Movies Made Adapted From Stephen King Books

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  1. Carrie, Stand By Me, It (parts 1 and 2)Doctor Sleep, The Shining, Shawshank and The Green Mile, Misery, Needful Things as well as The Mist, The Dead Zone, Dolores Claiborne
    , Dark Half, Salem’s Lot (the first adaption), The Stand, Gerald’s Game are all top notch adaptions.

    Apt Pupil Hearts in Atlantis and 1408 were all very good (Hearts in Atlantis) suffered from being severed from the Dark Tower series.
    Ironically, s9me of the worst adaptions were done by King himself.
    Firstarter isn’t great but has a terrific, off the wall performance by George C. Scott.
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  2. Gerald s Game only came out in 2017 not that long ago.
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    IMO-'Misery' is the 2nd Best Movie based on a King Novel or Short Story after 'The Shawshank Redemption'. Also concur that '1408' was a really Good Movie Adaptation from one of King's Short Stories. 'The Mist' was also a Good Movie. I saw 'The Dead Zone' in the past 10 years and liked it enough to buy the book, but have not read it yet(I seem to buy a lot of King's Books, but have yet to read them, as only took the time to read 'IT' and a few others so far).
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  4. TheSeldomSeenKid

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    I do not think anyone has mentioned this Movie(The Night Flier) yet. I tend to read more of King's Shot Stories, as does not involve a long time commitment and he excels in this format(some of his Novels really needed to be Edited to have been made shorter-IMO).

    Anyways, I really liked this Short Story and the concept of a Vampire needing a plane to travel(I thought all Vampires could turn into a bat and fly, so why would they need their own plane?). The Short Story had a great part when the Vampire was taking a piss, and since Vampires are invisible looking at one through a mirror, all that was described in that part of the story was seeing the Piss being Red Blood when the Vampire was hitting the bathroom to relieve himself. The Movie recreated this scene as described in the Short Story, which I thought was shown well.

    Anyways, a creepy movie, and worth watching one time, but you might want to read the Short Story first, to get an idea on the plot. Also, effective not revealing what the Vampire looked like until near the end-IIRC(although, unfortunately the Vampire is shown in the starting screen shot for the Trailer below).

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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned 11/22/63. It's the only King book I've read. It was simply amazing!! A very long book (30 hours long audio book), but I got sucked in and really enjoyed the ride. The mini series was one of the worst fiascos I've ever tried to watch. They tried to capture an epic novel in 8 hours. Didn't work. At all. I can't believe it got a 8.2 on IMDB. Just a mess.

    It really needs to be redone as a series over more than one season with much better production values. I dare anyone to read this book and like the tv version.

    And I do agree, Shawshank is one of a very few perfect movies ever made.
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    I just read Apt Pupil for the first time a couple weeks ago, but I don't recall the kid being described as the "big strapping popular football player" type... maybe I'm just recalling it incorrectly, but my impression of him was that he was a very "average" kid.

    Either way, I liked the book quite a bit and am curious to give the movie a re-watch to see how it compares... (I did see it once many years ago, but I don't really remember much about it). My one criticism about the book was that I felt like it ended too abruptly... I was digging the story and was hoping for another 20-30 pages, but then it was just suddenly all over! :p
  7. alexpop

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    The Stand ?
    Yeah ..novel is still the best.
    Liked the TV movie, dated now.
  8. HaileyMcComet

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    If Stephen King read this topic

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  9. Daniel Plainview

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    Whoops. I meant 'Dolores Clareborne".
  10. Manimal

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    I think Green Mile was my favorite. I read the book and was sorely disappointed. I read the stand and couldn’t help thinking how much time I wasted. Didn’t he do the one with Mr. Duds or something? Alien invasion movie, Dream Catcher? I actually enjoyed that one.
  11. gkella

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    Stand By Me
    The Shining
  12. Wildest cat from montana

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    You would think that any book regardless of its length could be successfully translated to film in eight hours.
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  13. Michael

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    the Perfect Storm sucked...terrible ending which made the entire show a waste of time for closure.
  14. Michael

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    yes, I felt the same way...Jack was not Jack...
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  15. Michael

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    LOL...yea that would have really improved it...pleeeese~
  16. Michael

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    Shelly was wonderful...the kid was OK.
  17. Wildest cat from montana

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    Sorry but Stanley , Jack and I disagree...
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  18. Bhob

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    Didn’t happen.
  19. Rocker

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    I think you mean Storm of the Century ;)
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  20. Rocker

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    I think the miniseries of 11/22/63 did a pretty decent job of covering the main details of the book... obviously any book of that length is going to need some trimming when being adapted into a film, but this one worked out well. I'd even say it did a better job than The Stand miniseries, which despite bring 6 hours, still felt like it was missing way too many details and subplots from the novel. (I think they even combined 2 female characters from the book into one role in the movie, which was kind of awkward).
  21. eric777

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    "Carrie", "Christine", "The Dead Zone", and "Pet Sematary" are some of my favorite horror films as well as books. "Stand By Me" was really good as well. Unfortunately, I didn't care much for many of King's other books nor the films based on them.
  22. Vidiot

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    One issue is that the book takes place over a period of 4 years, from the time the kid is 13 to the time he's 17. And he is a big man on campus and on the football team by the end of the novel.

    The key is that the kid was a twisted monster and dies at the end of the book, shot by police. But they greatly watered it down in the movie so that he only killed "a few" homeless people, it all takes place over a few months (not 4 years), and he gets away with it and does not die at the end. I'd call that a fairly massive change.
  23. The Slug Man

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    I thought Rose Madder was a good book and used to wish they would make that into a movie. For some reason I always envisioned Bruce Willis as the crazy abusive husband driving around yelling "Viva ze Bull." But it's probably a case of "be careful what you wish for" because King adaptations are such a crapshoot.
  24. Michael

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    yea I do...typo... I was think of SOTC! and thanks bro...
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  25. Scope J

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    Watched 2 recently

    1408 (bad)
    11/22/63 (crap!)

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