Monty Python's 50th anniversary plans

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Raf, Jun 26, 2019.

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    Thanks for posting this. As you mentioned, some ringing and other original video artifacts are more visible now but that's a good thing. I didn't know these got the transform decoder treatment, but I guess it makes sense. I'm guessing Jonathan Wood drove most/all of the restoration process. I knew he'd worked on several different series but I didn't make the connection until a few days ago that he'd left the BBC and works for Network now. Everything he's worked on has been done really well; he sets the bar pretty high.
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    Very true! The box would look great in a store display, if there is such a thing anymore.
  3. The VT material looks spectacular now. Far surpasses similar vintage material on DVD now, even Network’s recent Goodies set.
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    I'm sure many out there remember what the circa '74 NTSC transfers looked like. Technology's a bit more advanced these days!
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  5. If you need a reminder, watch the clips on the 1998 Live At Aspen special!
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    Those were circa 1980 transfers, which were a vast improvement over the 1974 transfers. The '74 NTSC tapes were distinguished by a "broken motion" effect with a lot of herringbone patterns brought about because the NTSC tapes had to drop frames from the PAL. Most UK series' shown in the US before the late 70s, like SIX WIVES OF HENRY VII and UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS, looked like that.
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  7. My box has arrived downunder, and relatively unscathed! Only one semi-torn divider. Can't wait to watch the rest of the series!
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    That's fantastic! Any more screen-shots? I'm curious to see what other bits look like (I'm waiting for the individual releases).

    And yeah, those 2007 Sony masters look abysmal IMO.
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    I am apparently the luckiest man alive, as my box arrived 10 hours ago (down under) and it is completly undamaged.


    I've watched a few episodes from the second season - looks very nice.
  10. Will do some more screenshots soon.

    Having a flip through the restored/missing/etc bits tonight, here’s the rundown:

    S01E02 - David Frost's phone number (video is perfect, audio quality dips)

    S02E11 - "cancer" line in Conquistador Coffee (off air NTSC VHS quality, bonus features only), Satan animation is perfect

    S02E13 - Undertakers Sketch is still the same NTSC conversion as we’ve had forever.

    S03E04 - Graham's "Tonight Tonight, I'm getting pissed tonight!" line from the Bus Conductor sketch (off-air VHS)

    S03E09 - Microphone & Trees animation (restored to full length, excellent quality)

    S03E12 - Choreographed Party Political Broadcast (chroma dot restored black and white telerecording, colour looks good but the motion restoration could possibly be better. Excellent restoration though.) Alternate intro in bonus features is perfect.

    S04E05 - Most restored bits are from film, the few VT parts restored from u-matic are much better than the couple of bonus off-air bits, sound and colour is great, but the resolution is a bit lower.
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    meanwhile at Network central, where they are assembling the boxsets:
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    This remark is surely in poor taste, but I find a somewhat Pythonesque humor in these images of these poorly designed boxes inadvertently smashed during shipping. It reminds me of the 1978 Monty Python Instant Record Collection which came in a box that folded out to look like a huge stack of records. I still have the LP in its sleeve, the big box part is long gone. But it was funny while it lasted.
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    Received our order from Amazon today. Same issue with the box! What a shame.
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  15. longdist01

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    Chicago, IL USA

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    Lovingly packaged by Gumby Inc. :)
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    SEASON 1...

    SEASON 2...

    SEASON 3...




    GET IN!



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    My first real experience with MP, was this:

    I remember picking this up somewhere around end of the eighties/begin nineties at a CD rental (yeah you had this sort of thing). I know MP a bit but never knew certain sketches. This album gave me quite possibly the best experience to experience for the first time the Argument sketch, or the Parrot sketch, or the Bookshop. I loved also that it was sequenced as a sort of radio play, and later discovered where all the bits came from. It really feels as one performance instead of a selection of sketches.
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    This was the first Monty Python that I ever owned. Back then, I had a real difficult time finding Flying Circus on VHS, and I hadn't seen the movies yet.

    Still a great comp!
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  20. A couple of screengrabs from series 1:



  21. It's very apparent when watching the uncut animation for "Shakespeare's Gay Boys In Bondage" why it was originally cut before broadcast, haha.
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    One thing that puzzled me: Python's American manager Nancy Lewis said that there were no NTSC versions of PYTHON available in the early 70s for her to promote, and there wouldn't be until the sale of clips to "Dean Martin's Comedy World" provided the funds to make the conversions. But PYTHON had been shown in Canada long before it was shown in the US-did CBC show NTSC tapes that were then erased?(I wonder why the BBC couldn't have made the conversions?).
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    So does anyone know, if I take the time today to watch a couple episodes of Dad's Army, will I gain even more appreciation for the restored Dad's Pooves sketch when I get to dig in to the box? :D
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    An unboxing of some sorts.

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    I see your packaging is undamaged.

    Well done!

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