Monk-Complete Riverside Recordings (one record)

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    I have a 1986 US pressing of Monk- The Complete Riverside Recordings, VIJ-5102-23. The records are white label Riverside with cat # R-022 on them. I am the original owner and opened it for the first time a couple days ago. Started playing the records and found that side 14 of the 22 record set is scratched badly. Where would I look to find a replacement of that record?

    Help with ideas.
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    That's a tough one. Any I've looked at the seller wants to sell the whole collection and as I'm sure you are aware they're not going for cheap. Maybe a record meet somewhere or a local Vinyl shop might be your best course is my guess. Then again maybe a yard sale or running a want ad in your local Craig's list or here on the Forums may be the solution.

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