
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  18. An interesting question is "what happens when he retires?" Does AS/AP simply close down, continue under new ownership, or what? Some of us may be gone before that happens, but it seems that there’s an assumption that "we'll always have AP," when that might not be the case.
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    Then please explain it to me. I'm serious. My first impulse was to present a hypothetical in which someone craps in a big vat of beef stock and sells it to a soup chef, who knows about the crap, but then proudly proclaims that the french onion soup, the pho, all the soups he makes from the stock have no crap in them. But I am all about context, so correct me. Thanks.
  20. MHLumber

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    I just got a new email sales flyer with new music offerings from Music Direct. Not one mention of any MoFi titles. Maybe laying low after the recent debacle?
  21. Melele

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    That just made my stomach growl in a very analog way.
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  22. mpayan

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    Dang dude I was eating potato soup with cheetos...timing man...timing!
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  23. bbanderic

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    You going to buy a DSD one step for $100? I wouldn’t, they’re going to have to go down a lot further than that.
  24. mikedifr0923

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    Was it warm, tubelike and musical?
  25. Revolver

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    “Caught in the act”. :laugh: Get a grip, guy.

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