Music Direct 15% Off All Vinyl Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 ONLY !

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by MYKE, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. floyd

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    yeah it was it seems at least a year ago that prices on AP and Mofi releases started going up and also they seemed to start disappearing from sites like and or if you did find them at those places they were priced well above Music Direct or Acoustic Sounds. It may be that you found something on sale if you found one of those cheaper not long ago, I know for instance a couple of the Bob Dylan Mofi 45 rpm titles are down to $35 from $50. One even down to $30 from $50.
  2. Twinsfan007

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    So my order was cancelled for some reason. My understanding is that because i ordered it with paypal it took longer than someone using a credit card so by the time they processed my order they were out of stock and the order was then cancelled as they can't "preorder" anything with paypal. Whatever. Just glad that they got it on order now. So the wait begins....
  3. robd2

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    Any sign of the next 20% off sale?
  4. MYKE

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    :biglaugh:...there wasn't one at Christmas, therefore I think they'll all likely top out at 15% from here on.
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  5. Twinsfan007

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    Phoenix, AZ
    So I just got my copy of Texas Hurricane in. Everything looked good until I took the plastic off. The records were not individually wrapped like my Doors boxset was. Did they not do this for this release or maybe for only the gold foiled numbered ones? I was really confused when I opened it. I am just worried that I might have gotten a returned version and they just rewrapped the outside and sent it to MD. I know there were rumors of AS and MD kinda "not the greatest of friends". Maybe I'm just paranoid..

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