Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been cutting vinyl from digital since a long, long time ago...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ben Adams, Jul 14, 2022.

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    Well, you tell that woman we are.
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    Wait, I want to understand this. This thread was started with an In Groove employee posting his boss’ video announcing the MOFI digital step. Is that right?
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    Hey, leave Leon Russell out of this
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    Has she ever spent any time in here?
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    That’ll be the first scene of the movie. Like when those guys broke into that building.
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    I am sure others have said this but the thing that bothers me the most about how MOFI have conducted themselves in all of this is they appeared to think that their customers were not astute enough about the process to ever figure it out. I guess they thought most of their customers were like me....not interested or not knowledgeable enough about the process to figure it out. As we can see, that was a big mistake if that was the case. A case of not knowing your customers.
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    Yes, I noticed you posted earlier that Imperial Bedroom and This Year’s Model were tape direct to lathe, so I’m sort of hoping that’s true for all except Painted From Memory which is DSD from MoFi’s website. Can I ask where you are finding the source of these earlier ones like Bedroom? Thanks! (And I apologize for highjacking a thread that is really about cash vs accrual accounting and the vagaries of EBIDTA calculations.):)
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  8. Ingenieur

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    It would be nice to know the genesis of this. The first video I saw raising the question was in Feb.(?) on a small channel.

    It sounds like this has been bouncing around for a while, back channel discussions with MOFI and a few 'journalists'. Were deals being made? Was the message being crafted? Before it broke a video was promised to Fremer but never happened. Would the 'right' journalist claim it was AAA? MOFI would sure be beholden to them. $ makes people do strange things.

    Did Mike E get wind of something and get it out there before the 'message' could be delivered?

    The source could be as simple as a tech who works on gear. A tape deck with no preview head may mean something to him. Mike E has pro-gear, recorders, etc., so he would have contacts.

    He buys a lot of product from companies that supply MOFI with source material. Perhaps salesmen knew the real story?

    Perhaps the lp pressers. If they were getting 10-20 converts or lacquers for one pressing that would raise questions. Or the people who sell lacquers. Isn't there only 1 source now?

    In my industry there are no secrets, at least for very long. 10 years is a good run.

    It is not beyond the realm of possibility if Mike E did not break this and it was sole sourced to an industry writer we may never have known the truth.
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    I didn't tell him to do It. But let's face it. Someone else would of.
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  10. Plinko

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    No, I cannot. Not sure why you are asking me and what that has to do with my point. ?

    Can you explain how the issue of Fremer sitting on a story about a single lp release relates in any way to the story Mike E broke on YouTube sbout the totality of MOFI releases going back years and for which Fremer and others criticized for his publishing via YouTube? Thanks.
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    I don't know you, I personally could do with more time. When I read the news I do rarely invest time reading articles about issues that don't interest me.
    While it might be aimed to the general public, somehow I can't picture people -even with time in their hands- who don't have at least some mild interest in the issue to read such article.
    In this case she only read it because her opinion was requested, not because her interest in the matter forced her to read it, my comment was based on that.
  12. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Just a dog looking for a home...

    Back in PA
    It was not his job.
    He wanted to know.

    He made public information multiple credible sources relayed to him. He said he had doubts but tended to believe them. He contacted MOFI before the video.

    MOFI could have invited anyone, but imo, they knew he knew the full story. So at that point why invite anyone else since he exposed it first?
    If they invited anyone else, especially an industry journalist they had been having back door discussions with and that got out, it would have been worse.

    But the point is he was RIGHT.
    Nothing else matters as far as Mike E's involvement.
    It's on MOFI from this point on.
  13. Otto Konrad

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    Mike, it doesn’t feel good to me. At all. I stand by my point. All the you tube self promotion in the record community is adding limited substance and whipping the market to a frenzy. Everyone looks unduly self interested. And I’m not sure we are any better for all the video “content.”

    I feel a bit like the old man on the front lawn shaking my hand. Time to take a break from posting.
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  14. Joe Stark

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    Hey Mazzy, how do I apply to become a crewmember of the Maslovian Archive?
  15. mpayan

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    What is wrong with doing what Mofi does with the compression? You want it to sound like every other compressed mastering or possibly even better?

    Steve make take issue and so would many other mastering engineers on this compression topic.
  16. DeRosa

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    To be fair to Ben, all he did was move the already long, in progress discussion from the existing Mofi one-step thread to a new one.
    It's not like every SHF follower didn't already know about this situation. From where i'm sitting, it was housekeeping
    to move this thread, nothing more.
  17. alcheung

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    I was thinking of what mofi might do in the immediate future. According to the poll (i know it may be totally inaccurate), about 38% will still buy from mofi, 42% won't and about 20% will but not one step. That means that they would have to reduce their one step output by 62% or more. So what was a 10,000 run would be 3800. I don't know what licensing fees they would have to pay for each title but i would assume that they would will make much less or lose money on the title. I would think they would offer a regular press of the same title to recuperate some of the cost. Now what would really be funny , is if due to the low print run of the one step, the resale value start climbing up again. This is pure speculation and i am positive this would not happen.
  18. Joe Stark

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    The whole Whatnot thing seems icky to me.
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    Is that you Fremer?

    Just kidding.
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    Aint happenin sadly. *dodges flying lps*
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  21. Ingenieur

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    Don't shoot the messenger.

    Would it feel better to have this covered up by professional journalists with a wad of cash?
    It happens, all the time in all businesses.
    'Pay for Play'?
    US Mil contracts?
    Not possible in something as innocuous as records?

    My gut feeling is someone got wind of a cover-up, minimization or a sweeping under the rug and just put it out there to prevent it.
    Solely my opinion.
    Some journalists are so angry, why?
    Did it cost them $$$? imo credibility and 'face' doesn't mean that much to some of them.
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  22. Fruff76

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    She hears me talk about it all the time. Shes been to many audiophile shows and has met and knows some folks in the business. She listens to records with me, lights out, intently, all the time. She doesn’t hang around here, but she does have a clue.
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  23. Well if they had waffled around those other questions , there’s the answers. Body language answers if actual words don’t.
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  24. mpayan

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    Tim is a good one to watch, I agree. Especially for newbies to vinyl.
  25. Plinko

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    On this, I would agree. Of course they are self interested and the substance is indeed limited. “Please like and subscribe to my channel”.

    I suppose whether it amounts to unduly self interested, is up to the viewers. I can’t get into the videos because watching is far too much a “captive” activity.

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