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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TheWarmth, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. kannibal

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    Cool, i’ll check this out.
  2. Peace N. Love

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    Roy Orbison, Gary Puckett and an obscure Bacharach/David/Warwick track... The Moz remains full of surprises.
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  3. pghmusiclover

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    ...not to mention Jobriah, and some fine female singer-songwriters like Buffy Sainte-Marie, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Laura Nyro and Melanie
  4. I have a label promo CD from way back which is an interview with Joni Mitchell done my Morrissey. I should listen to it again.. He is a huge fan.
  5. Dave Gilmour's Cat

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  6. Devotional

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    I've always thought that a covers album is a good idea for Morrissey, and him singing "It's Over" almost sounds like a dream come true for me in theory, but the execution is of course disappointing. The band sounds too muscular, the tempo is too fast, and what was LP thinking with that intro? Makes it come off as ironic. Save for the ending, Moz' vocals are great, though, and I am looking forward to this album - even though it features Billy Joe Armstrong.
  7. C6H12O6

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    Sweet Jesus, I was going to try for Morrissey tickets tomorrow morning, but I just heard that the prices are much higher than usual. I guess the rationale is that it's on Broadway, but still, here's a screenshot of how much they're going for:
  8. 3Dman

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    I liked this quite a bit. He sounds great, especially on the verses. Yes I wish Alain was still around and Jesse was elsewhere, with Steve Lillywhite or Stephen Street producing but I have hope for this album. I think it might be very listenable, maybe purely for Steven’s vocals on some well written melodies.
  9. Maybe it's the mastering, I dunno, but this has an oddly unfinished sound to it, like this isn't the final mix or EQ. The vocals don't sit naturally in the sound field, giving it a kind of karaoke feel.
  10. John54

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    Alright, I gave It's Over a listen and I like it! Its form is quite faithful to Roy Orbison's original (though not 100%). The band is more robust '80s than delicate '60s, but it asserts itself in what I reckon are the proper places.

    With those little falsetto bits, I wonder if he is up to doing something by Frank Ifield? Like I Remember You, or The Wayward Wind ... ?

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