Moody Blues In search of the lost chord 50th anniversary

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  1. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    Another thing I've been impressed with is the mastering of the 5.1 mix. No brickwalling and the EQ choices and lack of extreme use of NR make it an even better listening experience. I've actually played the album three times in a row yesterday. I'm very happy about this.
  2. Mike Dow

    Mike Dow I kind of like the music

    Bangor, Maine
    I'm watching the 2nd DVD in the box with live 1968 TV appearances. I've never seen the July 13 performance from CRTV French television. It's a groovy B&W live show with the band surrounded by a small audience. The performance itself is very strong and surprisingly well recorded. A very nice addition to this box.

    A question about the truncated version of 'Legend of a Mind' from the above show. Did they only play the second half of the song? It was a seamless transition from 'Nights in Wight Satin' to 'Legend...' but it seems odd to hear it without the first half.
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  3. Dylancat

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    Cincinnati, OH
    Hoping to listen and then review the 5 1 mix soon
    Will review the “new mix” soon
  4. Joy-of-radio

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    Amazon has a "UK Edition" with a very high cost. Do the editions vary from country to country or is someone trying to pull a fast one?

    Also, ImportCDs dot com has been letting me down lately. They say the set is on backorder. In addition, I ordered some Warner Nuggets CDs that had their release dates pushed back a few times to 11/02. I ordered them on 07/04. Now they're on backorder. Despite their very good prices, I may have to find another retailer. I emailed them regarding the matter got a standard reply telling me that they'll send them when they get them.
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  5. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    Just order it from US Amazon.
    Get it in couple days
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  6. Joy-of-radio

    Joy-of-radio Forum Resident

    Is there a final word on whether or not the single-disc edition of the 50th Anniversary features the remix?
  7. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    I haven’t heard anymore about the single disc.
    Release date or context of disc.
    If I find out. I’ll post.
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  8. AlmostHeavenWV

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    Got the box set this morning from Action Records, Preston, and I've first played Disc 2 - the new stereo mixes. The stand-out tracks, for me, are The Actor and Om. I grew up with the mono LP, so these two stereo tracks in particular are just amazing, lovely clarity.
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  9. PanaPlasma

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    Belgium, Europe
    Ripping the 96-24 right now for my server.

    There are two files from about 42mins.

    1) with both stereo & surround 96-24 (42:25)
    2) bonus track (3:44)
    3) stereo only 96-24 (42:11)

    I guess the first part are the 'new mixes', with the bonus track as file 2?

    Third 96-24 stereo only should be the original stereo mix? Seems the most logical order to me?

    [Edit] Playing time of original album is 42:07, so original stereo should be track 3.
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  10. AlmostHeavenWV

    AlmostHeavenWV Forum Resident

    Lancaster UK
    Ray Shulman is credited with the DVD authoring - presumably Gentle Giant's Ray Shulman?
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  11. JediJoker

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    Portland, OR, USA
    Yep! It's what he does, now.
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  12. Rigoberto

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    United States
    Well I finally gave in to the high prices today and ordered it from walmart dot com. Should arrive at the store on Thursday. I had some spare Paypal funds to use (not accepted at Amazon).
  13. Rigoberto

    Rigoberto Forum Resident

    United States
    Picked it up over at the Walmart today and playing the BBC TV segment from disc #5. If this is really live they sure do a good job of making it sound like the studio version. LPCM (no stinkin' Dolby Digital here!)
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  14. If you don't mind answering, how much was Walmart carrying it for?
  15. shadlet

    shadlet Forum Resident

    SC PA
    The box that holds the discs is exactly the same as Fairport Convention ‎– Come All Ye : The First Ten Years, except with that one, the book has a hard cover, each sleeve is shrink wrapped and it has a poster. Fairport Convention - Come All Ye : The First Ten Years
    That was the first time I had seen a box presented that way. It's a good, efficient, (probably economical for them) way to present a five-disc box, IMHO.
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  16. Joy-of-radio

    Joy-of-radio Forum Resident

    OK, I got notified that ImportCDs has finally shipped all of my goodies! I just get somewhat impatient and anxious about mail deliveries, a bit like Ralf's angst over his perceived delay in getting his official Orphan Annie secret decoder ring!
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  17. roman.p

    roman.p Forum Resident

    Those are the studio backing tracks with live vocals, or at least some of the vocals are live.
  18. RicZ

    RicZ Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    I am spending a bit more time with this release, before I focus my attention on the white album box set when I have picked that one up.

    I find it really interesting that they were still peforming songs from their early blues incarnation on that french ORTF show.
    Really nice to hear these renditions of "Bye Bye Bird" and "I've Got a Dream".
    Also "A Beautiful Dream" is great to hear.
    I wasn't aware that the song existed, only recently saw the clip of it on YouTube.
    A beautiful "lost" Moody Blues song, really glad to have it now.

    I noticed in the booklet that only Paschal Byrne was credited with the mastering,
    while on the 2006 edition the original stereo mix was done by Alberto Parodi and Justin Hayward.
    I didn't thought this new release of the original mix would be remastered, but hopefully it is so.
    I just listened to the 2006 edition which I don't like, have not yet the time listening to the new version.

    The song "Gimme a Little Somethin'" was missing from the previous edition.
    Good thing they corrected that mistake, and that they did include the song this time around.
    I am not sure about the version of "What Am I Doing Here" that has been included.
    Again I have to make a comparison with the version on the previous edition.
    But while on the previous edition it is said to be from the 28th January 1968 sessions,
    here the song is said to be the full version with overdubs recorded 17th November.

    The book is really nice, the whole box looks beautiful.
    Many photo's I haven't seen before, but ofcourse also many that are familiar.
    But still disappointed about the lack of background information, or just any new info about the remix for example.
    They expanded on the essay, but it's the same liner notes for the most part as in the previous edition.
    They mostly just rephrase the sentences.
    But for example, the part about their planned concert in czechoslovakia in august, is expanded a bit.
    There are some words from Justin about the whole experience that are missing from the earlier edition.

    It's good to see that the lyrics are included in the book.
    Also the lyrics from the bonus tracks, except strangely, "What am I doing here".
    Not sure what the reason is for leaving the words of that song out.

    But all in all a great set with some wonderful surprises.
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  19. mrpleasant

    mrpleasant Music hoarder.

    I'm convinced that the Live On ORTF "Ce Soir On Danse: The Moody Blues" performance on the video DVD is from 1967, not 1968. They may be listing it as 1968 to claim copyright, but looking at the set list and Graeme's drum head sure tells me it's 1967.
    But I'm really glad to have it no matter what the date.
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  20. Rigoberto

    Rigoberto Forum Resident

    United States
    In Search Of The Lost Chord (50th Anniversary) (CD) (Includes DVD) $55.32 plus tax if you pick it up at the store $59.19 otherwise (plus any tax) .. everything picked up at the store comes in a box (UPS 2-day), never tried the shipping to home option - an additional benefit is you can examine the item before leaving with it
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  21. roman.p

    roman.p Forum Resident

    No. When the show first resurfaced in 2011, Rainbow Glo over at the Moodies message board called Traveling Eternity Road cited extensive evidence that it's from early 1968, including members' facial hair, John Lodge's shirt, and the state of the Ludwig sticker on the bass drum. I could post her full investigation if you like.
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  22. mrpleasant

    mrpleasant Music hoarder.

    Thank you for the followup. I'll find the post.

    Like I said, I'm just glad to see this performance no matter what the date of the original recording. It really is the link from the early days of MkII Moody Blues to their success after Days of Future Passed.
  23. roman.p

    roman.p Forum Resident

    Here's what she had to say:

    I've been working on this since these new clips came out! So I assembled every bit of video I had from the Mark II Moodies in the 60's, which ended up being more than I thought (over 3 hours)!
    Anyway, hair length, mustaches, beards and sideburns all help to place time marks.
    What songs were played are pretty indicative as well.
    Besides 67-68 being a time when the mustaches started to come out, a small detail I never noticed before helps to confirm where these various videos belong in a timeline! (These things are ALWAYS hard, because broadcast dates can trail performance dates by many months, which can throw many things off).
    Anyway, Graeme at one point in early to mid-1968 scraped (or taped over) part of the "Ludwig" logo off his bass drum. He eventually removes the rest of the logo roughly between August and September of 1968. So having this logo intact, partly gone, or missing all together helped also place things more firmly in a timeline.
    Two clips that surfaced not long ago from France's INA archives with a date of January 6, 1968 on the Bouton Rouge (Red Button) show, shows the logo intact still (noting that again, this show was likely taped earlier, although the other Bouton Rouge shows I found from that time period were broadcast very quickly after a taping, usually within 1-2 months). These Ce Soir on Danse clips have the Ludwig logo partly removed. Another firm Belgian broadcast date, July 30, 1968 Tienerklanken, also has the partial logo. Sometime between August and September 14, 1968, when Colour Me Pop was first broadcast, the Ludwig logo disappeared completely.
    As mentioned before, the NIWS clip I have from Ce Soir on Danse that came from the French commercial DVD, confirms at least a broadcast date of July 13, 1968.
    The other thing that I found out is that John wore the same copper-colored satin shirt in the 12/67 London Speakeasy clip, the 1/6/68 French Bouton Rouge clips, this Ce Soir on Danse show, the 7/30/68 Tienerklanken show AND the Prague 1968 show (the latter which likely took place in August of 1968).
    Then we have the Melody Maker blurb:
    "July 27, 1968 Melody Maker: "The Moodies are currently on a Continental tour which takes them to France, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal and Germany. Over 4,000 fans were at their opening in Grenoble (France) last week."
    That at least puts the band in the French vicinity, if it WAS taped shortly before airing. Since it was edited for television, it couldn't be a live broadcast.
    It's been reported elsewhere that "Bienvenue" is a location in France. "Une emission de Bienvenue" is written at the beginning and end, but Bienvenue (tr. 'Welcome') is merely the name of Guy Beart's very popular French TV show he had back then, which ran from 1963-1970, and featured these blocks of concert known as Ce Soir on Danse ('This Evening We Dance avec/with' this band or that band). As noted in a similar video I ran across of the group "Soft Machine," their show was recorded in October 1967 and broadcast in August of 1968, so the Moody show was likely also recorded months earlier as well. The Soft Machine's was also broadcast on Guy Beart's "Bienvenue" show, of course.
    If you look at the May 10, 1967 French clip of "Fly Me High" (5 days after the song's release), that dear Cécile found and shared with us several years ago now, that show was simulcast live in France from London's Marquee Club, and is a solid, documented live date. If you compare that version to the one on Ce Soir on Danse, the song is FAR less well-developed, and the guys all look noticeably different. SO we know for sure this new video was taped AFTER May 10, 1967 by several months, at least.
    All of that narrows the time span during which Ce Soir on Danse could have been recorded, to roughly from November '67 (the month DOFP was released) up to mid-July of '68 (the month ISOTLC was released). In my mind, if it had been THAT close to the broadcast date, we would probably have seen them do something more from ISOTLC besides "LOAM," especially since "VITS" and "Dr Livingstone, I Presume" were released on a single in June of '68. "LOAM" wasn't played in it's entirety, just the instrumental portion with the flute solo to the end, but it WAS very much like the recording in many fine details,
    "LOAM" was recorded on January 13, 1968. Seems likely this concert may have included the song because they were practiced up at that time slightly before or after going into the studio with it.
    Concert dates are relatively few from those years, but they were known to have been in France a couple of times in January 1968, one gig in February (26th) at the Olympia in Paris where they were REPORTED in Billboard magazine to have played Fly Me High, Bye Bye Bird, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, What Am I Doing Here and Nights in White Satin.
    "What Am I Doing Here" was recorded on Jan 28th. Again, maybe they added that because they had recently prepared for it, for the recording?
    All things considered, I am satisfied that the evidence confirms the broader span of time possibilities to be toward the very end of 1967 or beginning of 1968 for when this concert was recorded for Bienvenue. Another factor is that the band were not known to have been in France at the end of 1967, although that's not definitive proof that they weren't. But thus far in my research, I would put those new vintage clips to most likely have been recorded in the first 2 months of 1968.
    rainbow glo
  24. stillrockin

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    United Kingdom
    I confess readily that I am a sucker for deluxe edition sets. This one is a beauty. I was never a big Moodies fan growing up back in the day but I am making up for lost time big style!
  25. adriatikfan

    adriatikfan Forum Resident

    Thank you very much for posting this. It's much appreciated.

    A very credible argument for the dates being early 68.

    Best Wishes,
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