Modern Tubey Sounding Amps

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Barnabas Collins, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Hmm - that was an interesting read. So I consulted my go to reference about Audio Power Amp design by Doug Self. He makes three very brief references to TIM in the 600-odd page tome, and describes it as a massively outdated concept. The criterion is actually that an amplifier slew rate should be consistent over all power levels and loads. So TIM is an ex-TIM, it has gone to the choirs eternal....
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    I agree about seeking the best accuracy from any audio component but can see the appeal of super sweet tube amplifiers that embellish the sound- but do not disrespect it.
    Best consumed in limited moderation.
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    That's why two systems can be a great option. I've got the main rig that sounds phenomenal and accurate, but can really accentuate poor or average recordings. But then my Marantz 2230 and Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods sound so warm and inviting streaming Spotify, especially with that loudness button engaged. All for under a grand. Enjoy the music and don't have to obsess over the system.
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    I understand the most desirable power transistors, particularly FETs are not made any more and that getting really good choices is getting tougher as linear designs are replaced by devices optimized for use in switchmode supplies. Any input on that?
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    Audio power Mosfets are an increasingly rare breed, although designs that use the new Silicon Carbide devices are showing some promise.

    It is all part of the semiconductor device fab houses policy to run down low volume product, such as specific audio devices. If it does not go in a mobile phone, a base station, a PC/laptop/tablet(etc) or a flat screen TV they lose interest fast. Low noise discrete transistors, particularly pnp are progressively obsoleted or entirely gone, so low noise moving coil phono stages are much more difficult to design now.

    At least excellent bipolar power transistors are still in manufacture.
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    The OP could consider a Perreaux 350 amp or 750 monoblocks easy on the ears and enough power for most listening environments.

    How ever the current Mc is probably fine.
    (I have yet to hear a harsh Mc)

    By looking for a "tube" sound the OP could possibly be looking to tame the famous Focal top end squawk.
    (Many others have already commented the Focals may not deliver what the OP is seeking)
    If the OP is welded to his Focals a knowledgeable rework of the crossovers may be a more a effective step in his audio journey.

    I suspect churning amps is not the best answer to this quandary.

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