Music Matters Definitive Blue Note 45 RPM and 33 & 1/3 RPM vinyl series (pt7)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MilesSmiles, Jun 13, 2014.

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    !! GO PACK GO !!
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  2. musictoad

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    Oh we're ranking Wayne Shorter albums? He's my favorite jazz arranger ever so I better participate.

    It's very very close and these could change any given day, but right now I'd say:

    1. Etcetera
    2. The Soothsayer
    3. Night Dreamer
    4. Juju
    5. Speak No Evil
    6. Adam's Apple
    7. The All Seeing Eye

    I actually haven't heard Schizophrenia I'm ashamed to admit, so I need to change that asap.
  3. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    I'm not that familiar with Ju Ju but the few times I've heard it I didn't like it as much as the others on the list. I'm going to spin it here in just a little while.I only picked up a copy this past summer so I'm still feeling my way into it. I agree with TASE,not as easy a listen as the others. I need to track down a Soothsayer copy. I was sure I had one but might have traded it with a friend. Etc. snuck up on me with the Tone Poet release last year. Plan on playing it again later today.
  4. Crazysteve

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    San Diego
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  5. Mugrug12

    Mugrug12 nothing gold can stay

    I wonder if Blue Note can AAA reissue schizophrenia now. I know it was in that subscription box set from another label. It would be a shame for them not to...
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  6. Eric_B

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    Ethan Iverson's post from a year ago about Wayne Shorter's 1964 records is pretty great: Apex

    The linked NYer essay is good too.

    Juju is probably my favorite. I love that rhythm section, and "Deluge" is a piece that ****ing melts me.
  7. SJR

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    Schizophrenia is a great album — I found a '77 UK repress which sounds great. I'd like to see a new AAA reissue though, as it's an overlooked classic.

    Edit—For the record, my ranking (which is subject to change) from what I've heard:

    Speak No Evil
    Night Dreamer
    Adam's Apple
    Native Dancer
    Et Cetera
    The Soothsayer
    The All Seeing Eye
    Super Nova
    Odyssey Of Iska
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  8. recstar24

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    that 1964 trilogy truly is an unreal streak of music making beauty
  9. p.analogowy

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    I have the two below and they sounds very good.
    Unfortunately, the thought of ordering the MMJ pressings returns consistently after being pushed away :help:

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    Are you a musician? I also get to write off my records ( even more so before the Trump tax cuts ) . It is a ridiculous amount.
  11. Fender Relic

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    I never thought of this before but to quote a piece of the article......If Night Dreamer is in the style of an Art Blakey album, Juju is a John Coltrane album, and Speak No Evil is a Miles Davis album :agree:..... I just got thru listening to Ju Ju and I'd agree with the Coltrane comparison... sounded great. Next up...Etcetera.. Tone Poet LP.
  12. Fender Relic

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    I'm in the middle of the Etcetera Tone Poet and it's kickin' butt all over the place. Man, this sounds fantastic. OK, at this point no use trying to rate Wayne Shorter BN must have them all and enjoy at your leisure. :)
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  13. struttincool

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    Be strong. Those two look great.
    I've had these two for over 20 years. If the Music Matters were $35 I'd probably buy them.
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  14. musictoad

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    Salt Lake City, UT
    I'm telling you, that record snuck up out of nowhere. Every time I've put it on it hits every spot including spots I didn't know existed.
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  15. Fender Relic

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    :laughup: ....:agree:
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  16. Stu02

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    I have the Orig LT Soothsayer version and it sounds reasonable and I see 3 listed on discogs for around 20 bucks if any of you are interested
    Ill second Dave that its well worth having
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  17. Stu02

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    I could not agree more with everything you say here in total.
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  18. SJR

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  19. Arvind Puri

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    One of my favourites! Autumn Leaves gets me every time.
    I have three copies of this one, the MM 33RPM, AP45RPM and a King Press from the 70s.
    Controversially (or maybe not), I rank them AP > King > MM.
    I find the MM pressing to have a strange sibilance or hiss in relation to Blakey's cymbal hits (must be the rivets?).
    Does anyone else feel the same way, or do I maybe have a bad copy?
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  20. Arvind Puri

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    Getting a good workout in tonight...

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  21. timzigs

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    The Vinyl Me Please AAA of Schizophrenia sounds pretty great. Speak No Evil tops my list as well, although you could throw all of them up in the air (incl. Shorter w/ Miles 2nd Quintet) and see where they land. Shorter was just such an amazing composer, and his '60's records are to cherish forever.
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  22. Gabe Walters

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    Shorter IS such an amazing composer—still at it in his 80s, still producing stellar compositions.
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    EMANON, amiright?!?!
  24. Gabe Walters

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    And he’s currently working on an opera.
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