Monty Python's 50th anniversary plans

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Raf, Jun 26, 2019.

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    My argument would be that it wasn't the silly walks in and of themselves that were funny, but the idea that there would be a ministry devoted to them. And, the silly walking is done in a context where it's least appropriate, out in the street with everybody else walking normally. But I've gotten to the age where I really find HANCOCK and STEPTOE AND SON funnier than Python.
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    It worked, like, the first time I saw it. Still amusing, though the surprise of it fizzles.

    Cleese re-created the silly walk on the Phil Donahue Show-- without being seen! He walked off camera and all we saw was Jamie Lee Curtis fake-laughing and pointing. That was funnier to me than actually seeing it performed, yet, again.
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    Ive seen Steptoe a few times and Rising Damp once. Those are both probably as funny as Python.

    Python had something else. They could virtually do anything.
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    When I watched it for the first time when I was 11 I thought it was hysterically funny on one level, but as an adult it is hysterically funny on a whole other level. I find that I pick up new details in skits even now, forty years after I have first seen them. It's satire on a completely gonzo level. And it's also a buncha over-educated middle class blokes having fun in the intellectual sandbox. And for fans, it's a sort of shared culture and language. I have a friend of many years who's a fellow Python fan, and I can throw out a line of Python at any time and he'll laugh at it, and get why I picked THAT one. :laugh:
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    All right..but apart form the restored video and animation,added censored bits,unseen outtakes,books covering episodes,rare promo films all in a single box what have the Romans ever done for us?
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    Wait till Biggus Dickus hears of this.
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    Yes, PYTHON were the descendants of THE GOON SHOW and also learned from Marty Feldman. STEPTOE was a different kind of comedy.
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    I hope this is kept throughout the restoration and captions have been needed to be redone are made to match the original and not straightened. That's an issue with the Dr Who restorations where they make all the captions digitally perfect when if you look at material from the era (closing credits of The Two Ronnies for example) captions and credits never looked perfectly straight and sometimes were slightly warped even (see Two Ronnies again).
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    Died out?
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    Pretty sure there are still Romans.
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    Not today, sir, no. The van broke down.
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    Sometimes, like in Royal Episode 13 from the Sony set, the fix still has a problem. If these images work, you'll see the difference:
    NTSC dvd
    Sony PAL (notably converted from NTSC)
    It looks just that good in motion, too. Was it worth the bother?
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  14. As the new sets are coming from the original PAL quad tapes, they at least won't have half of the caption cut off by the zoom necessitated by the NTSC conversion!
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    I'll share a small revelation that is possibly embarrassing.

    Decades ago, I read a fascinating book about the Mayan culture. Then, on our honeymoon in Cancun, my wife and I took a bus trip to Chichen Itza. While the bus was going through a small town, I looked at the people walking by and realized: they're Mayans! We think that when a grand civilization crumbles, the people magically disappear.

    1) a woman working at our local market had a name something like Xichotl. I asked her if it's a Mayan name, and she said yes;
    2) on a recent bus trip to some different Mayan ruins, many of the street signs showed Mayan place names, and the tour guide told us that people still sometimes speak Mayan in the area. In fact, there's a movement to ensure that the culture (including language, crafts, etc.) is not lost.

    You may feel free to laugh at my expense.
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  16. Most exciting news in the meantime: the BFI "Do Not Adjust Your Set" and "At Last The 1948 Show" DVDs are finished and shipping!
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    I think the original Romans were Latins (??). I assume that by the end of empire they were pretty much combined with the other (tribes?) of the region.
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    In the early 80s in the US, the whole episode was taken from the old flickery analog NTSC transfer, and it was really weird seeing it that again(all the other episodes were in more sophisticated conversions by then).
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  19. I watched the Live At Aspen special recently and it's hilarious to see how bad the tapes used for the Flying Circus clips are.
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    The tapes Mtv had in the 80's were in better shape!

    On the subject of reunion specials, where can one find the complete Parrot Sketch Not Included with the Satanists bit intact? My tape of the British OB has long since departed.
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    It is a 'late' tape? It has ceased to be?
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  22. [​IMG]

    This should hold me over nicely until November....
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    The question still lingers as to whether Python was created in response to Benny Hill moving to Thames (outside of their destroying the videotape masters of his last three specials of 1968 plus paying his agent Richard Stone all repeat fees). Consider:
    - When the BBC approached Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, Thames were still interested in future series of Do Not Adjust Your Set, but partly as a consequence of signing Hill (and other deals with "high profile" personalities, and returning shows) plus the "first come, first served" policy of assigning studio time for a season, the three were left in limbo for potentially another year or more in that regard.
    - The filmed segments of the first two series' of Python were lensed by James Balfour - who had done likewise for Hill's shows during the last years of his BBC run.
    - None of the supporting players (especially Carol Cleveland) or extras (whether credited or uncredited) were clients of Richard Stone.
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    I'm inclined to doubt it. PYTHON was aimed at a very different audience than Benny Hill. According to BBC producer Barry Took, he was looking for the next big thing after the Marty Feldman series, and naturally he thought of the writer/performers who'd been associated with Feldman on THE FROST REPORT and 1948 SHOW. BBC also wanted to give John Cleese his own show. And Benny Hill was a peak viewing hour show, unlike Python. Likelier the BBC would have used a mainstream star like Frankie Howerd to replace Hill. It's likelier that Morecambe and Wise was BBC's replacement for Hill.
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