Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been cutting vinyl from digital since a long, long time ago...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ben Adams, Jul 14, 2022.

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    Oh crap! Did you guys see that complete set of Zeppelin 200g Classic releases that just sold in the classifieds for $500??!!
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    Decent article although I’m not sure I totally understand the percentage of time dedicated to Fremer and his apparent feud with Mike E. Some more technical specifics of the process and/or mentions of specific pressings would have been cool too. My main takeaway is that they’re doing massive business and will likely easily survive this although profits will be lower the next few years. Also, why advertise no more AAA titles moving forward. They may want to revisit that.
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    It's now on MFSL website about sources. Look under each title. 256 DSD, 64 DSD on some.
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    I meant that the record companies would like us to all stop streaming and go back to buying physical media because there is more possible profit there as opposed to streaming where the bulk of the profits go to the streaming services. The labels make more money per consumer with physical media sales. Sorry for the confusion. :)
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    So we are suppose to watch body language and fill in the blanks now? lol

    I dont think we really need that though do we?

    I mean, who cares who made the decision. Or if they are sorry. Or what was said at a meeting?

    What is it going to do to help any of this mess?

    Make people aim their anger at somebody specific?

    Well we already have that.

    Where does the buck stop? With Jimbo.

    What was said at the meeting could be told as anything.

    And we already have seen the "apologies"

    Again, it goes back to what needed to be addressed was and the rest wouldnt have been answered.

    Maybe people get off on watching squirming idk.
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    Listen closely for clues that perhaps certain record labels were mastering from digital files, while AP goes all analog.

    This video was posted four months ago.
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    How do we know this isn't a made up beef, like studio wrestling?
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    Sort of indirectly against the written rules via the topic ban here on “pirated editions of copyrighted works” but in its terms of service the Washington Post, like most publications, says you can’t reproduce or re-publish their copyrighted content without permission. Brief “fair use” excerpts are okay obviously, just not wholesale copy/paste. Just my opinion.
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    MFSL behind the scenes in 2008 and since then...

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    Why is it relevant to anything really? Seemed unnecessary gossip filler.
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    Someone here, out of the kindness of their heart, is compiling such a list and has provided real time snippets in their posts @Sex Lies And Master Tapes . No such list was provided by MoFi and in fact, it is a -- painstaking-- task- because MoFi has put the updated info in the drop down (for lack of a better word) for each current or forthcoming offering. I suspect there are two reasons why the "list" is incomplete- one, I'm not sure -- I don't know if anyone is sure- that MoFi is done adding info to the current and forthcoming listings; second, they, MoFi haven't even gotten to the legacy material yet.
    So there is no list.There was a proposal once such a list is complete, to set it up in a separate thread. I have no idea if TPTB will take that approach. In any case, I suspect it will be a while.
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    Great video, thanks for posting. Some fantastic stuff here. Witch- Crazy Bones album is incredible. I agree that youtubers can add a lot of value.
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    I’ve always promoted buying originals, and will always seek them out. But it seems there’s a real demand for “new” product in a heavy, glossy, expensive presentation. Plus, it’s much easier to buy new and not put in the work researching originals.
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    Only one title, LZII unfortunately. However around a year ago someone sold 5 of them for $675 and I’m still mad at myself for not jumping at that.
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    There's a II for $500 and it hasn't sold.

    Take Iron Butterfly off the turntable and post again once the weed has cleared. :D
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    Thanks I meant an all inclusive table and some older releases are not on the website ie EAT A Peach
  18. Stone Turntable

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    I feel that some of you don’t fully understand the core journalism concept of “juicy.”

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    I think all the source list proves is that people have no idea how to differentiate what they cut from analog or DSD 256 or even DSD 64. Blood on the Tracks from DSD 64 sounds insanely good. If people are buying or valuing records based on their list then they’re clueless and doing it wrong.
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  20. Otto Konrad

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    The value of clean originals is going to sky rocket, even more. And any MOFI from the last 15 years that was mastered from an analog tape. Also any MOFI where there is or a consensus of “those that know” that the MOFI is better in sound then the originals (see the Miles Davis releases).
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    Whenever I get caught up on remasters out there I go back and put on an original first press

    I took a break from this thread and listened to side one of my Island UK pink rim first pressing Court of the Crimson King

    The intro 21stCSM is intentionally shrill and explosive, the intro tears your head off, then the break out jazzy improv jam is very dynamic
    Mike Giles jumps out of the speakers in an open punchy way
    Forward on to I Talk to the Wind - oh my
    Sublime detail, soft, emotive, layered micro detail and dynamics
    Epitaph - the mellotron and bass just float there with Fripp’s acoustic and subtle percussion embellishments on top
    My copy has the most minimal amount of surface noise

    I have heard other pressings, nothing comes close
    What master? Remaster? Like somebody could do this justice

    Would I pay $$$ for this?
    These days only if I had the experience of hearing it first
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  22. mpayan

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    I know, it was a joke. The wink.
  23. Bill Hart

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    I have a number of the Classic Zeps, including a couple of the 45s, and still prefer certain originals, which in some cases are more expensive than the Classics are today. But, my preferences are obviously based on my sensibility, system, etc.
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    I’d bet the paper would’ve wanted the story whittled down if it dug too deep in the weeds(specific pressings, technicals etc). Glad it got some looks. I noticed lots of non-audiophile readers were enjoying watching the fur fly within the comments…. and just maybe one or two have learned a thing or two about better sounding music as a result. Yes, I’m digging deep for glass half full here. :laugh:

    I agree….announcing right off the bat “no more AAA titles” is really something. I didn’t expect THAT.
  25. Bill Hart

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    Hard to find a quiet pink label of that. You prefer a pink rim? I did a mini-shoot-out, and the pink rim sounded etched, I'd have to go back to my listening notes.
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