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Movie You Love but Think Not Many Others Have Seen

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MortSahlFan, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. clhboa

    clhboa Forum Resident

    Border Radio

    A low budget, black + white movie set in the Southern California punk rock scene. John Doe stars, and Dave Alvun has a great cameo...

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  2. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    I used to have this movie on VHS tape. Young Hayley Mills was a talented actress.

    In the states and I guess, the rest of the world, Haley was mainly known for her Disney movies. That was fine, but she had a much greater scope as an actress, as this movie shows.
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  3. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    A favorite of mine. I mentioned this movie in the thread where Renee Zellweger, plays Judy Garland, in Judy.

    Jane Horrocks in real life imates famous singers including Judy Garland.

    Because of this, a play was written around her ability.

    The play was made into a this movie.
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  4. Tim S

    Tim S Senior Member

    East Tennessee
    I really liked it - the supporting cast is also awesome and there are plenty of laugh out loud funny moments.
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  5. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    The Yellow Handkerchief was an endearing low budget movie with William Hurt.

    It also starred a pre-Twilight, Kristen Stewart in a very interesting role.

    Interestingly enough, Stewart was in another movie, Into The Wild, with Hurt, only the year before.

    I'm quite fond of this movie.
  6. Valkenburg

    Valkenburg Forum Resident

    That reminds me: The Late Show starring Art Carney as an old, broken-down PI and Lily Tomlin as his flaky client. Produced by Robert Altman and directed by Robert Benton.
  7. SmallDarkCloud

    SmallDarkCloud Forum Resident

    Regarding lesser-known Kurosawa films, I’m partial to his 1975 film Dersu Uzala. It’s a Japanese/Soviet Union co-production, filmed in Siberia, about a Russian military officer who befriends a local hunter. It’s an unusual subject and location for Kurosawa, but much of his style is there, particularly in the scenes of Siberia’s brutal weather.

    Even though the movie won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film and was distributed in the U.S. by Roger Corman, I think it’s little-known these days (here, anyway) except to cinephiles.
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  8. Saint Johnny

    Saint Johnny Forum Resident

    Asbury Park

    James Caan's best performance ever, bar none! Even he thinks so.
    And it was Michael Mann's first theatrical feature, after the TV movie, "The Jericho Mile"
  9. gseindiana

    gseindiana New Member

    In the late seventies Channel 44 in Chicago used to show unusual and obscure films, the same movie repeated the same time, Monday through Friday! This was long before cable channels thought of it! I had a girlfriend then who watched The Baby (1973) five nights in a row...don’t know how she did it!
    A movie I liked was Hitch Hike (1963) starring Aretha Aems, Arletty, etc. It was a really good movie, and seems to have disappeared. I made an audio recording of the soundtrack (mic up to a TV speaker into a reel to reel, still have the tape) but I wonder whatever happened to this film, I’ve never found it on VHS, DVD...anybody else remember this movie?
  10. jason88cubs

    jason88cubs Forum Resident

    "mama's boy"
    "just friends"
    "night of the twisters"
  11. crn3371

    crn3371 Well-Known Member

    Glendora, CA
    “The Swimmer” with Burt Lancaster
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  12. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    I had a 16mm print of that back in the 70's.

    Don't remember much of it, just that this guy, went from here to there by swimming house to house in other people's swimming pools.

    An odd little low budget film to see a big name like Burt Lancaster in?
  13. Guillaume P

    Guillaume P Well-Known Member

    That's one of my favourite movies and i can't wait to see it on Blu Ray or in theaters...Mia Farrow, the soundtrack, the Scope cinematography, the autumnal London and some of the scenes (the opening and ending) are breathtaking!

    Here's a nice link about the film:

  14. YardByrd

    YardByrd rock n roll citizen in a hip hop world

    The Knack and How to Get It... great flick but not well known outside '60s fans...
  15. MortSahlFan

    MortSahlFan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    "Sult" (Hunger) 1966
  16. Picca

    Picca Forum Resident

    Modena, Italy

    BILLONEEG Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Tiger Bay - Hayley Mills' first movie is fantastic!!!
    The Family Way - One of my favorites with Hayley
    Mills & it is awesome!!! Both highly recommended.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. efraley

    efraley Forum Resident

    Richmond Va USA
    Rolling Thunder- the first time I saw Tommy Lee Jones

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