Mobile Fidelity Ultradisc One Step of SANTANA, BILL EVANS TRIO, etc.*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Drew769, Dec 1, 2015.

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    There is an excellent 2 disc version of Skylarking still available. Can't see Partridge giving it to Mo-Fi. Warner After The Gold Rush reissue from 2010 is a good as this gets and can't see Mo-Fi getting that while Warner have it in print. There's so many that aren't going to happen. The usual suspects keep doing the rounds because they sell and appear to be able to licence easily, due to the particular label and artists attitude to continual recycling. Even then I suspect they now can't get licencing for 33 rpm versions with the labels doing their own thing with vinyl. There isn't a market for audiophile quality Hip Hop (fortunately) but little of it is all analogue recordings.
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    Although unlikely to happen, it would be fun to have a One Step release of Led Zeppelin IV. I have an original Porky/Pecko release that, IMO, is better than my Classic Records 180G version. I tried the more recent release of Led Zeppelin IV and it did not sound great, or bad, to me...just not special.
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    Titles I’d love to see that haven’t been done to death, were well recorded and might bring in a younger clientele-

    Rage Against the Machine -S/T
    Soundgarden- Superunknown
    TOOL- Ænima
    Nirvana - Nevermind
    Radiohead - In Rainbows

    Honorable mention but the tape was destroyed in the Universal fire-
    The Roots - Do You Want More?!!!?!
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    The In Rainbows discbox version is already perfection. I’d spring for a one step of any other Radiohead album (minus Pablo Honey) that hasn’t already been done at 45rpm.
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  5. Admerr

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    I took that into consideration but I’d still love to hear what they could get out of the One Step treatment.
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    Inner groove
    I'd be really interested in hearing something like Radiohead done with one of these audiophile treatments given that they were already recorded and mastered with the best sound possible in mind.
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    I would buy any and all Radiohead albums released in a one step format aside from Pablo Honey. And I have all original UKs and the 45 IR and KoL boxes.

    The one step process creates something special and could probably better all previous versions.
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  8. Todd Harris

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    Paul Simon Graceland is one I would buy immediately, also Bob Marley Legend
  9. mpayan

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    I hear ya. But dream on ya'll, aint happenin'. None of those titles will be done.
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  11. Swordsandchains

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    Let me get a Zappa in one of these. Apostrophe would probably sell well but id love for maybe Grand Wazoo
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  12. Box #1585 arrived Friday. I compared the first two tracks so far on the Impex and the One-Step (side 1 of the One-Step). The Impex sounds great in isolation, but the One-Step is more alive. It’s more dynamic and transparent with more presence, and just sounds more real. The piano in Body and Soul just sounds more like a real piano playing in the room. The piano in the Impex version sounds much more distant. The drums on the title cut are more realistic, with the cymbals getting more shimmer and detail. The horns are dynamic, but actually smoother, and a bit less brash. The Impex just sounds a bit flatter.

    It almost sounds like a different tape was used, but I think it’s just different mastering moves. The One-Step is a touch brighter, which might account for more detail getting through...or maybe it’s the fact it’s cut at 45 rpm (and half-speed).

    The records and packaging look perfect, incidentally. The vinyl – at least through side 1 – is super quiet. I cleaned it on my VPI before the first playing, as I do with all of these. It eliminates the static that really builds up in shipping on the “Super Vinyl” and SRX formulations.

    While the Impex sounds quite good – and maybe more familiar to me – this One-Step is definitely a step-up (pun fully intended). I’m actually rather surprised. I’ll give the other three sides a listen and see if there are any problems, but so far this is truly exceptional.
  13. AnalogJ

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    You listened to one whole side? All the way through? :yikes:

    Seriously, nice write up thus far.
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  14. :laugh: Listened to the entire One-Step last night, but I only compared the first two tracks to the Impex. The whole thing is excellent!
  15. MOON

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    Any news on ELO Eldorado. Also, have there been any other titles added. It's strange Stebie Ray Vaughan- Couldn't Stand the Weather hasn't made the light of day yet. Have had that preordered for ever.
  16. @MOON, is ELO in the works? I asked them last week and they said I already have everything pre-ordered:

    Yes -Fragile;
    Stevie Ray Vaughn - Couldn’t Stand the Weather; and
    Mingus - Ah Um.

    What else is available for pre-order?
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    Has everyone received the Monk that ordered it? Are they still shipping?
  18. Tullman

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    Monk record sounds amazing. Packaging/vinyl perfect as it should be.
  19. MikeJedi

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    more titles that have been done to death ugh Maybe we will get something different next year :)
  20. Drew769

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    Man, the static in this vinyl formulation is UNREAL. The disc actually pushes and pulls when you hit it with a shot from the Milty Zerostat gun. I've never seen that before, except when playing with like a static-charged balloon. You can neutralize it, but it doesn't stay that way for long. Really not liking this formulation. On top of that, it is not as quiet as it should be.
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    No, not sure Music Direct is shipping but mine has not shipped yet, checked this morning.
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    I decided I really need to hear Monk’s Dream and placed a “preorder” (in quotes since it’s of course already out) on Elusive Disc the other day. Are we expecting that these orders will be fulfilled?
  23. Tullman

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    Most likely will be filled, but I would not order one steps from anyone but Music Direct.
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    Hmm, to the point where I should order via Music Direct now? They appear to be back-ordered. I’m aware that they own MoFi but I didn’t know if that meant they’d ever be in stock again.
  25. Admerr

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    I believe there was a logistical issue which is causing delays. I’m assuming if true, that’s the reason for MD showing out of stock/shipping 6-8 weeks.

    Glad I was lucky and received mine already.

    The static is definitely bad and the same applies to MMJ’s SRX series. Once I gave them a wash and a few plays they’re all now flawless. It’s almost as if there’s a break-in period for the new formula.
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