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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rlp, Nov 1, 2022.

  1. Is there any record of the lyrics to these songs?
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  2. Any other flaws found on the set?
  3. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    There are a few demos out there for some of them. A YouTube search will net some results.
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  4. eelkiller

    eelkiller One of the great unwashed.

    Northern Ontario
    They did not play properly? Rip properly?
  5. Just during the ripping. I haven’t re-ripped them just yet. The QC for CDs has suffered a bit over the last couple of years.
  6. pablo fanques

    pablo fanques Somebody's Bad Handwroter

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Whoah! Are there more up? I'm expecting mine tomorrow but I'M at a hospital 90 minutes away so can't get it til next week
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  7. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Senior Member

    Dearborn, MI
    I've had CDs before that skipped for whatever reason, and I was able to make a copy of them and the copy would play just fine.
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  8. Trainspotting

    Trainspotting Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    Yes, I understood the first time it was recommended, thanks.
  9. D-rock

    D-rock Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio
    I'm gonna forego any sneak peaks. This'll be a very immersed listening experience when I receive my set.
  10. pablo fanques

    pablo fanques Somebody's Bad Handwroter

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    I'm recovering from a stroke so I'm gonna play the selfish card :agree:
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  11. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    Get well soon!

    Love, Dave

  12. hidlive

    hidlive the lone Gen Z girl on Hoffman Forums

    Keep an ear out for the remix of Sunny Girlfriend!
  13. Not me. It sounds stiff compared to The Monkees version and I prefer Chip’s bass.
  14. FJFP

    FJFP Host for the 'Mixology' Mix Differences Podcast

    You Told Me is even better! When that banjo enters in the right hand channel, opposite from the guitar, and then the drums crash in in the centre, you know you’re in for a ride. And the clarity in Mike’s vocal? Pwoah!

    Also, this is the first time I’ve understood what people see in Shades of Gray. The clearer and slightly louder drums are a game changer.
  15. pablo fanques

    pablo fanques Somebody's Bad Handwroter

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Looking forward to your update on mixology
  16. nesfan1964

    nesfan1964 Forum Resident

    So am I. I'm looking forward to receiving my copy even more though. Has anyone outside of the U.S.A. received theirs yet please? If so, did you get an email or have anything change on the UPS notice or did that remain the same the whole time? Would anyone who has received it like to upload a few tracks to me to have a listen to until mine turns up (message me privately if so). I received Davy Jones "It's Christmas Time Once More" CD yesterday if they want to have a listen to that :)
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  17. graystoke

    graystoke Forum Resident

    Ordered mine on 2 November, received a shipping notice email on 16 November, as of today (25 November) UPS Tracking still shows it as "Shipment ready". Nine days?? Not good.
  18. nesfan1964

    nesfan1964 Forum Resident

    Let's hope UPS are just too lazy to update their tracker as mine has also remained in one position (since 16/11).
  19. graystoke

    graystoke Forum Resident

  20. FredV

    FredV Senior Member

    It’ll get here, it’ll get here! :waiting:

  21. SJB

    SJB Beloved Parasitic Nuisance

    Glad to hear you're recovering, sorry to hear you have to recover from something. Best wishes and good health going forward!
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  22. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    Agree what an eye opener to start the set. Sounds great from the opening notes on disc one.
  23. FredV

    FredV Senior Member

    Will keep you in prayer for healing. Blessings to you and your family and for better health. :)
  24. Stu66

    Stu66 Forum Resident

    Manville NJ USA
    I've run into that same situation once in a while. Every time it was a disc released on Rhino.
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  25. silvertrees

    silvertrees Forum Resident

    I haven't received mine yet, but I live in Canada and my latest update is that the package has cleared customs, so I'm hoping for delivery sometime next week.
    It's still under usps tracking, but should switch to Canada post soon, I expect.
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