Most confusing/convoluted plots of all time

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Rocker, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    What are your choices for some movies, TV series, video games, etc, with incredibly confusing/convoluted plots? Let the insanity begin!

    My vote goes to the Metal Gear series of video games. Fans will already know exactly what I'm talking about, but for anyone who's not familiar with the series... let's just say that, after completing all 8 main games in the franchise, I watched a 3 1/2 hour "summary" video on YouTube to try and get everything straight... and afterwards, I still have questions. o_O
  2. Bachtoven

    Bachtoven Lord of the strings

    I vote for Dark on Netflix.
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  3. JozefK

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  4. Cokelike-

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    I'm currently watching and ... yeah, haha, seriously. I guess somewhere around episode 5 I just made the decision to not even care if I could follow and understand all the threads and plotlines happening. Despite this, I'm still hooked. Acting is reasonably good, premise is interesting (love a good time travel story), and it sure can't be accused of being too slowly paced. If anything, it's almost too fast. Into season 2 now, and still not sure I could tell you everyone's name and who they're related too. Maybe most of them. Great show though, so far. The intro theme song spooked me on first hearing in a way I hadn't felt since Unsolved Mysteries. Just enjoying the ride on this one.
  5. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    Quantum of Solace
  6. Halfwit

    Halfwit Forum Resident

    The Big Sleep
  7. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    Can't forget The X-Files...
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  8. Tim Lookingbill

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    New Braunfels, TX
    1965's Mirage with Gregory Peck.

    I was around ten when I first saw it on TV in reruns and it took about 5 viewings over a 30 year span before I could figure out the plot. Once I did, I now think it's a brilliant movie and quite entertaining.
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  9. Barnabas Collins

    Barnabas Collins Forum Resident

    Maybe I'm a doofus but I had a hard time following Castle Rock on Hulu. It only ever clicked once I YouTubed some explanations.
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  10. Tim S

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    East Tennessee
    Donnie Darko wins in a landslide.
  11. Among current TV programs, Westworld.
  12. Pete Norman

    Pete Norman Forum Resident

    um, Twin Peaks...
  13. I recall that Miami Vice could be hard to follow if you missed the opening scenes.
  14. andrewskyDE

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    New Zack Island
    The film Wicker Park. The story switches present and past back and forth so quickly sometimes without noticing.
  15. Bachtoven

    Bachtoven Lord of the strings

    Yeah, with a show like Dark, one sometimes just has to enjoy it in the moment and not constantly try to figure out what is happening. Season two answered a few questions but not all. I think they could have cut the amount of convolution in half and still had a perfectly intriguing story. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  16. action pact

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  17. Hershiser

    Hershiser Forum Resident

    YES, this was the first film that came into my mind as well!
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  18. This one
  19. LeBon Bush

    LeBon Bush Hound of Love

    God, yes. This is one of these shows where I don't even dare getting up to get a glass of water or go to the toilet because I'm sure to miss some pieces of the puzzle. Love the show.
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  20. LeBon Bush

    LeBon Bush Hound of Love

    The owls are not what they seem.
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  21. LeBon Bush

    LeBon Bush Hound of Love

    Oh, right, the OP. I found "The Witches of Eastwick" to be extremely confusing and very weirdly paced. Still don't know what the actual **** is even going on in that film.
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  22. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles

    Not that hard to follow.

    FACE OF BOE Forum Resident

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  24. Gill-man

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    Daytime Soap Operas over the decades have every single one of these beat. Convoluted, confusing plots are part of their MO.
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  25. Deesky

    Deesky Forum Resident

    Some that come to mind: Dark, Legion, Lost, Counterpart, + almost any spy-based drama.

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