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    hi everyone, just wondering if anyone ordered from a US based seller and got the exact version they ordered, eg EU or US press. if they are based in US, i don't really get it why they are selling the EU version instead of the US one. wouldn't extra import costs be incurred for them if they purchased the EU version? a friend ordered pearl jam ten LP from them; it was listed as EU with the sony music logo on the back. when he received it, he was rather excited saying he got the US distributed version without the sony music logo. i understand that the vinyl market now is different from the 70s and 80s. "printed/made in usa" is not a common sight these days, unless of course you ordered a MOFI or AP LP. but instead you get "distributed in usa" with a vinyl inside which says made in EU on the label. another friend mentioned that for the mainstream releases, all the vinyl is made in EU, its just a matter of country of distribution.

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