Most confusing/convoluted plots of all time

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Rocker, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. eric777

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  2. Dr. Funk

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    Fort worth tx
    Jacob's Ladder (1990)
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  3. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Most any British detective series.
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  4. Dr. Funk

    Dr. Funk Forum Resident

    Fort worth tx
    Three Days Of The Condor (1975)
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  5. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles

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  6. Dr. Funk

    Dr. Funk Forum Resident

    Fort worth tx
    Interstellar (2014)
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  7. Dr. Funk

    Dr. Funk Forum Resident

    Fort worth tx
    The Number 23 (2007)
  8. aussievinyl

    aussievinyl Appreciator Of Creative Expression

    The Lady From Shanghai - starring, written and directed by Orson Welles.
  9. neo123

    neo123 Forum Resident

    Northern Kentucky
    TV show Lost, especially the final season.

    Damn show sucks you in with the first season and then gets progressively weirder each season. But you are already sucked in and want to see it played out, only to be let down with the series finale, introducing more questions than having answers for previous questions and leaving you hanging with a dumb ending to top it off. Writers wrote themselves into a corner and had no way of getting out with a satisfying conclusion.

    Other similar shows that debuted after Lost followed the same type of convoluted plots and subplots (too many to keep track of): Person Of Interest, The Blacklist, Designated Survivor, Revolution, Under The Dome

    Even though I stuck with Lost to the end, the other shows I mentioned I gave up on after a few years (some didn't even last a season for me) since they were going nowhere. Now I refuse to invest my time into new drama shows if I feel they are going to follow a long arc with numerous plots and subplots. I prefer my shows to be episodic without long season/series arcs.

    As for movies, there are a handful of them that I can't recall except for some of the ones already mentioned. Donnie Darko and Jacob's Ladder are two I agree with the most.

    Also, even though I liked Inception and liked the visuals, I do agree somewhat about the convoluted multi-layers. Any movies that have "A Dream within a Dream within a Dream, etc." type of plots can lose the viewer really quickly if the viewer isn't closely paying attention. Even if they are paying attention, they can get lost very quickly if it was poorly written or too many things were introduced during the "Dream Dives."

    Any movies that mess with your mind fall into this category. Mindf**k plots are what I call them (Donnie Darko and Jacob's Ladder are two of the biggest mindf**ks I've seen.) There are others that are similar that I can't recall right now.

    I just thought of another movie that I thought was too convoluted: Vanilla Sky (Tom Cruise version.) That may have been the first movie I ever saw at the theater in which I said out loud "What the Hell did I just watch!" while walking out after it was over...and I wasn't the only one who said something similar. I heard at least 2 or 3 other people saying similar things while walking out.
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  10. johnnyyen

    johnnyyen Forum Resident

    Yes, John Le Carre adaptations can be difficult to follow. I was watching the recent BBC adaptation of Little Drummer Girl, and found myself rewinding back to several scenes to figure out what was going on.
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  11. Deesky

    Deesky Forum Resident

    I cannot understand how anyone can enjoy a show that they had no idea about what was going on. It just doesn't compute!
  12. 93curr

    93curr Senior Member


    I'd argue the exact opposite for 'Person Of Interest' - it started out weak and confused and, honestly, a little unambitious and just got stronger and more focused as it went on. The final season brought almost everything into a tight focus. I don't think the writers knew what they were doing when they started, but they did by the end. So; basically the antithesis of 'Lost.'
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  13. Chip Z

    Chip Z Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    I figure out the good guys and the bad guys and just let it happen. Go with the flow... :)
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  14. Culpa

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    Philadelphia, PA
    So far the sequel is starting to look like a real head-scratcher too!
  15. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    2016 Election & sequel to you say....
    Why i wonder would I be getting flashbacks to grade school days?
  16. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    Lost was awful as an ending but really sucked you in until they set off the bomb. 12 Monkeys is another tale that never quite unravels after the end.
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  17. dprokopy

    dprokopy Forum Resident

    Near Seattle, WA
    I loved this movie. I actually didn't find it terribly difficult to follow. My recollection was that it was actually extremely well-written and all of the time-travel elements were very well-done, and followed its own internal consistency beautifully.
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  18. Los Amantes del Círculo Polar both by Spanish director Julio Medem is exactely the same, a tricky plot with plenty of flashbacks and all for nothing. He must be one of the most pretentious film makers of all time.
  19. Really? I think it's a really straightforward plot, if you had said Coppola's The Conversation...
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  20. Dr. Funk

    Dr. Funk Forum Resident

    Fort worth tx
    Interesting...….I thought the Conversation was pretty straightforward, as I was able to follow the plot on my first viewing. Three Days Of The Condor took three or Four viewings to understand all of the nuiances…..The whole secret CIA within the CIA and who worked for who is a bit muddy.
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  21. mr. steak

    mr. steak Forum Resident

    tempe az
    As a fan of Charlie Kaufman I was left quite cold, confused and in the end just bored by Synecdoche, New York.
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  22. Jack White

    Jack White Forum Resident

    Great show. I miss it. I was thinking about it the other day ... actually, I was thinking about Paige Turco.
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  23. 93curr

    93curr Senior Member

    That's easily my most often watched film of the past twenty years.
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  24. agaraffa

    agaraffa Forum Resident

    I was just going to mention this. I agree... I've only watched it once, but although it seemed to me to have a lot to say, I can't say that I understood a lot of what was going on. I saw it several years ago, and always meant to give it another viewing, but I found it terribly depressing. And now that Philip Seymour Hoffman has passed, I really don't think I'd be able to emotionally handle sitting through it again. :cry:
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  25. Ginger Ale

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    New York
    Though I haven't seen it, Last Year at Marienbad is allegedly famous for being incomprehensible.

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