Monty Python's 50th anniversary plans

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Raf, Jun 26, 2019.

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    Has anyone confirmed whether copies shipped to the US will be NTSC? I saw the bit about 50i vs. 60i, but the retailer's website also says everything they sell is PAL. Perhaps there is an exception here, but that's not at all clear from the website.

    (Keep in mind I have only the haziest idea what these terms mean, so maybe 60i is the same thing as NTSC. If that's the case, please be gentle.)
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    I can just picture John Cleese explaining all these terms you mentioned, particularly PAL!
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  4. SJB

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    I know, it's a bit of a Python sketch. But I'd prefer to be in this one than try to wring a refund out of the pet shop owner because my discs won't play....

    EDIT: Okay, now that I have a few free minutes, I've been able to dig a little deeper and I see that NTSC and PAL aren't relevant with HD content on Blu-ray, and it seems the 50i vs 60i thing deals with frame rates. So I should be okay ordering from the U.S. Excuse my ignorance though it shines like a grail-shaped beacon.
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    According to others in this thread who have inquired, US customers will automatically receive 60i versions and Europeans customers 50i. All discs are Region Free.
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    If you are looking for something to tide you over until October, And Now For Something Completely Different is available in HD through various outlets. I acquired it through Amazon Prime. Maybe this was already common knowledge, but I was pleased to discover this.

    The film looks great! I always had a soft spot for this, as it was my original intro to most of the sketches as a kid (courtesy of the neighborhood Blockbuster video; remember them?), before I had the opportunity to catch episodes of the TV show.

    There is apparently a Blu-ray out there, but it is Region B only.
  7. All Down The Line

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    Yes, yes, yes....that all sounds well and fine my good man but let me tell sir, I am looking for something completely different!
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  8. I just received the German Region B blu-ray of it today, the film looks great. No DNR nasties or other surprises. Coming from a PAL country, it's great to finally see the movie at the right speed!

    Apparently the same HD master has been available on Blu-ray in Japan as well (Region A) but is now out of print. Hopefully there is a domestic release coming soon as it's all getting rather silly that this film isn't readily available on Blu-ray.

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    I'll always have as soft spot for that film, as it was my introduction to Python. I still remember watching 'How Not To Be Seen' for the first time and laughing at people getting blown up.
  10. You will appreciate this text exchange I had with my friend last week, he was out on a farm doing a land survey and send me a photo of where he was working....

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    Iam sorry, only questions on farming.
  12. Amazing. A Python reference literally in the wild.
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    Well all I can say is they made approx one hours worth of funny material go a very very long way.
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    Cleese would agree, I’m sure.
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    Is this the one hour argument?
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    Only if the executors of the will would agree to a relocation of the clause...........
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  18. Meng

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    ... by applying for a codicil. It could be rushed through in about 2 months.
  19. Meng

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    I was putting off buying this because I was concerned they might widescreen it.

    However, having seen the Youtube promo vid, I'm in.
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    I have the flying circus episodes on beta tapes haphazardly recorded from TV in the 80's.
    Do I really need an upgrade?
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    I heard they plan on going into the BBC Television archives and randomly erasing videotapes.

    Trouble is, all the good stuff has already been erased!
  22. It's definitely being done properly by folks who really know their stuff. They have auditioned every single Python related film can and videotape in the BBC archive (not to mention Python Productions and Terry Jones/Gilliam's personal archives), as well as searching for B/W telerecording, regional and European copies to restore every censored bit back in it's rightful place.

    See above!
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  24. If anyone wants an english subtitles file for the first episode of Fliegender Zirkus on the Pidax DVD let me know. The quality is much better than the previous DVD releases (and no burnt-in subs) but since it's a German release there's no English subs!
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