Most Interesting Chuck Berry cover

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Fastnbulbous, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Not necessarily the best but covers that sound more like the band than Chuck's original.

    An example:

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    End of thread!

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    AC/DC - School Days
  4. Fastnbulbous

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    "I don't know the words."
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    I'll go with ELO's Roll Over Beethoven.
  6. The Lone Cadaver

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    Sweet Little Sixteen - The Hollies & John Lennon
    Roll Over Beethoven - The Beatles
    Johnny B. Goode - Johnny Winter
    Carol - The Rolling Stones
    Sweet Little Rock and Roller - Rod Stewart & The Bunch (Richard Thompson et al.)
    Memphis - The Hollies & The Faces
    Too Much Monkey Business - The Yardbirds
    Rock and Roll Music - The Beatles & The Beach Boys
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  7. Michael

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    BEST? The Beatles of course!
  8. Jazzmonkie

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    Iron Maiden - "Roll Over Vic Vella"

    Honorable mention to Judas Priest - "Johnny B. Goode"
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  10. Lk4605

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    " Little queenie" by the Rolling Stones (live)
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    If you think what Marty McFly played shocked those kids in 1955, imagine if they heard this:

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  12. B. Bu Po

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  13. Rich C

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    Definitely, And out of all of them my vote is for Come Together.
  14. Fastnbulbous

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  15. mark winstanley

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    Memphis - Johnny Rivers

  17. Spazaru

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    This was posted by a reader of a blog on Greil Marcus's criticism:

    I remember reading your Elvis obit in Rolling Stone whereupon you comment on Chuck Berry’s reaction to Elvis’ death. You wrote that Chuck never hid his bitterness at the fact it took a white man to symbolize the music they all invented in the ’50s. I grew up in St. Louis and had the good fortune of seeing and meeting Chuck numerous times in concert and in life. And yes, he was not always a nice person. But sometimes he was very charming. A moody loner is how I would describe him. One time in the late ’90s I saw him perform at the Blueberry Hill venue. After the show, he signed and met with waiting fans backstage. He was in a a great fun mood. Open and expansive. I had a few moments with him and I asked him a question: “Of all of the artists who have covered your songs, is there any that stand out or you liked?” Without any hesitation he responded, Elvis Presley! He said his performance of “Promised Land” was amazing. I looked at him in disbelief, not because of Elvis, who I love, but because I assumed his bitterness towards Elvis’ success. He saw my reaction and responded even more forcefully. “No, no, listen Elvis added something to that song. He understood what I meant. Nobody else ever got my intent!” I was so excited I embarrassed myself and regret my reaction now. I asked him if he had met Elvis or even told him what he told me. At that moment, the famous defensive part of himself began and he shut down any further comment and dismissed me. I realized later he lost interest when the question and attention was not on him but on someone else. He wanted to control the narrative. In any case, I think you are correct about Chuck’s satisfaction at outliving his peers, but I think Chuck might have been bitter before he was famous.
  19. chervokas

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    Great story...that version of "Promised Land" is my favorite Berry cover and one of my favorite records ever and it fit Elvis like a glove. I understand exactly what Chuck is attributed as having said here about what Elvis heard in the song and put into it. Plus the performance rocks.
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  21. zen

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    Definitely interesting. :thumbsup:
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  22. The early Stones really had an affinity for Berry - in addition to the already mentioned "Carol", both "You Can't Catch Me" and "Around and Around" are fantastic covers. In fact, to me, "Around" (a live staple at the time as well) easily surpasses Berry's original...
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    Well played!
  24. JozefK

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    Chuck Berry gets the sunshine pop treatment

  25. popcorn1

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    Johnnie Allan---Promised Land---swamp-pop supremo!!!!

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