Musical Mid-Century Mash-Up Prints

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    Saw this sale on Touch Of Modern and figured there'd be a few people here that would be interested. Sale runs until 4/24/19. ToM is a semi-private deal-a-day site. You have to register to actually see their sales. I am pretty sure the link will work since it's from my email notification. I'll include some pictures to give examples of what these art pieces are. They all seem to be $15.

    Todd Alcott

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  2. ggergm

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    What a phenomenal collection from a very creative artist. I'm glad this sale goes until 4/24. I don't know what to buy although I can tell you I will buy extras. Put one of these into a basic 8½ x 11 black frame and you have a $20 gift worth giving.

    Thanks for posting these, @Anachostic. :righton:
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    Great stuff. I'm happy the sale goes on for a while because I'm going to take a minute before choosing which prints to buy.

    Thanks for posting.
  4. ggergm

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    I just bought six of these wonderful creations. With shipping, it was $100.

    After that, I bought six Blick 8½ x 11 frames for $35 with tax and shipping.

    That means I'll have six pieces of art, in a glass and metal frame, for just $22.50 each. Now that's inexpensive.

    I'll keep three and have three for gifts. Perfect.

    The only trouble will be figuring out which three I want to keep. I like all of them a lot.

    Just one word of caution. Two of the examples posted above, the Comfortably Numb and Day In A Life examples, are sold out in the 8½ x 11 size. Larger sizes are available for both, as there are for the other pieces in the collection, but they are obviously more expensive and didn't fit my needs. It wasn't a problem because there were more than enough great choices for me to pick six 8½ x 11 pieces but I thought you should know.
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