Mofi Studiophono vs Rothwell Simplex phono stage

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Greg_g, Mar 13, 2023.

  1. Greg_g

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    I’m curious if you guys have experience with these two phono stages. I know the Mofi is highly regarded at the sub £300 mark.
    I don’t intend to use an MC cartridge and so wondered how the Rothwell compares in terms of sound quality?
    Also, even though the Schiit Mani 2 has had loads of good press about being a “giant killer” I’m not so sure it would stack up against these two. Thanks for you advice in advance.
  2. Oldson

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    Andover, UK
    i cant answer your question but i am currently listening to a Rega Aria phonostage with a view to upgrading on my Mofi Studiophono.
    the Rega retails for £1100 currently and my (used) Mofi cost me just £200.
    the Rega is better, but the margin is very much smaller than i was expecting.
    just goes to show the Mofi is great value.
    i am comparing with an MC, dont know how they would compare with MM.
  3. Davey

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    SF Bay Area, USA
    Are you in Salisbury US, or UK?

    I like the Rothwell, though I've only heard the Rialto, supposedly the same for MM carts. Don't own it myself, but a friend has one that I hear occasionally. I'm more partial to that type of no feedback discrete design than the high feedback opamp design of the Mofi. If in the US, I'd look at the Darlington Labs units, whichever one fits your price range, big thread here. But so many nice phono preamps out there now, hard to go wrong. We have a big under $1000 thread that covers a lot of them at ... What's Your Favorite Under $1000 Phono Preamp?

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