Monkees HEAD from Rhino Handmade (Part two)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by darkmatter, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. darkmatter

    darkmatter Gort Astronomer Staff Thread Starter

  2. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    I really don't understand why everyone is so down about using a padded envelope instead of a cardboard mailer.:confused:
    I have sent and received hundreds of dvds and cds in padded mailers, and never had any problems. I've had a few TV on DVDs come in cardboard mailers, and had dents, broken spokes in digipacks, and general assorted problems.

    Can some one please explain what is so wrong with padded mailers?
  3. BenB5150

    BenB5150 Forum Resident

    Austin,TX, USA
    I think most people are remembering how Rhino sent out the Daydream Believer single out in a padded envelope and almost all of them were damaged with bent corners and creases. Most people would have preferred a cardboard mailer to prevent damage to the limited edition 45 collectable. It was a little bit of a hassle to get a replacement. The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees set was mailed out in a sturdy box but only a small air pack that didn't prevent the set from moving around in the box but it was less likely to get crushed or bent.


    HELLOLARRY Forum Resident

    I personally think it is because many people have to find something to complain about. I've always just ordered the product and when it gets here, it gets here.....and today, it got here! Listened to the outtake disc first and the SLC tracks are my favorites! They are really cooking as a live act here. Going back to my previous post about their playing live, I think the '67 set is pretty rough musically speaking however here, they are very tight. I think Micky's drumming is much better and their overall performace of "You Just May Be the One" is much better live here in comparison to the the '67 collection. No complaints here...great stuff!!
  5. DrAftershave

    DrAftershave A Wizard, A True Star

    Los Angeles, CA
    Here's a shot of my box set.

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  6. yellowballoon

    yellowballoon Senior Member

    Thanks for the shot..can't wait for it to arrive!
  7. mr.schneider

    mr.schneider Active Member

    N. Beechwood Dr.
    I can understand the reluctance. I've received padded mailers torn open with nothing in them (from a forum member, here)! I've received completely smashed jewel cases with bent and damaged booklets. Just not a real good way to send a $60 CD set.

    Still haven't seen my set, yet. Not whining. Just pointing it out.
    I pre-ordered the morning they went on sale with std shipping.
  8. Hokeyboy

    Hokeyboy Nudnik of Dinobots

    Why the hell can't the damn Rhino webfolk either fix their crappy IIS server and get order tracking online? I'd like to be able to tell if my order has even shipped at all without having to pick up a phone...
  9. Tracy Robison

    Tracy Robison Forum Resident


    It's here!
  10. echosend

    echosend Forum Resident

    Watertown, MA, USA
    I prefer the plastic bubble wrap-lined mailers to the type Rhino used. It means a big mess if you at all cut into the thing--shreds of cardboard "dust" or whatever billow out from where the "skin" of the envelope is cut. Got to carefully cut the tape keeping the mailer folded over before you can then open the envelope properly. Other than that mine was in near perfect shape. I got it last Thursday (rush delivery.)
    It's obvious Rhino realized the fulfillment problems of the last set (it was mentioned briefly on Andrew's show, Come to the Sunshine) so it looks like they tried their best to keep us happy.

    Regarding the Live 67 material from earlier in the thread, the only track that I found really good was "I Wanna Be Free".
  11. GV1967

    GV1967 Senior Member

    Northeastern US

    VERY cool! Mine was mailed on 10/27 so I am standing by! Thanks for sharing your photo.
  12. GV1967

    GV1967 Senior Member

    Northeastern US

    I sent Rhino's customer service an email asking what the status of my pre-order was. I included the order number and they got back to me within the hour. Give it a shot.

    [email protected]
  13. Hokeyboy

    Hokeyboy Nudnik of Dinobots

    Thanks for the head's up. I did just that, hopefully will get a response soon.
  14. MagneticNorthpaw

    MagneticNorthpaw Senior Member

    Chicago, IL USA
    What a treat to hear the unexpurgated Ditty Diego session - some priceless interactions. Andrew actually did a good job of conveying this session in his book. It's always intriguing to hear the unvarnished Monkees interacting behind the scenes (Nez dropping f-bombs, Peter getting tetchy about doing more takes, Davy apparently inebriated in some manner).

    It's amazing how well-rehearsed the live Circle Sky was when the other three numbers sound fairly rough, though it had been nearly a year since they had played out. Davy is pretty solid on bass for You Told Me.
  15. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Senior Member

    So, you're the one who swiped all of the milk crates from where I used to work..! ;)
  16. Tracy Robison

    Tracy Robison Forum Resident

    I wish they were free!
  17. JRB

    JRB Forum Resident

    Woodbridge, VA USA
    Just opened mine today and the Album disk is all scratched up - and I mean REALLY scratched up, from the cardboard sleeve. Looks like I'm gonna have to request a replacement.
  18. D-rock

    D-rock Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio
    Just listened to the entire 22 minute "Ditty Diego" session. It's hilarious. I love at the end when Jack tells Davy he's stoned! It's a really fun listen. Love hearing Nez laugh too.
  19. Tracy Robison

    Tracy Robison Forum Resident

  20. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    You may be right about the complaining just to do it. I was listening to a sports radio show on the way home last night (needed a break from Head for a night), and the host was looking for calls (it was a Miami Heat show).He surmised that since the Heat was doing well so far this season, no one had the urge to call in, since there was no reason to complain.
    Sure, there are issues with padded mailers, but the same goes for the cardboard box with the bubble wrap. The post office can rough up anything if they try hard enough.
    Anyway, back to the box set...
    The sonic quality of this set is terrific! The only thing that sounds even remotely rough is the third disc, and since it's an interview disc needle-dropped from a very hard to find disc, no complaints from me!
    A really nice job done on the Long Title acetate-it sounds nearly perfect :thumbsup:
    I am really hoping the sales on this set are high enough to convince Rhino to continue this series. I wonder how they'll spiff up the cover for Instant Replay (maybe another lenticular to give all those colorful images some added depth)?

    I know this has been said at least a hundred times on this site, but a huge thanks to Andrew Sandoval and Rhino for all the great work they have done on the Monkees catalogue! I cannot think of any other group whose reissues have been so great and thorough :goodie:
  21. readr

    readr Forum Resident

    You know what's sick about this is I would probably shell out another $50+ for Handmade treatments of the first four albums -- if they were given a third disc and packaged with this kind of care. I can't think of what they could possibly do with Instant Replay, beyond 2 discs. Maybe the Japanese concert? But I hope they do at least one more big box for 1969 -- I think they will.
  22. MarkTheShark

    MarkTheShark Senior Member

    Got mine yesterday, still checking everything out. Love the live stuff. The version of "Do I Have To Do This All Over Again" on CD 2 is kind of funky, I like it. Mirror cover on the box and the mini album cover is awesome. Cool how they used the Japanese back cover for CD 2. Nice comments by Nez regarding Peter Tork's songs in the booklet, that was cool to read, even if a little out of left field. By its nature, not as interesting as the Birds/Bees set, because how much can you do with six songs? (i.e. not for the casual fan or "uninitiated.") But it's great to have all this stuff.

    I sure would like to hear news of a follow-up soon. Whether special editions of Instant Replay and Present, or a 1969 set encompassing both -- I suppose it depends on what material they have.

    Prior to the early 1980s, who ever would have dreamed the Monkees' catalog would be re-released at all, let alone as comprehensively as this! Thanks!
  23. greelywinger

    greelywinger Osmondia

    Dayton, Ohio USA
    Is this the same session that we hear a brief glimpse of on the 90s Rhino issue?
    The one where Mike calls himself a dumb***?

  24. rstamberg

    rstamberg Senior Member

    Riverside, CT
    I ordered mine promptly yet am still waiting ...
  25. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    Yes, but it's a whole lot funnier since it goes on for over 20 minutes.Kind of like hearing the excerpts on the 90's single Headquarters, and then hearing longer versions on Headquarters Sessions (another wonderful release from the Folks at Rhino-what a great set to own if you are a hardcore Monkees fan).
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