Music Matters Definitive Blue Note 45 RPM and 33 & 1/3 RPM vinyl series (pt7)

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    I can tell you this, I just did a comparison of the Stereo Japan King and Stereo Classic "Cool Struttin'" and the Classic was more dynamic and far easier on the ears. The King sounds like the bass was boosted a bit much but more so the upper mids sound really tweaked. It's really opened up and it's too much for me.

    I'm not crazy about all the Classics, but in this case I may not bother with the MM. I think the Classic sounds reasonable. But maybe the King is not a good comparison point?

    The other cool thing about the Classics is how many Monos they did. For all the pre-1960 Blue Notes Monos whatever the Classics lack at least they are hundreds of dollars cheaper.

    Jury is still out on King for me. For MM I only get the 45s.
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  2. mpayan

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    Arent many of the mono's just fold downs?
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    I've compared the Classic stereo Cool Struttin' to the MM33 (also stereo, and I generally prefer the sound of the MM45 releases to their 33 counterparts) and found them to sound very similar. Both cut from the same tape on a high quality mastering system by a solid engineer. But...the Classic Records mono is the winner to my ears, I much prefer the presentation with the horns coming from the center vs both cramped over on the left side.
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  4. Blackie

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    Not the titles before and including 4003.
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    Gotcha. I just buy the MM's and forget about all that :D
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    Unfortunately that doesn't work. Too many pre-1960 dedicated Mono mixes never issued by MM.
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  7. I would highly recommend “True Blue”. I learned about it via these reissues and it has become my top two or three all-time favorite jazz albums. I am no jazz expert, but I read an assessment of “True Blue” where the reviewer mentioned that the songs feel well-constructed and thought out, much more than just the by-the-numbers session jam that many other jazz albums were built from. I found that to be entirely true... the album seems to have melody and structure with meaning!
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    I agree with this assessment 100%.
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  9. hfarrior3

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    Thanks, although I know MM is superior in sound I have a cheaper reissue .
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  10. hfarrior3

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    Gotta pick one for now. Just don't have enough $ to slip down the MM rabbit hole like so many others have done. Every time I buy one issue I can't help but to think about how many other records I could have bought with that money. Quality over quantity I guess.
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    The MM33 is mono, some prefer that mix. I have both black en blue vinyl on MM. The latter is sold out, just like the AP 45rpm (stereo) that is the best version of the album I have ever heard.
  12. Johan1880

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    $200 a pop for a MM record in a box with some extras. This isn't for the fans, it's for the rich collectors.
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  14. Gabe Walters

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    That scarf tho
  15. Blumagnet

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    My latest BN purchase is Jack Wilson's "Easterly Winds", which can still be had in VG+ to NM condition for an original 1967 Liberty pressing for less than $30. It was not among the 168 mentioned titles. MM is unlikely to ever release it.[/QUOTE]
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  16. Blumagnet

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    Listening to Jack Wilson's " Easterly Winds" right now on Tidal HiFi and I have added it my "Must Buy on Vinyl" list!
  17. DeRosa

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    Really it's the opposite.

    Until almost 1960, the Stereo versions were 'fold outs' in that Rudy didn't have two monitor speakers in the Hackensack studio.
    Every two track tape was mixed in the studio for mono. In June 1959 when he moved into the new Englewood Cliffs recording studio
    Rudy finally had stereo monitors.

    Blue Note recordings: mono, stereo, pseudo-stereo
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  18. geddy402

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    Ok, so I’m sure this post is going to annoy some and has probably been asked a million times before, but where do I begin with the MM reissues? I have started to get into collecting jazz records, mainly original Columbia and Blue Note reissues with Van Gelder stamps when I can find them, but I wanted to delve into the MM where possible to fill in gaps for copies that are too expensive.

    I have Analogue Productions Moanin’ and Somethin’ Else which sound great, so I know reissues can be as good or in some cases superior to an original copy (meaning hard to find clean originals). But, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the MM catalog. I’m into straight ahead jazz, hard bop stuff nothing too free or experimental. Coltrane is about as far into the free stuff that I go.

    So, any suggestions for a MM newbie or a post/thread that can help me out? Thanks for the help!
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  19. MM 33s of “Blue Train” and “Midnight Blue”, also Tina Brooks “True Blue”. Herbie Hancock’s “Maiden Voyage” - but I think it may be pricey now! Good luck exploring! I don’t have the whole series or anything close but those are three or four that I would definitely recommend. “Midnight Blue” sounds creepy good! In the room is an understatement.
  20. Gez

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    Based on your preference for straight ahead jazz, you will find the following MM's highly enjoyable - the sound is amazing, the performances are superlative - all in all, they are worth the higher prices since you will find yourself constantly returning to them for inspiration:

    Tina Brooks - True Blue
    Grant Green - Idle Moments
    Dexter Gordon - Go!
    Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage
    Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles
    Joe Henderson - Page One
    Andrew Hill - Point of Departure
    Freddie Hubbard - Hub-Tones
    Thad Jones - The Magnificent Thad Jones
    Jackie McLean - Right Now!
    Hank Mobley - Soul Station
    Lee Morgan - Sidewinder
    Ike Quebec - Blue and Sentimental
    Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer
    Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil
    Larry Young - Unity
  21. Gabe Walters

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    Start with what you know and like and work out from there. Jazz is all about the players. Take Moanin' for instance. There are lots of great MM reissues featuring Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, or both. Re Somethin' Else, there aren't many--any?--other MM reissues featuring Cannonball Adderley or Miles Davis, or even Hank Jones. Those guys just didn't record for Blue Note often. But if you like Miles, there are plenty of records on MM featuring his regular sidemen. Albums under Art Blakey or Sonny Rollins' names, for instance. Hank Mobley has a ton of appearances on MM reissues that are probably right up your alley. Philly Joe Jones. Definitely go for Blue Train by John Coltrane if you can swing it. Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers. And then, getting into the mid-60s sound, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Ron Carter. Follow the sidemen and they will lead you to other sidemen, and other leaders, and your knowledge can mushroom from there.
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  22. Fender Relic

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    My favorites so far...

    Lee Morgan-Lee-Way and Search For The New Land
    Horace Silver-Cape Verdean Blues
    Stanley Turrentine with the 3 Sounds-Blue Hour
    Art Blakey-Moanin',Indestructible,The Big Beat
    Grant Green-Matador and Idle Moments
    Kenny Burrell-Midnight Blue
    Herbie Hancock-Maiden Voyage
    Tina Books-True Blue
    Horace Parlan-Speakin' My Piece

    Looking to add Wayne Shorter-Speak No Evil
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  23. AnalogJ

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    Of ALL of the Music Matters Blue Note discoveries for me that stands heads and shoulders above all is Tina Brooks' True Blue. No doubt, there are lots of great reissues, but I had never heard this album before. I took a chance on it. In hindsight I would have purchased the 45rpm as I think they're largely sonically superior to the 33s, extra side changes aside. It's one of the strongest jazz records I have ever heard, and Brooks' playing is surprising.

    Next it line, for me, would be Grant Green's Idle Moments. It's pretty much up there with True Blue for the albums I have most fallen in love with during my Music Matters purchasing phase.

    I had already had copies of great records such as Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage and Horace Silver's Songs For My Father, so those were upgrades for me. If you have never heard those records, they'd be up on my list as well. Another one that opened my ears was Larry Young's Unity. It's one of the more far out records of the many I bought. I can tell you that I had both the 33 and the 45 and the 45 is really superior to my ears. The 33 is fine, but there's an ease and openness to the 45 that the 33 doesn't have. The 33 sounds tight and reined in in comparison.
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  24. Wade Burrow

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    I understand from other forum discussions that Ron McMaster cuts from tape at Capitol. The equipment at Capitol utilizes a digital preview head which means it will not be AAA. The digital signal from the preview head gets cut into the lathe making it AAD. Maybe they are not cutting at Capitol or they have gotten away from using a digital preview system? I would need more info for sure.
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  25. I’m glad you mentioned this... I was afraid to mention anything.
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