Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been cutting vinyl from digital since a long, long time ago...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ben Adams, Jul 14, 2022.

  1. Joe Stark

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    It looks like Crosby - If I Could Only... has been updated from DSD256 to the following on the mofi website:

    1/4" / 30 IPS analog master to lathe
  2. Bill Hart

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    What's that great Dave Mason song about World in Change?
  3. Adagio

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    Miles Davis KOB sounded better to my ears than the Mo-Fi 45 RPM. Closer to the original in terms of mastering with better definition of the drums and bass and more nuances in Adderly's and Coltrane's sax solo's. Normally I'm a huge 45 RPM fan but in this case I preferred the mastering on the MOV.

    I actually traded in my Mo-Fi KOB before even knowing it was cut from digital.

    Edit: However, I have heard Filles De Killimanjaro (sp?) on both MOV and Mo-Fi and the Mo-Fi was substantially better

    I just think that some individuals might have given MOV more of a chance had they known that Mo-Fi was also cutting from digital
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  4. This is spot on accurate. But haters gonna still hate.
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    Wonder if there will ever be a lawsuit out of this reveal.
  6. brimuchmuze

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    Interesting , which pressing do you have? I have the mono which sounds great, but looking for a good stereo version.
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  7. recordhead

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    He needs a big slice of humble pie.
  8. Kyhl

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    Replying to my own summary to add more.

    One thing that is evident in the three above is that they have a similar mix problem. The first two tracks on the SACD and Tin Pan Alley benefited from a polarity reversal. The MasterSound wasn't as evident that it could use the switches in polarity. The One Step had the detail to show why. On the One Step I could hear what sounded like SRV's guitar was out of polarity on those three tracks. It was more evident on the One Step. The vocals and everything else sounded right in the normal polarity but SRV's guitar was behind in the sound stage. If I had to guess, his guitar had it's own track in recording and somewhere along the lines polarity was reversed on that track compared to the rest of the tape tracks. Might have been an electronic connection issue or a playback mix up when the mixed the different tracks down to stereo.
    It was noticeable in the SACD. Didn't really notice it in the MasterSound and at that point thought it was a problem with the SACD. The guitar placement stood out in the One Step. Might be related to those two versions as I didn't notice it in the OG. On my forth vinyl version now and don't notice it there either but liking this version too as somewhere between the One Step and the OG. Will probably need to revisit the three vinyl versions that I have as all three so far are better than the CD version. The Mofi SACD isn't even worth commenting on anymore it is that far behind the rest.
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  9. He's beyond insufferable.
  10. Adagio

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    I really like Mike Fremer, I usually find his reviews and preferences closely aligned with my own. He's also been writing and reviewing equipment and vinyl for decades. However in this video he was a bit defensive sounding and provided no real useful or new insight (IMO)
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    It’s mediocre. Moderately drunk I’d say. Stick to the roast beef.
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  12. playsFastForward

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    The whole "inexperienced non-journalist" thing is so funny. Does that mean that if a real professional journalist had been broke the story, the prices would've come down, but instead after all the brouhaha for going on weeks, still Abraxas 1S is still going for minimum 5X MSRP when you can get a more direct reproduction on SACD for $30? Or get a really great sounding lightly played random pressing from 30 or more years ago for $3.00 It's just all about the tactile collectibility not pure sound reproduction?
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  13. Adagio

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    Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue

    Limited run in 2011; they just did a repress using the same metalworks.

    Even Mr Fremer (AAA himself) thought it sounded good. A Digital Kind of Blue?

    I've had a couple of versions of this album including a 1960's 2 eye and a Classic Records release and this MOV is the closest in terms of EQ and clarity with almost silent vinyl. Comes with a bonus LP with alternate take of Flamenco Sketches and another track.
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  14. JFSebastion

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    He didn't used to be. He was a beacon for analog music. I have a lot of respect for what he's done, but those days seem to be gone. Going by the way of the...analog record.
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  15. playsFastForward

    playsFastForward just as long as he can

    a lot of the Universal Japan SACD releases have liner notes like found on Eric Clapton 461 Ocean Boulevard:
    "DSD flat transferred from US original analogue master tapes by Brett Zinn at Iron Mountain Digital Studios, PA in 2018.
    Edited in DSD by Terukazu Kawashita at Universal Music Studios, Tokyo in 2018."

    Who but Sony have mastered the ability to "Edit in DSD"?
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  16. rangda

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    I'm interpreting this as confirmation of what I suspected, that by and large using some kind of copy of the master tape (that they may or may not make themselves) is not optional. If they want to insist on working at their studio then they are (generally) going to have to work off a copy of the tapes and like it.

    They could possibly switch to analog copies but we don't know what else in their process is digital. We also don't know how many times they run their "master" to do what they do, for all we know it's trial and error and they run their "master" 100+ times.
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  17. 4-2-7

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    There are many in this thread that live in an mythical alternate universe, where they come up with some of this stuff is beyond me.

    I just wish the vinyl revival would end, some weird characters have entered over the last few years who refuse to learn anything. Get a noob to make Youtube vids, sitting in front of records spewing out BS and they follow blindly, all the while trying to tear down the knowledge base where they could actually learn something.
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  18. DaveyF

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    Perhaps the point that an official "journalist" is going to get the 'acceptance' of the interviewee before releasing said interview! Or maybe, a "professional journalist" isn't going to write (or say) anything unless he gets paid to do so...and in MF's view, that payment will determine exactly what he says...or does NOT say!! Just a thought:targettiphat:
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  19. houseplantkiller

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    Square Deal in San Luis Obispo - they sell from their website and also on Amazon but they’re a bit cheaper when you order straight from them.
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  20. playsFastForward

    playsFastForward just as long as he can

    After this brouhaha, MoFi vinyl records should always be MSRP'd at less than $30. Keep their SACD's at $30.
    Can they really justify $125 or more, or even $40 or $60 any more?
    At the very least, the market should correct for MoFi and other digital vinyl prices to go down, vintage 100% real still playable old school analog pressings from decades ago should go up?
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  21. PB Point

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    This busted the dream of wanting to go for the reach and buy High End audio equipment.

    It’s over…maybe I was never on the cusp to begin with…but now I can never see the justification.

    When I was 18 I fell for the scam of buying a pair of speakers out of the back of a van. Phase Linera’s. My friends still give me shinola about that one.

    33 years later, fidelity is still just as shady, even at the top end.
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  22. Kyhl

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    If KW is behind the one step mastering, when do we get to the point of KW mastered 2xDSD or 4xDSD files? What mastering house wants to scoop him up out of the mofi failed future one step ashes and start offering these downloads. AP? I'd take KG Intervention 2x and 4x DSD files too and pay more than the $30 they are charging for SACDs today. Anyone listening?

    Said as I'm now playing Intervention's Joan Armatrading self titled SACD ripped to a dsf and upsampled to 2xDSD and it's friggin amazing compared to the og vinyl.
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  23. DaveyF

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    -1...I don't agree with you. While Fremer can champion anything he wants, it doesn't mean to say that folks have to buy into his hyperbole. I think you miss the point here ( no worries, it seems like you are in very good company, as there a ton of folks who seem to keep missing this aspect). The point here is that MoFi deliberately deceived their customers with basically a 'bait and switch' scheme to sell a much higher priced product than would have been possible if they had disclosed- to the FULLEST amount- the whole picture of what they were selling. THAT SIMPLE.
    BTW, we are led to believe that the Bill Evans 'One Step' SATVV is in fact the only true AAA release of all of the 'One Steps'. BTW (#2) I do NOT think calling someone on a public forum a 'kraut' is anything but extremely demeaning and rude. The gentleman's name is Michael and that is how i think he should be addressed, just IMHO.
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  24. Ginormousthumbs

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    I can’t believe we’re paying extra for giant CDs.
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  25. Lord Summerisle

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    Where is it?

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