Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been cutting vinyl from digital since a long, long time ago...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ben Adams, Jul 14, 2022.

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    First two I checked:

    August 2017 Analog Planet review headline: “Elvis Costello With Burt Bacharach ‘Painted From Memory’ Finally AAA”
    Analog Planet review of Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces: “Reissuing Armed Forces in high quality 180g all analog vinyl is a public service in my opinion…”
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    Welcome to the SHF forums

    A great article but I didn’t like you mentioning Mike Esposito’s background and lack of reporter expertise which gave the portrayal of him being less than his very knowledgable self. Mofi welcomed Mike and he was very diplomatic to get the/our questions answered, let the engineers explain why they master the way they do, etc. Mike was very diplomatic and yet exposed things very effectively

    Mike is a great lover of music, and the best sounding versions.
    It seems like for every 10 records he brings in he keeps one or two for his private collection. He has been known to drop $10,000-$30,000 on record collections including jazz Grammy winning guitarist George Benson’s collection. His store includes ultrasonic record cleanings and many rare great sounding pressings. Mike is a real stalwart for vinyl done right and that usually means original pressings

    Mike has handled himself with a lot of class and should be applauded for his insight and integrity
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    I thought we were flirting with that territory too.
    Well I guess he got suckered too. Appreciate your follow up.
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    For the few uneducated dolts around here, who are those people?
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    You've nailed this. Mike was probably the only person on earth MoFi would have allowed in the building for that interview.
    Fremer is technically correct in that it was a target-rich situation and Mike E could have scored more hits. He would have fried those guys, as some other would have done also.
    But sitting here weeks later, I think the end result is the same. The bottom has fallen out at MoFi. They have the Washington Post ripping them a new one. Which is very dangerous because that story transports this out of the music media domain and into the mainstream.
    "Hey Mom, can u buy this for me?" "Uh oh, is this a MoFi record?"
    As I've mentioned before, let's see what happens with a DSD-sourced Thriller One Step. I think there's a high probability of disaster.
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    Regarding the Whatnot auction, you (in the general use of the pronoun) don’t interfere in a store transaction. The guy who did that would likely get bounced from any physical record shop if he tried that at the counter. “Hey man, look at this! You’re overpaying!”

    Also - it’s an auction. What do you expect from an auction?

    Jeez louise.
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    That... is the winning post of the week!
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    Maybe - but sometimes its not what you say, but how you say it , that determines the real message being conveyed
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    I just read the WaPost article and thought it was good. It's hard for me to imagine what "normal" people who ditched LPs for CDs as soon as they could, embraced MP3s, and now streaming would make of all this.

    I used to get really wrapped up in this stuff and got into heated analog vs. digital arguments. It seems so silly to me now. At some point, I stopped caring. I do not believe I could tell the difference between an analog recording and a well-executed digital recording of it to save my life. Over time I've learned problems I once attributed to "digital" were mostly a matter of mastering choices.
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    Fremer's sources?
    His tweet

    I’ve now spoken to someone who would know and who confirmed, out of necessity off the record for now, that in 2018 Mobile Fidelity cut lacquers using analog master tapes (not copies). Will speculative click bait YouTube videos claiming otherwise be taken down after reading this?
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    That also goes for not replying to something with about two dozen paragraphs and not trimming the quote…
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    As to the Thriller aspect, when I heard from Mike E that MOFI was monkeying with the compression choices Quincy Jones made, I went and hunted down a mint original for half of what MOFI is going to charge for their one step.
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    Are you kidding? Those are three Pulitzer Prize winning journalists. Absolute authorities.
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    My wife just said she thinks the article makes everyone look stupid :shrug:
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    You'd also get punished on this forum if you did the same with someone's FS ad.
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    I dont want them to turn into Acoustic Sounds/AP. They put out some great sounding records and have more variety that AAA only Acoustic Sounds.

    Just to be clear, I support AP also. I just appreciate Mofi's ability to have more variety.
  18. Ingenieur

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    Unlike most professions anyone can claim to be a 'journalist'.

    not a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc.
    Even a barber needs a credential/license.
    But not a 'journalist'.
    But yet they can critique other 'journalists'
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    Sorry, I don't know any of them. Since our good friend Mazzy posted it, I thought one of them might be him.
  20. Otto Konrad

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    Carney Times
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    Do you think they would realistically point specifically and name people? Talk about suicide.

    And since we can logically know they most likely wouldnt, perhaps Mike E used his brain also to determine that would lead down a dead end?
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    Yeah. It’s an a-hole move. And what’s Mike supposed to do, stop the auction and day “No, no, it’s not worth that much”?
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    from the article…shows Fremer in horrible light:

    He was furious that MoFi invited Esposito to Sebastopol and wrote an email to Jim Davis on July 17 to protest.

    “You have lost your minds,” Fremer wrote. “Mistakes happen that can be corrected. In this case you have chosen to elevate [an inexperienced non-journalist] to work your way out of a predicament instead of a seasoned journalist and I’m not referring necessarily to me. I could name a half dozen others.””
  24. Ingenieur

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    Back in PA
    It was not his job to make them squirm or hold them accountable in such a matter.
    Not a deposition. Or police interview.

    Is there a digital step: yes
    How: tape>DAC DSD> DA > lathe

    There is no reference on MOFI's site:
    No digital
    All analog

    They did allow people to believe they were.
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    Then don’t go to the carney. Nobody’s forcing you to put on clown makeup like Leon Russell.
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