Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been cutting vinyl from digital since a long, long time ago...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ben Adams, Jul 14, 2022.

  1. weirdo12

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    Do you think it's possible Sony restricted the DSD rate they were allowed to use? I know, anything is possible.
  2. Steve Hoffman

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  3. mpayan

    mpayan A Tad Rolled Off

    Oh yeah Im sure there are many influences. Just an opinion. I certainly cant imagine anyone thinking the Mofi lp of the Bill Live sounding worse than the SACD though.

    At the very least the guy can listen and get rid of one of them if he just doesnt want both.
  4. 808_state

    808_state ヤマハで再生中

    One rig type can almost always one up the other. It just comes down to how much research you want to do and how much you want to spend. Both those grooves and those 1's & 0's hold a lot more information than we realize. I trust my ears but at the same time leave it to actual mastering engineers to make pronouncements of which version is decidedly better between formats. If all things are truly equal, then it would be sad and dastardly if a certain un-named company was actually putting more effort into the sound of a certain more delicate, yet costly format.
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  5. brimuchmuze

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    The Bill Withers release was from 2014. The MoFi DSD512 system was announced in 2015.
  6. weirdo12

    weirdo12 Forum Resident

    It was just a thought. When someone licences a master tape, what kind of restrictions does that licence spell out - beyond the obvious things like quantity or time period?
  7. Kyhl

    Kyhl On break

    Do they sound the same? I have a hunch they are different remaster after going through different mastering chains.
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  8. flyingdutchman

    flyingdutchman Senior Member

    So, I suppose all this means people will be buying more of their SACDs then?
  9. DaveyF

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    La Jolla, Calif
    That is where the question lies..and I suspect MoFi will at some point come out with a justification that sounds something like this.." Dear Mobile Fidelity customers, we are the experts in providing you with the best sounding vinyl and digital releases, as such we always knew that a digital file, if at a high enough resolution will sound identical to the analog master file. We also knew that the conformity available in the digital realm meant we could deliver a more consistent product that would better meet our stringent quality guidelines." :shtiphat:
  10. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    Length of license, length of sell-off, advance, min units guaranteed, territory, royalties, shipping and manufacturing costs, label approval of artwork, retail price, etc.
  11. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    See how boring the real stuff is?

    Length of license: Usually three years.
    Length of sell-off: Usually one year.
    Advance on royalties: Too much.
    Min units guaranteed: Varies
    Territory: Usually USA and possibly Canada, not int.
    Royalties: Per unit sold and not returned.
    Shipping cost: Who pays?
    Manufacturing cost: Who pays?
    Control of units: Licensee or licensor?
    Label approval: Varies.
    Retail price: Usually double (or more) of major label selling price.

    If the licensing label wants an advance, it is usually on maybe 5,000 units or whatever. In other words, regardless of how many you might sell, 50 or a million, the company is paid for all 5,000 units. This of course depends on the retail price agreed upon, usually at least twice as much as the version the major label is selling it for..
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  12. Pali Gap

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    I'm sure a quick email/phone call will have the Priority shipping charge refunded.
  13. DaveyF

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    La Jolla, Calif
    All of which would lend more credence to my post upstream about the concerns that MoFi must have had when releasing their very first 'One Step' Santana album...Abraxas. Does in no way excuse the decisions and ethics/behavior, but I think goes some way to explaining the thought process they may have (probably) had.
  14. The 'In' Groove

    The 'In' Groove Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ
    I refunded the shipping. Next time email the store. I'm not always lurking on the forums to catch things.
  15. DocWatsonSees

    DocWatsonSees Forum Resident

    Steve's comment also makes me believe they're going to take a bath on the 20+ upcoming OneSteps they've announced. 40k Thrillers? 15k each of the VH's. Quantities pre-negotiated and potentially an advance on royalties? Ouch.
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  16. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Personal Survival Daily Record-Breaker

    When will the voter fraud drama start? :D
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  17. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Personal Survival Daily Record-Breaker

    Yep. They're not in a great place, though they may only start feeling the financial pinch next year.
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  18. bob

    bob [email protected] Well-Known Member

    well this just comfirms what i have been hearing for years, check any of my reviews on discogs and you will see some serious mofi bashing, They have been flying that original master recording banner for too long, its time for them to remove that, That fact that they are being honest after the fact means nothing!!! Digital can sound great if the original master is digital or if the recording was poor to begin with and needs some tlc, but for the most part if the master is analog than tape to laquer will yield the best results , rarely have i ever seen a digital file pressed to vinyl beat out a tape to laquer,,, it just does not,, , ANd to those people that love mfsl digital master recordings , Enjoy them ,To each is own,, I for one like original pressings or early reissues, i have not been a fan of 180 gram reissues for some time now ,but that does not mean im right, That just happens to be what i prefer, Some loved The Kind of blue 45rpm MFSL, i was not one of them, i gave it a C+ rating, Mike from the ingroove said its the best version of kind of blue, is mike right?or am i right? Neither, The one who listens is always right,, Buy and enjoy what you like,,,,,,
  19. bbanderic

    bbanderic Forum Resident

    Yeah, I'd say they’re sh***ing their pants right about now.
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  20. Uglyversal

    Uglyversal Forum Resident

    Right now if you wish.
  21. Uglyversal

    Uglyversal Forum Resident

    There were posts already hinting to it.:biglaugh:
  22. mpayan

    mpayan A Tad Rolled Off

    I dont know, one can try.
  23. tubesandvinyl

    tubesandvinyl Forum Resident

    I have this record!
  24. mpayan

    mpayan A Tad Rolled Off

    Yes "Fragile" (Sample Comparison Update And Reveal)

    For those who are interested:

    Here is a listening comparison sample done on Yes "Fragile" that I posted earlier.

    Between the Live Stream and the Youtube comments, there were nearly 60 people that listened and voted.

    Here is the original video:

    Final reveal and results...

    Here is the reveal/results video:

    Short version if you dont want to watch...

    Results from best to worst:


    2)Wilson Remix

    3)2012 AP (Gray)

    4)Mofi One Step

    Seems like many prefer the UK as best. And Mofi came in last.

    The percentages and details are given in the video if interested.

    How does this relate to this thread?...

    For the purpose of the thread since we sometimes wonder how good these One Steps are. Are they worth the money? etc etc...

    Interesting that the remix came in second. But I think it was pretty close with the KG cut not far behind. A bit of apples and oranges there.

    However, even if one took the remix out, it would still be obvious what the results are.
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  25. tubesandvinyl

    tubesandvinyl Forum Resident

    Agree. Great sounding record that sounds like the early 1970’s. They didn’t try to make it sound different. That’s a good thing!
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