Music Vaultz Vinyl Sale up to 50% off select Vinyl

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  1. Vinyl Richie

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    Thanks for posting. I almost always find something when they have these 50% off sales. Last time I got the Sublime Box Set for $160 and the Stones mono box for like $140 or something like that.
  2. GentleSenator

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    Aloha, OR
    maybe it's because they didn't actually put much effort in to adding anything of value to the sale.
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  3. noname74

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    Yah it's a crapper IMO. Most of the items aren't even 50% off (they used the good ole "UP TO" clause) and many of the items are just coloured vinyl.
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  4. superstar19

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    The Petty box seems like a decent deal with the discount, exchange rate and 15% off plus free shipping if you add something else.
  5. hutlock

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    Pre-ordered the Massive Attack 2CD Mezzanine Deluxe in February from Music Vaultz. This morning, they cancelled my order. Nothing like waiting almost 8 months for absolutely nothing. Amazon has had it in stock for weeks now.

    Anyway it looks like the Mad Professor dubs are being released on their own LP now so I’ll just grab that I guess. Still super annoyed.
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