Moody Blues In search of the lost chord 50th anniversary

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by t-man 54, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. jl151080

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    Really enjoying the 5.1 mix. There's a review on Amazon there's not much in the rears, but I'm hearing plenty in all channels. The vocals in the rears for 'Legends Of A Mind' are great.
  2. sharedon

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    A lovely box, all told. The new mix is nice, but to me, and though it does sound sharper, inessential. All the other bonus material is great to have in one place. And everything sounds really good.
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  3. Dylancat

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    from other thread on this topic

  4. mark winstanley

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    The 5.1 mix is good, not earth shattering.
    A couple of minor spots seem a little out of balance (volume-wise) but certainly not unlistenable.
    All in all i think, if like me, you are buying this for the 5.1, you will probably be happy with it.
  5. texquad

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    There was only one review on Amazon and the guy was blasting Jakko about the 5.1 mix so I thought I'd put up some of the info that I got from this forum. Hope I got it right.

    Supposedly the 5.1 was derived from two 2-track stereo tapes one with vocals and another with the music all bounced down from sessions on a 4-track machine. When they did the quadraphonic 4-channel mixes in the 70's they realized that some of the effects were done live when mixing the stereo master so they decided not to try to recreate the recording for that format. Now with digital recording it's possible to do things that weren't possible 50 years ago. Yes this isn't the most discrete 5.1 mix but considering what Jakko had to work with I'm impressed with the results.
    Everything about this set is first class from the box & booklet to the 5.1, stereo remix & videos. In my case I already had the bonus tracks on the 2006 SACD but that's OK. I've owned so many version of this album including the 8-track tape and I'm especially getting a kick listening to these new mixes. If you grew up with this album sit back and "take a trip" back to 1968. Long Live Timothy Leary!
  6. lonelysea

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    I’m listening to the MFSL now as I type this, trying to decide if I need to buy this thing. I asked my 17-year-old if I should get it, explaining there’s a remix where everything is “cleaned up”. His reply, and I quote; “No, that’s not the vibe you’re looking for, dude.”.
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  7. Ed Hughes

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    Smart kid.
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  8. Rigoberto

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    The price on this is totally nuts. It went down to around $50 on Amazon for awhile but now it is price-fixed everywhere at about $59.19 and a local store has it for a whopping $69.99. Days Of Future Passed was much more reasonable priced.
  9. Jupitermadcat

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    So i take it there's no 2cd set with the original and new mix?
  10. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    No 2 cd set for this
  11. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    There is a bit of distortion at start of the intro to “Voices in the Sky” on the 1st disc original mix.
    Have not listened to new mix yet.
  12. Jupitermadcat

    Jupitermadcat Well-Known Member

    Coconut Creek,FL
    just the new mix for the single cd.
  13. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    Actually the “new Stereo mix” is only avail on this box.
    The single cd that is in circulation is “original mix”
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  14. Jupitermadcat

    Jupitermadcat Well-Known Member

    Coconut Creek,FL
    I'm talking about the 50th anniversary single cd coming out.
  15. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    Prepare to be confused
    I read from the common sources regarding this 50 th anniversary release
    A single cd with “new mix” is to be released..
    But later on in the announcement in the description of the single cd it says “original mix”..
    Also no release date on this.
  16. AlmostHeavenWV

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    Lancaster UK
    I wasn't going to bother with the box set, but a localish music store has one in stock at £40, which I saw on Saturday. Now thinking that I'll go back tomorrow for it.
  17. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    I agree. Mystical and magical .
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  18. lennonfan1

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    baltimore maryland
    ok I've had a chance to digest this box, and overall I'm very happy ..with everything but the surround mix..and that the video of Om isn't complete, or they had to shorten for time constaints….whatever. Surround a total missed opportunity if the multis are really there, the stereo remix is much better and has clarity missing. Not that it's audiophile by any means, but overall much better than all previous issues I've heard (mfsl, sacd, orig vinyl).
    The video performances were great IMO and shows a very professional act really coming into their own. If only the surround had discrete placement, this would have been a contender for great box of the year. As is, it's nice if surround isn't your thing. If that's priority no.1, you're in for a let down. MHO of course
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  19. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    The only thing I really wanted from this set was the 5.1 mix. The one thing I knew not to do right from the start was to not have any expectations and I'm really glad I didn't. Was I blown away by the mix? Not in the least. Did I enjoy it? Yes, and I will play it as much as the Quad mixes of the other albums. The mixes show subtlety and a good compromise between discreteness and ambience. Some tracks are actually quite charming. Departure is quite the send-off and was made to be heard in Multichannel. Om blooms beautifully and to have the vocals spread out in all corners makes it a delight to hear. In most cases, the instruments are spread out in the front and the backing vocals are most often in the rears. It opens up the soundstage nicely and allows for the music to breathe. Give it time and it will grow on you.

    I did not hear the album when it came out so the original mixes are not part of my DNA like many 1st generation Moodies fans. I've actually only discovered the album about ten years ago when I've explored the core seven albums for the first time. I've been enjoying the Quadraphonic mixes of the other six albums since acquiring the SACDs in 2015, and the superb sounding DTS CDs of Days Of Future Passed and Seventh Sojourn. I've played those mixes a lot and so I'm now happy to be adding this 5.1 to the set. Like many have done before more or less successfully, I'll be compiling my own Multichannel version of the This Is The Moody Blues compilation. One thing for sure, I'll listen to this mix more than the 5.1 of Sgt. Pepper.

    So if you have yet to listen to the 5.1 mix, make sure you're in the mood, press play, and close your eyes. Let your ears do the rest.
  20. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    Listened to disc1 original mix and mono singles,
    And disc2 NEW mix.
    Notes on disc 1 original mix and the 4 mono singles, mono “Legend”

    -original mix (nothing new)
    -mono singles good to have, sound good, B side “Livingstone” starts with verse, no intro.
    -B side“Simple Game” stereo. Don’t know why they didn’t use mono mix. ??? Does have longer ending, noticeable drum overdubs at end, right speaker. Interesting.
    -Mono “Legend” good to have. Flute solo centered unlike stereo which moves speaker to speaker.

    Will post notes on NEW mix later.
    Hint..very mixed results...
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  21. texquad

    texquad Forum Resident

    Home of The Alamo
    To my ears the original mix on the new set sounds the same as the CD layer on the SACD.
    I had a chance to isolate the center & rear channels of the 5.1 mix and it was extremely interesting to hear how Jakko put together this sort of Frankenstein mix. Now I know why he called this a "manipulation" but I really I'm enjoying it!
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  22. mrpleasant

    mrpleasant Music hoarder.

    Has no one else noticed that The Actor remix has a previously unheard 20 second instrumental introduction restored to the song?
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  23. RicZ

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    The Netherlands
    Yes, and for me it was a nice surprise.
    Some claim the remix isn't radical, but I hear lots of things I haven't heard before, and this "extended version" of "The Actor" makes it especially worthwhile for me.
    Then there is the extended outro on the new remix of the "A Simple Game" Justin Hayward vocal version.
    With some, never heard before, beautiful guitar work.

    I wasn't so sure about getting the box, since I don't have a surround set, and I assume the original mix is the same as the previous edition.
    But I really likeing the remix.
    The box set looks beautiful.
    The book includes some photo's I haven't seen before, but unfortunately there is no new infomation included.
    And with much of the bonus content being the same, I can see why anyone who has the previous edition is in doubt getting this version.
    However it's beautifuly presented, makes the 50"th anniversary edition of "Days of future passed" pale in comparison.
    The remix is great to hear with some nice surprises.
    The mono mixes like the one for "Legend of a Mind" are also nice to have, plus the video content.
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  24. Mike Dow

    Mike Dow I kind of like the music

    Bangor, Maine
    I've been enjoying this anniversary box for 'In Search of the Lost Chord.'

    My primary interest in getting the box was for the first-time 5.1 mix and the new stereo remix. I've been very pleasantly surprised with what I hear. Considering the fact that the mix was derived (if I understand correctly) from two tracks of vocals and two tracks of music, it sounds amazing. I would have preferred a Steven Wilson-style remix utilizing the original 1st gen stem recordings but this really does sound pretty good.

    How much of this album was recorded on an 8-track machine? The booklet implies that the band used an 8-track machine for the whole thing but John Lodge remembers recording on 8-track only for 'Legend of a Mind.' He says the rest of the record was recorded on 4-track. Anyone know for sure?
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  25. Incredulous_Observer

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    Totally agree. The fidelity was great with a nice 60's ambience that really adds to the musical content and the surround mix was perfectly fine. Not particularly discrete apart from moments here and there, but immersive.

    I was expecting to be disappointed but was very impressed. I think considering the apparent issues with the tapes it's a triumph. Glad to have it in my collection.
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