Music Matters Definitive Blue Note 45 RPM and 33 & 1/3 RPM vinyl series (pt7)

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  1. It seems that prices fluctuate at the MM site for these titles. Do they actually raise prices as stock gets low or am I imagining this ( sorry haven’t read all these posts) ?

    They would be tacky if a manufacturer raises prices of a product beyond its initial list price.

    Hope I’m wrong here.
  2. Blackeys cymbals were always recorded not some wonky way imho compared to all other drummers on BN and Verve. Not sure why ?
  3. Fine art photography has a value. Posters are cheap, digital prints are a bit more expensive and silver gelatin prints from negatives are way more and much rarer

    Then there are editions that were printed during the life of a photographer.

    The race to the bottom to purchase cheap art and music continues, however it’s good that some people appreciate artistic value.

    I do agree if artwork is too rich to buy, at least purchase a book of the photographer’s work. That has value too.

    My rant :tiphat:
  4. dminches

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    They do do this and I have no issue with it. I see too many people buying up stock of limited edition music and selling it on ebay at highly inflated prices. I would rather see the actual manufacturer get the rewards.

    Case in point, the Jimi Hendrix UHQR of Axis: Bold as Love sold for $100 retail. They are now selling for $500-$1000 on ebay. Acousticsounds will not see 1 extra penny. And if they priced it at $200 or $250 people would have gone nuts.

    People have the right to do this and it is completely legal, but I would rather see the people who have a big financial investment reap the gains.
  5. Thanks for the info. I get your point but I still don’t like it when the original manufacturer sells it for a higher price based on the stock they have left .

    Negotiate with the original label and press more copies or sell at a slightly higher price to begin with. Figure at what price point you (the label) needs to sell to make a decent profit. They ain’t the stock market.

    Keep the price point original so flippers can’t sell high until it eventually goes out of print. You can stop flippers at that point as it will eventually happen.

    Again thanks for the info.
  6. aoxomoxoa

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    Dayton Ohio
    Curious if you guys can tell me, is the only place you can buy the SRX vinyl straight from MM?
    I want to purchase Adams Apple but they don't ship free and offer no discounts.
    Any suggestions?
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  7. I think they ship free w orders over $199? I guess you could wait until the titles you want increase in price to $199 and then order :tiphat:
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  8. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa Play that fast thing one more time

    Dayton Ohio
    So no one else sells them?
  9. NorthNY Mark

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  10. aoxomoxoa

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    Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

    thank you
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  11. So that’s how that can control and raise prices on titles once supply shrinks. Keep all the sales in house.
  12. dminches

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    BTW, these companies cannot just go back to the company from whom they licensed the album and ask if they can cut more. They have to have an entirely new licensing agreement which once again costs them more money.

    With all these records being sold at multiples of the original selling price I am not sure why you are annoyed at MMJ and not the people who have purchased the LPs just to resell them.
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  13. aoxomoxoa

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    Well it's hard not to spend $200 on their site anyway.
    I may hold off.
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  14. I totally understand about limited licensing as I do it partially for a living in a different arts related venue.

    I’m not a fan of flippers at all however that’s part of the free market and I understand MM is also free to do this too, as they obviously are doing.

    Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t think off hand of another manufacturer who does this (aside from retail resellers ). Do MOFi or Mosaic raise prices on limited stock ?Folks here even get pissed when stores mark up RSD product over the suggested price.

    Doesn’t men I won’t buy from MM but I just think they should set a price and stick to it. Calculate whatever profit mark up they desire and leave it at that.
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  15. Admerr

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    Waterloo in Austin received an SRX shipment. Not sure if they’re still in stock but they had multiples of each title.

    You could argue that Music Direct isn’t MoFi but they’re under the same umbrella and I’ve seen inflated prices due to what I can only imagine is low stock. Miles Davis Round About Midnight comes to mind. I originally bought it for $35 and it’s now listed at $60.
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  16. Fender Relic

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    Is Waterloo in Austin on the MMJ friends and family plan? Or,maybe they but directly like everyone else and sell at the smallest of margins just to have them in stock for their few special customers.
  17. Aura

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    Hayes (jazz stockist) at Waterloo explained it to me a while back... Waterloo maintained a strong relationship with MMJ, has sold a 'crap ton' (paraphrasing) of MMJ vinyl over the years. IIRC, Waterloo is perhaps the only (or only 1 of 2) dealers to whom MMJ still ships new stock.

    There was still a crate of SRX with duplicates of many titles on the floor as of the weekend before last.
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  18. musictoad

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    Curious to know what their price is for the SRX's.
  19. SJR

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  20. Greenmonster2420

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    Prices moving around over at MMJ, but this time in our favor. The Cat Walk and The Congregation are at $35 right now. Just snagged a copy of each
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  21. Gabe Walters

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    I just played The Cat Walk the other day. Any record with Pepper Adams, Duke Pearson, and Philly Joe Jones is gonna be a winner.
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  22. Aura

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    The Cat Walk is outstanding! I strongly recommend for anyone who does not have this title to pick it up at the $35 steal of a price!
  23. mikeyt

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    Does that title have a wide stereo pan?
  24. aoxomoxoa

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    Dayton Ohio
    Just placed my first order with MM.
    "Adams Apple", "Judgement", "The Real McCoy", & "Right Now!".
    $220 later I am shaking my head. But I know the quality of these is amazing.
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  25. rxcory

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    = AAA :love:
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