Most confusing/convoluted plots of all time

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Rocker, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. pocofan

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    Plan 9 From Outer Space
  2. Phil Tate

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    FANTASTIC film! But yes, very hard to get your head around - it kind of feels like you're watching the middle 80 minutes of a 4-hour movie!
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    It makes sense if Michael actually ordered the killing. But the movie wants us to think that Roth wants Pentangeli to think that Michael ordered it, and somehow knew that it would be broken up and be unsuccessful, so that Pentangeli would go to the Feds and testify against Michael...kinda ridiculous.
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    I don’t follow — even if Michael ordered the hit, why would the killer have to announce that to a man that would be dead in two minutes? What other hit in the movie featured the killers announcing something like this? It just wasn’t part of the MO.

    So, you’re stating that the “foiled attempt” on Pentangeli’s life was the actual plan? That Pentangeli surviving was actually part of Roth’s the plan? If so, that’s a stretch...
  5. twicks

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    I agree that it does not make sense. But the movie goes along like it was the plan.

    Tom Hagen: "Roth, he played this one beautifully."
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    Thank you! :wave: Now I see that.
  7. Some of the most confusing bits involving the doubles could probably have been clarified via FX work if Shane Carruth had a budget equal to the catering expenses on a typical Hollywood shoot. For the time travel aspect alone, Wikipedia offers this handy schematic. :)

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