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Mobile Fidelity's Run DMC "Raising Hell" 45 RPM and SACD

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MemoInPR, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. The Hud

    The Hud AKA: AKA

    Personally, I would want Run-DMC "Tougher Than Leather", but I would guess Beastie Boys "Licensed To Ill" would be the next one.
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  2. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Boo. Beasties has already been reissued enough. I vote Tougher Than Leather but am pulling for something a tad more hardcore.

    Youre probably spot on though.
  3. The Hud

    The Hud AKA: AKA

    Makes me curious, what Mofi release has the most "explicit lyrics"?
  4. DandyDancing

    DandyDancing Forum Resident

    New York, New York
    If this is a one off hip-hop release I will fall into a deep depression.
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  5. DandyDancing

    DandyDancing Forum Resident

    New York, New York
    WAIT!!! This is already sold out they must want more money. Right!!!????
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  6. The Hud

    The Hud AKA: AKA

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  7. Tom34772

    Tom34772 Forum Resident

    St. Cloud FL
    I know this wasn't addressed to me, but my pick would be Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation Of Millions..."
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  8. C6H12O6

    C6H12O6 Senior Member

    My lab
    Shawn Britton really wanted to do that one so they've tried. Hope they keep trying. Apparently Ron McMaster remastered it for vinyl and he said it took him like three or four tries, so it may be a tough one to master, at least for vinyl.
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  9. joejoe

    joejoe Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Anyone know what the hold up is with the 45 RPM vinyl?
  10. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    MoFI said on their instagram it should be coming soon.

    I slept on the preorder, but my local said they should be getting some.
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  11. eelkiller

    eelkiller Not one of the first 100 members

    For another Novelty Record I recommend some Weird Al, maybe "Eat It"?
  12. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

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  13. eelkiller

    eelkiller Not one of the first 100 members

    Golden Throats? Elmo and Patsy? Allan Sherman?
  14. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    All outstanding classics of course, but I put my request in for Slim Whitman from the very beginning, so get in line!

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  15. ccn103

    ccn103 Forum Resident

    Mechanicsburg, PA
    Is there anything more tired than rap-hating? This album has been out for 34 years.

    I’d much rather blast Raising Hell than try to to wade through the wimpy, unintelligible murk that is Murmur. REM....puss-rock personified! :unhunh:

    Nation of Millions would be a great candidate, the Geto Boys mugshot album would be amazing, but probably too controversial even after (or especially after) all these years.

    Two other good candidates would be: Cypress Hill's debut S/T album (1991) and Tribe Called Quest's Low End Theory.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2021
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  16. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Hey, I like me some classic rap/hip hop. So Im in.
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  17. The Hud

    The Hud AKA: AKA

    Just the song "Eat It", or the album "In 3-D"?
  18. The Hud

    The Hud AKA: AKA

    It think I read somewhere that clearing some of the samples became a hurdle that delayed the eventual deluxe edition of "Nation", which is why I didn't mention it. I agree it would be a perfect choice, though.
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  19. fatwad666

    fatwad666 Forum Resident

    Fat City, USA
    Personally, would love to see MFSL remaster a rap release that has only been released on a brickwalled CD (vs. a release that already has a pre-existing, competently-mastered CD counterpart).
  20. Spencer R

    Spencer R Forum Resident

    Oxford, MS
    Vinyl Me Please has done a lot of well-mastered rap vinyl, at least according to online reviews I’ve seen, as I don’t buy rap. But I did see a video of guy rating his favorite Vinyl Me Please titles, and he praised a lot of their rap titles as better than any previous vinyl release, if there even was a previous vinyl release.
  21. Britt in VA

    Britt in VA Forum Resident

    Richmond, VA
    I see posts above saying this has already sold out. Vinyl is still available for preorder on Elusive Disc.
  22. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Eh, what will probably happen is that they probably dont know whats up with the release exactly either. I got a preorder in; but unlike when Music Direct (the main distributer) has a title on preorder/backorder and comes through, Elusive doesnt have that advantage. The Trickle Down Audiophile effect. Ive had it happen before with them and acoustic sounds when it comes to MoFi stuff.

    Im not betting on ED to come through with my pre-order. Not really their fault . I get the idea they are kind of in the dark somewhat in these situations. But, if it comes through Ill be pleasantly surprised.
  23. eelkiller

    eelkiller Not one of the first 100 members

    Raising Hell was a great choice, here's hoping they continue the variety. It would not hurt to send in suggestions to Music Direct.
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  24. eelkiller

    eelkiller Not one of the first 100 members

    I see it listed in the usual outlets (The SACD) for $29.99. But with only 2000 it might be unwise to wait too long before ordering.
    Run-DMC Raising Hell Numbered Limited Edition Hybrid Stereo SACD
  25. Kristofa

    Kristofa Car Scratch Melt Repeat

    Eugene, Oregon
    I would love to see By All Means Necessary by BDP.

    I would also love to see something like The Many Facets Of Roger. Listening to this Run-DMC SACD and hearing how dynamic is makes me yearn for hearing some of Roger Troutman’s tight funk that you know was being spun by these guys. That album is so freakin’ dynamic!
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