Moody Blues - What is the best of the "best ofs"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Trashman, Dec 5, 2017.

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    as stated above 'This is...The Moody Blues' was the one they put together themselves including in stereo Mike's non album 'A Simple Game' and some alternate mixes

    one decent cheap 2CD set worth grabbing is 'The Collection' (NOT "Collected') with that white ghostly humanoid figure (from 'Time Traveller' set) on blue background cover from 2001 on Universal/Decca/Threshold with two CDs featuring 'Go Now', then onto 'Tuesday Afternoon' etc

    'Nights' includes Mike narrating 'Late Lament' too

    it has 'Lovely To See You' and the first CD covers 'core seven' era tracks with a couple of best known songs from each album - Never Comes The Day, in addition to LTSY from OTTOAD, plus ''Question' and 'Melancholy Man' from AQOB -

    except EGBDF (from which only features 'Story in Your Eyes') while there are three songs included from ISOTLC (See Saw, Legend, Voices) , TOCCC (Gypsy, Candle, Watching) , and 'Seventh Sojourn' (Lost World, Isn't Life Strange, and the disc closes with IJAS...) - some 18 tracks in total

    CD 2 opens with 'Remember Me My Friend' and 'Blue Guitar' by Hayward and Lodge, then 'Slide Zone' and 'Driftwood' followed by 'Forever Autumn' by Justin Hayward (from 'War of The Worlds')

    'The Voice', TOOT, and 'Gemini Dream' (single mixes I think) taken originally from LDV, then 'Blue World', SATW from 'The Present', YWD and TOSOL from that 1986 album, then IKYOTS from SLM - then SIWL from KOTK, plus the rarer alternate single mix of 'Bless The Wings' and finally non album track 'Highway' - some 16 tracks on CD2 of the set

    for a cheap price it gives you quite a good mixture of classic songs, probably the best tracks of the 80's, pkus a few rarer solo or non album cuts too in decent sound quality

    whatever sets you have I'd recommend grabbing this one while it's still around going quite cheap on Amazon ! (just got another copy for a lady I'm trying to please.......)
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    I suspect you’ve done a splendid job of confusing the person who started this thread - and who, after all, is only looking for a Best Of!

    Just sayin’. :)
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    Sounds like a repackage of "Anthology" or maybe it is the other way around.
    There are just to many compilations out there.
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    I have sung the praises of the 'This is...' comp many times over on this forum and elsewhere. As others stated, it's a pretty unique approach to a compilation, with tracks remixed and re-segued, which makes for a cohesive listening experience, almost like a regular album. On top of that, it sticks to the 7 core albums, which are universally considered their best era.

    However, if you're looking for an all-encompassing compilation, it may not be enough. Not to muddy the waters even further, but this 2CD compilation has serverd me well over the years:

    The Moody Blues - Greatest Hits & More

    It's a Dutch release, so it may be hard to find overseas, but eBay and Discogs might help you out for a decent price. It was issued in 1996, at a time when the loudness wars were not in full flight yet, so soundwise it's pretty good. And it covers all the bases IMO when it comes to their best-known songs, even outside the 7 core albums. Plus it has the great Blue guitar (a Hayward/Lodge collaboration) and Forever autumn (Justin Hayward's hit single from The War of the World project).
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    My go-to, if I had to pick one, is Playlist + Plus (Polydor), a 3-CD set released about ten years ago. 36 tracks, most of the "essentials", "Tuesday Afternoon" through "December Snow". Bland, generic artwork telegraphs a budget release.

    Another one I really dig is The Singles+, 43 tracks, 2-CD set from Holland in a "fatboy" case, that features 10 tracks from the Denny Laine era ("Go Now", etc.) in addition to "Fly Me High" through "I Know You're Out There Somewhere". May be out of print, Amazon only has it used.

    Both of these, as is often the case with CD-era Moodies compilations, include gratuitous Blue Jays tracks and, on the latter comp, "Forever Autumn". I dislike this practice, because it obviously uses up space that could be used for actual Moodies tracks!
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  6. richarm

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    This is the Moody Blues = perfection
  7. DaveinMA

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  8. Jack White

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    'This Is ...' the definitive collection.

    The track selection is perfect and perfectly sequenced. This comp is a new mix by their original producer, Tony Clarke, and original engineer, Derek Varnals (which I believe for the most part are the quad mixes folded down to stereo - whatever it is, it sounds very good).

    I'm not a big fan of anything after their 'original 7' albums. So, I don't mind a comp missing any of the songs past that period.
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    Universal did a bunch of these 3-cd sets in the mid-2000's. I had a Fania label one that was pretty cool.
  10. bhazen

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    Actually, I quite like that one! :) I'd rearrange the track order chronologically in iTunes, but I like a few unexpected album cuts in there. Well spotted, DaveinMA!
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  11. Trashman

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    Thanks for the input everyone! The overwhelming opinion seems to be that "This Is..." is where I should start. Given the low price of that set, it seems like a good option.
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  12. Psychedelic Good Trip

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    Great set. Got the bonus disc as well.
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    But it has a "gratuitous Blue Jays track"!
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    Yeah, well, I think that's hardwired Universal Music policy. At least "Forever Autumn"'s not in there ... ;)

    The rest is pretty great, though; I particularly like the Question Of Balance album cuts in there. I will look out for a used copy ... to add to the 8 or 9 Moodies comps I have already. :D
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  15. SJB

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    This Is the Moody Blues is a decent comp of their 1967-72 period, but some albums receive much greater emphasis than others. (Anything less than a box set tends to neglect Every Good Boy Deserves Favour except for the single "The Story in Your Eyes.")

    For a concise, career-spanning collection, Gold is a good bet - it tends to be my go-to Moodies compilation. Like most Moodies sets, it doesn't include "Go Now."

    As for the poor sound of "Go Now," I believe the master tape vanished, so every existing copy is from a needledrop of an acetate.
    Moody Blues Go Now
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  16. Dylancat

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    You have chosen wisely.
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  17. PTgraphics

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    Singles + works for me. I also have Legend of a Band and This Is. Sound quality wise my old pressing of Voices in the Sky sounds great.
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  18. Galley

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    Time Traveller or Gold
  19. scoutbb

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    "This Is" is definitely the way to go for the Classic 7.
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  20. Ben Adams

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    These would be some of the reasons this album is recommended by so many - because of the presentation, crossfades, and different remixes. It's not a typical best of and all the better for it.
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  21. Although the songs are segued together and are mostly not the singles version, "This Is The Moody Blues" is a great album. Using their song "Question" as an example, the only collection I have found which uses the single version is "Voices In The Sky". Interestingly, "The Best Of The Moody Blues" , on "Question", starts out with the single version intro but ends at album length with the album version ending. All other collections I've found use the straight album cut.
    Before "This Is The Moody Blues" was originally released in the 70's, I had made my own similar version on cassette, of course using the original singles versions and pulling the non-single tracks off the LP's. I included other tracks I liked in my segued cassette version.
    I really don't find anything wrong with the "Collected" CD set which includes the Decca singles. I am very happy with "Collected' and am glad that I have it.
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  22. For the Record

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    It's OK at best. Crossfading tracks on a "best of" is never usually a good thing. Jarring edits and fadeouts are unfavorable to me, anyway. Most people don't buy "best of's" for alternate mixes either.
  23. Shak Cohen

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    I have a German Teldec pressing, it really does sound fantastic.
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  24. Crossfades, segues, are nothing new in "Best Of" compilations nor are alternate versions. Other albums like "The Singles 1969-1973" by The Carpenters is another example of this. When I get a "Best Of" compilation, I expect the original, most familiar hit single versions or if album only, the original mix/version.
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  25. Ben Adams

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    Plenty of other MB collections then for y'all who don't like the crossfades on This Is.

    I have Gold myself. It's good.
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